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Cinematography (feature film)

Christmas Snow (2010) as Director Of Photography
A widow and her two adopted children face eviction immediately after the holidays because their mean-spirited landlord plans to convert their home and candy store into a laundromat.
Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall (1989) as Director Of Photography
The off-beat tale of a man in search of a good job.
Little Girl Lost (1988) as Director Of Photography
A true story about a family which fights to adopt their foster child when they believe she is being sexually molested by her natural father.
Six Against the Rock (1987) as Director Of Photography
A movie based on the true story of six convicts who, in 1946, battled incredible odds and the U.S. Marines in the most desperate, daring escape ever attempted at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay.
Deadly Friend (1986) as Director Of Photography
A boy tries to save his friend by implanting robotic microchips in her brain.
Picking Up the Pieces (1985) as Director Of Photography
Margot Kidder is the plucky wife and mother who literally picks herself up off the floor when her vindictive husband, threatened by her demand of divorce, strips their household of its possessions, closes out their bank account and cuts off her credit cards. James Farentino is a widower with whom sh
Love On The Run (1985) as Director Of Photography
An attorney is so desperately in love with her convict-client that she helps him escape.
Between Darkness and Dawn (1985) as Director Of Photography
A woman awakens from a twenty-year coma to discover that her world has grown up without her, and her high school sweetheart is married to her sister.
Malice in Wonderland (1985) as Director Of Photography
Fact-based comedy drama recounting Hollywood's legendary feud between Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper during filmdom's golden era. Jane Alexander's depiction of Hedda Hopper won her an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Actress, with other nominations going to costume designers Nolan Miller and M
National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982) as Director Of Photography
The 1972 graduating class of Lizzie Borden High School is having its tenth reunion. But before long, attendees begin to be murdered, and the Class of '72 sets out to find out which one of them is the killer.
Hammett (1982) as Director Of Photography
During his days as a detective, writer Dashiell Hammett tries to find a missing Chinese girl in San Francisco.
Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again (1982) as Director Of Photography
A surgeon performing research at a small hospital develops a powerful personality altering drug. When the good doctor accidentally ingests a small quantity of the substance, he is suddenly transformed into a wild and crazy new wave partying machine.
All Night Long (1981) as Director Of Photography
George Dupler is fed up with his life. He hates his job as the manager of an all-night drugstore, the fact that he is in debt, and he is also fairly dissatisfied with his wife Helen, so enters into an affair with one of her relatives.
Loving Couples (1980) as Director Of Photography
While Greg is driving his sports car, he passes a woman on horseback, and after staring at her a little too long, crashes his car. The woman, Evelyn, is a doctor, so she attends to Greg on the scene, and before long, the two of them are involved in affair. When Greg's girlfriend and Evelyn's husband
Foolin' Around (1980) as Director Of Photography
When college student Wes signs up to participate in a psychological experiment, he meets Susan and the two are attracted to each other. But there are problems, besides the difference in their economic backgrounds, the wealthy Susan is also engaged. However, Susan's grandfather recognizes her fiance'
Little Miss Marker (1980) as Director Of Photography
Set during the Great Depression, a precocious little girl is left as an I.O.U. with an irascible bookie.
Change of Seasons, A (1980) as Director Of Photography
Karen Evans is married to Adam, an arrogant professor. When Karen learns that Adam is having an affair with one of his students, she gets even with him by having her own affair with a young carpenter who works on the campus. Adam is outraged when he finds out about this, but Kate counters that if he
Concorde--Airport '79, The (1979) as Director Of Photography
A plane carrying people to the Moscow Olympics has a bomb onboard. When missiles are fired on it, it becomes necessary to fly the plane upside-down.
Different Story, A (1978) as Director Of Photography
Albert is an illegal alien from Belgium who works as a chauffeur and is a lover to some powerful men. Stella is a real estate agent who has several women lovers. When Albert is between jobs, Stella hires him to work as her cook and housekeeper, and eventually marries him to keep him from being deported. After they both have too much to drink at a birthday party, Stella finds herself pregnant by Albert. As the unlikely couple try to create a family, their feelings for each other grow, but it remains to be seen if they can stay true to each other.
Moment By Moment (1978) as Director Of Photography
One year after "Saturday Night Fever," John Travolta starred in this love story between a young drifter and an older woman - Lily Tomlin. The characters are savagely portrayed, and the story is set against a backdrop of shrink-riddled, over-privileged Marin County society.
The Driver (1978) as Director Of Photography
A getaway car driver locks horns with a detective out to arrest him.
Airport '77 (1977) as Director Of Photography
Rescue workers fight to save a hijacked jet crashed in the Bermuda Triangle.
Captains Courageous (1977) as Director Of Photography
A remake of Kipling's all-time adventure classic that starred Spencer Tracy, Freddie Bartholomew and Melvyn Douglas in 1937 and told of a spoiled rich kid who grows up fast under the care of a crusty sea captain after falling overboard from his father's ship.
Swashbuckler (1976) as Director Of Photography
A pirate comes to the aid of a noblewoman in distress.
Airport '75 (1975) as Director Of Photography
After a mid-air collision, a jet''s stewardess has to take the pilot''s seat.
Killer Elite, The (1975) as Director Of Photography
Two professional killers employed by the C.I.A. become dangerous enemies when one of them betrays the other.
Hard Times (1975) as Director Of Photography
A Depression-era drifter takes up street fighting to make his fortune.
Black Bird, The (1975) as Director Of Photography
When famous private detective Sam Space dies, his son Sam Spade, Jr. takes over his agency and before long is embroiled in another case involving the Maltese Falcon.
Together Brothers (1974) as Cinematographer
The Together Brothers is a gang of African American and Hispanic teenagers in Galveston, Texas. When a popular policeman is murdered, the leader of the Brothers makes it his business to find the killers. Since his 5-year-old brother is the only witness to the crime, the gang members have to do thei
The Streetfighter (1974)
A master of martial arts offers protection to the daughter of a business magnate when she is pursued by the Yakuza.
Mame (1974) as Director Of Photography
A wealthy eccentric takes in her orphaned nephew.
The Prisoner Of Second Avenue (1974) as Director Of Photography
A suddenly unemployed executive and his understanding wife must adapt to their new life.
Lolly Madonna XXX (1973) as Director Of Photography
Mistaken identity leads two backwoods families into a bloody feud.
All-American Boy, The (1973) as Director Of Photography
Episodic story in six acts ("The Manly Art in Six Rounds") about young boxer Vic Bealer (played by Jon Voight) in search for some direction in his life.
The Thief Who Came to Dinner (1973) as Director Of Photography
A jewel thief worms his way into Texas society.
Every Little Crook and Nanny (1972) as Director of Photography
A nanny with a grudge kidnaps her gangster boss''''s son.
Portnoy's Complaint (1972) as Director of Photography
During a session with his psychoanalyst, Alexander Portnoy rants about everything that is bothering him and it''s a long list. His complaints include his childhood and his family with an emphasis on his mother, his sexual fantasies and the problems that he has with women, and his obsessive feelings about his Judaism.
Wild Rovers (1971) as Director of Photography
An aging cowboy joins up with a beginner to rob banks.
The Hawaiians (1970) as Director of Photography
A wanderer returns home only to find political turmoil, disease and romantic difficulties.
The Traveling Executioner (1970) as Director of Photography
An executioner is seduced by a woman marked for his portable electric chair in the 1918 Deep South.
Rabbit, Run (1970) as Director of Photography
Unhappy with his life, a former high school athlete leaves his wife for another woman.
The Illustrated Man (1969) as Director of Photography
A man''''s tattoos tell frightening tales of the future.
The Gypsy Moths (1969) as Director of Photography
A trio of barnstorming skydivers finds love and heartache at one small-town stop.
Finian's Rainbow (1968) as Director of Photography
A leprechaun follows the Irishman who stole his pot of gold to the U.S. South.
I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968) as Director of Photography
A henpecked L.A. lawyer escapes into the world of hippies and free love.
The Happening (1967) as Director of Photography
A kidnapped gangster joins forces with the hippies who abducted him.
Don't Make Waves (1967) as Director of Photography
A swimming-pool salesman gets mixed up with beauty queens and bodybuilders when he falls in love.
Gunn (1967) as Cinematographer
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? (1966) as Director of Photography
Soldiers in World War II Italy have to fake combat so a strategic village can stage its annual festival.
In Harm's Way (1965) as 2nd unit cam
An aging Naval officer leads his men against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.
Never Too Late (1965) as Director of Photography
A woman with grown children discovers she's pregnant again.
The Americanization of Emily (1964) as Director of Photography
A British war widow falls for an opportunistic American sailor during World War II.
The Pink Panther (1964) as Cinematographer
In the first Inspector Clouseau film, the bumbling French police detective tries to stop a notorious jewel thief from nabbing a princess'' diamond.
Twilight of Honor (1963) as Director of Photography
A struggling lawyer takes on a controversial murder case that could make or break him.
Soldier in the Rain (1963) as Director of Photography
A story of friendship between a worldly-wise Army Master Sergeant and his naive worshiper.
Lonely Are the Brave (1962) as Director of Photography
A modern-day cowboy defies the law in order to live a free man.
Experiment in Terror (1962) as Director of Photography
A master criminal tries to force a bank teller to help him pull off a big heist.
The Private Lives of Adam & Eve (1961) as Director of Photography
Money, Women and Guns (1959) as Director of Photography
Just after making a large gold discovery, an old prospector is ambushed and killed by three masked men but manages to kill two of his attackers before he dies. He also manages to scribble out a will, which is given to detective "Silver" Ward Hogan, who is hired to track down the legitimate heirs and to try to find the third murderer.
Cry Tough (1959) as Photography
After getting out of prison, a Latino criminal tries to go straight.
The Perfect Furlough (1959) as Director of Photography
The Army assigns a female psychologist to chaperone a corporal who''''s won a date with a glamorous movie star.
The Monster of Piedras Blancas (1959) as Director of Photography
The monster, which looks like a nastier version of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon," invades a sleepy lighthouse town. The superstitious lighthouse keeper is worried for the safety of his beautiful teenage daughter (Carmen), so he leaves food for the monster, who dwells in a nearby cave. When bodies wash up ashore, the locals take notice.
Wild Heritage (1958) as Director of Photography
The Breslins (Jake, Emma, three boys, and nubile daughter) cross the plains in a covered wagon, then pause in a lawless western town where Jake is shot by gunslingers Arn and Jud. But folksy Judge Copeland persuades them to go on. At Break Wagon Hill, their wagon does the obvious and they homestead on the spot. We follow their trials and joys and those of neighbors, the Bascombs. Finally, violence reappears in the form of a pair of rustlers...our old friends Arn and Jud.
The Saga of Hemp Brown (1958) as Director of Photography
Ex-army sergeant Jed Givens and his gang rob an army payroll shipment led by Lt. Hemp Brown. Givens kills a civilian woman and all the soldiers, leaving Brown alive to face a military tribunal in which he is branded a coward, stripped of all insignia and drummed out of the army. Brown sets out to track down Givens in an effort to clear his name.
Girls on the Loose (1958) as Director of Photography
A nightclub owner runs an all-woman robbery gang.
Live Fast, Die Young (1958) as Director of Photography
Two sisters live in a dysfunctional family in a California town. The elder, "nice" Kim, was sexually abused and hates men. Rebellious teen Jill is fed-up generally and runs away, finding her niche as a B-girl and sex-kitten working her way to Vegas. Kim leaves her job and goes in search of Jill, meeting her own misadventures en route; but by this time Jill's wanted for robbery. Will she live fast and die young?
The Desert Hawk (1950) as Camera Operator
"2000 years ago" desert guerilla Omar, with henchmen Aladdin and Sinbad, opposes tyrannical Prince Murad. To prevent Murad from marrying caliph's daughter Schaharazade, disguised Omar marries her himself. When the trick is discovered, both prince and princess want Omar's head; but Murad has yet more dastardly plans, leading to more captures, rescues, and scimitar-play.
Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948) as Camera Operator
A middle-aged man accidentally catches a mermaid and falls in love.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Liberators, The (1987)
Two young men, one white, one black, together lead runaway slaves on the dangerous journey from the American South to freedom in Canada in the years preceding the Civil War. John Fairchild, a member of the white plantation class in Virginia, and his best friend Bill Jackson, a slave, travel together

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Celebrity (1984) as Director Of Photography
Three inseparable Fort Worth buddies from the high school class of 1950 find their destinies intertwined by a youthful crime relived 25 years later -- one (Marley) an ambitious writer who becomes a celebrated journalist (a semi-autobiographical character patterned after Thomas Thompson, the best-sel

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