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Mary Keats

Mary Keats

  • Fastest Guitar Alive, The (1967) October 04 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Boys' Night Out (1962) October 11 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Ada (1961) November 04 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Where The Boys Are (1960) November 13 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER


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Make-Up (feature film)

Hammett (1982) as Hairstyles
During his days as a detective, writer Dashiell Hammett tries to find a missing Chinese girl in San Francisco.
Yes, Giorgio (1982) as Hairstyles
An opera star touring America courts a beautiful doctor.
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981) as Hairstyles
Masterful sleuth Charlie Chan is called out of retirement when a detective asks for his help in solving a series of murders in San Francisco. Now with his grandson at his side, Chan matches wits against his nemesis from the old days, the Dragon Queen, who seems to be responsible for the crimes.
White Mama (1980)
Bette Davis was Emmy Award-nominated for her performance of a penniless widow who refuses to go on welfare and takes in a streetwise Black teenager as a foster child to earn money to survive. The script was written especially for her by first-time screenwriter Robert C.S. Downs.
Heaven's Gate (1980) as Hairstyles
A Wyoming sheriff tries to protect immigrant farmers from ruthless ranchers.
Raging Bull (1980) as Hairstylist
Hard-hitting biography of middle-weight champ Jake La Motta, whose life was haunted by violence inside and outside the ring.
The Deer Hunter (1978) as Hairstyles
Three young men fight to survive the Vietnam War and its aftermath.
Dreamer (1978) as Hairstyles
Dreamer is a bowling champion in his small town who dreams of success on a larger stage. His ambition is supported by his manager and his girlfriend.
Young Frankenstein (1974)
Victor Frankenstein, (that's pronounced Frahnken-steen) is a neurosurgeon who has spent his life distancing himself from the legend of his grandfather who created the monster. But when Victor inherits Frankenstein Castle, he is drawn into the family business of reanimating life. Now proudly reclaiming the original pronunciation of his surname, Victor is aided in his work by his pretty assistant Inga, hunchback Igor (pronounced Eye-gor) and Frau Bl├╝cher who turns out to have been his grandfather's girlfriend! Together, they create a new monster/man-about-town.
Playmates (1972)
A romantic comedy involving two divorced men who become friends and then secretly begin dating each other's ex-wives, causing even more complications than their original marriages did.
Cancel My Reservation (1972) as Hairstylist
After his doctor orders him to take a much needed vacation, talk show host Dan Bartlett heads out to a ranch in Arizona where he hopes to get a little rest and relaxation. However, Once he arrives, he stumbles upon the murder of an Native American girl and becomes the primary suspect. In order to cl
Cold Turkey (1971) as Hairstylist
Small-town residents try to quit smoking for a cash reward.
The Seven Minutes (1971) as Hairstylist
The Seven Minutes is a steamy book written in the 20s. To help with an upcoming election, a bookstore clerk is indited for selling obscene material and most of the film centers about the trial. The defense atorneys need to find the mystery of the original publication of the book.
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Hairstyles
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
The Maltese Bippy (1969) as Hairstyles
A porn star thinks he's become a werewolf.
The Trouble with Girls (1969) as Hairstyles
A traveling show's star gets involved in a small-town murder case.
The Young Runaways (1968) as Hairstyles
Three teenage runaways leave home for life in the big city for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, a kind soul (Dick Sargent) offers the teens refuge in his home. Richard Dreyfuss makes an early film appearance as a lazy, draft-dodging car thief.
A Time To Sing (1968) as Hairstyles
A singer hides his love of music to please his restrictive guardian.
For Singles Only (1968) as Hairstyles
John Saxon, Lana Wood, Mary Ann Mobley, Mark Richman, Ann Elder, Chris Noel, Marty Ingels, Milton Berle. This typically tacky Sam Katzman sex comedy about the comings and goings of swinging singles in a California apartment complex is notable for the musical appearances of Cal Tjader, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Lewis and Clarke Expedition, The Sunshine Company and the Walter Wanderly Trio with Talya Ferro.
Live a Little, Love a Little (1968) as Hairstyles
A photographer tries to keep his conservative boss from learning that he's moonlighting for a girlie magazine.
Welcome to Hard Times (1967) as Hairstyles
A broken-down sheriff tries to help his town stand against a mysterious outlaw.
The Love-Ins (1967) as Hairstyles
A former college professor becomes a cult's Messiah and sexually preys on its young women.
The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967) as Hairstyles
When the Civil War ends, Confederate spies have to return the fortune they just stole.
Double Trouble (1967) as Hairstyles
A teen heiress falls for an American rock singer in London.
The Last Challenge (1967) as Hairstyles
A young gun wants to make his name by shooting it out with the town marshal.
Riot on Sunset Strip (1967) as Hairstyles
The Money Trap (1966) as Miss Sommer's hairstyles
A cop with financial problems turns crooked.
Mail Order Bride (1964) as Hairstyles
An aging cowhand tries to help a young rancher settle down by buying him a wife.
Drums of Africa (1963) as Hairstyles
Three adventurers fight the slave trade in turn-of-the-century Africa.
Twilight of Honor (1963) as Hairstyles
A struggling lawyer takes on a controversial murder case that could make or break him.
Hootenanny Hoot (1963) as Hairstyles
Television producers discover country/western music at a small-town college.
Ride the High Country (1962) as Hairstyles
Two aging gunslingers sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town.
Boys' Night Out (1962) as Hairstyles
A psychology student researches infidelity by becoming a platonic kept woman for four buddies.
Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) as Hairstyles
Lavish remake of the classic tale of the villainous Captain Bligh who drives his crew to revolt during a South Seas expedition.
The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962) as Hairstyles
During World War II, an inept intelligence officer falls hard for a military nurse.
A Thunder of Drums (1961) as Hairstyles
A green Cavalry lieutenant learns the ropes fast when he's shipped out West.
Ada (1961) as Hairstyles
A call girl weds an easygoing politician and helps him against corrupt state officials.
Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961) as Hairstyles
A Greek fisherman gets caught up in court intrigue in a land of scientific wonders.
Two Loves (1961) as Hairstyles
A conservative teacher struggles with her values while teaching natives in New Zealand.
The Honeymoon Machine (1961) as Hairstyles
Two sailors discover a way to beat the roulette tables in a Venice casino.
Bachelor in Paradise (1961) as Hairstyles
A writer moves into a housing development to study married couples.
Where the Boys Are (1960) as Hair Styles
College coeds go looking for love during spring break in Fort Lauderdale.

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