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Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza



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  • Most magnificent voice of all time

    • Jacki Fogarty
    • 2017-04-15

    I was raised on the soaring voice of Mario Lanza and all these years later that voice is as fresh and pure as it was 60 years ago. My search for its equal has introduced me to vocal greats over the years -- from Placido Domingo to Il Volo, but I always come back to the all-time great. What a tragedy was his premature death (as was maybe his personal life). The loss of such talent so young robbed the world of hours and hours of beautiful noise.

  • wonderful

    • mary nolan
    • 2015-05-16

    greatestst singer in the world and I miss him god bless him and his family

  • lanza seranade movie

    • sterling sloan
    • 2015-01-19

    a continuation of my last review. about his voice or any geaT TENORS VOICE.COMPARE LANZAS HIGH C,S IN NESSO DORMA LISTENING TO IT TEN TIMES OVER TO LISTENING TO PAVAROTTI HIGH C,S TEN TIMES OVER.BECAUSE PAVIROTTIS VOICE IS BETTER TRAINED AND BECAUSE HIS UPER RANGE IS MORE NATURAL MY FINE TUNED EARS DON,T FEEL ASSAULTED BY THE 7-10 TIME.BUT WITH LANZA BY THEN ,HIS HIGH C IS SCREECHY?.WHAT I LIKE MOST ABOUT SERANADE IS THERE IS MORE BALANCE BETWEEN PLOT AND VOICE.WHEN LANZAS, CHARACTER DAMIAN.SINGS IT CARRYS MORE DEPTH.meaning,I think tjhis should have been lanza last film and not do that seven hills of rome.In that moive looking back it has a meloncoly mood to it.lanza probably alreaDY REAlized,that role he plays is becoming obsolete Italian kids,perry como, back home race riots loom in alabama,lanza is being eclipsed by elvis,he must have sensed that.and not long after his death in "59" the 60,s fast forwarded us to jfk and the beatles.what if lanza still lived. to adapt,do vegas? night clubs wsith a deteriorating voice? let his black thick hair turn to an afro? were hip hugger bell bottoms. No, as some top creative minds had said, Lanza, like chopin, van gogh,were really like " super novas" just lent to for a short time. I,m only allowd 2000 words and type horribly. so my e mail is ettemy at

  • Madrid Spain?

    • JPM
    • 2013-09-17

    TCM - Please correct your bio information about Mario's mother - she was not Spanish. Her family was from Abruzzo, Italy and moved to Philadelphia where Mario was born. Please change this glaring oversight.

  • Mario Lanza

    • Suzanne
    • 2010-05-06

    Mario Lanza was one of the greatest tenors who ever lived. It must be so when 50 years after his early death, fan clubs abound all over the world, and tenors alive today attribute their interest and careers in Opera to his influence. TCM continues to downplay his magnificent talent and the effect he has had on the world of music. People who were not remotely interested in Opera, became fans of it. Some like to cite his personal life in order to dismiss him, but once you hear his interpretations of pieces you've heard before, you can never forget him. One can hear him over and over again and still marvel at his voice, his diction and the feeling he projects in his music. There will never, ever be another Mario Lanza. He had it all, Voice, looks, and Charisma. His loss so early in life, was a great, great loss to the world of beautiful music. Rest peacefully, dear Mario, you've made one of the greatest contributions that could ever be. Even when I'm not listening to a recording, I hear him in my heart, because he sang with his.

  • You never stop loving Lanza

    • Rose
    • 2010-03-16

    Having seen Mario Lanza for the first time in 1952 I was overwhelmed with this handsome young man's golden voice. I have followed his movies from the screen to DVDs over the years always happy to see him on the screen or even to just to listen to his beautiful clear voice. My Mother had noted how clear he sang so that each word was pronounced as to be understood, even the Italian. It was so hard to believe he was gone back in 1959 when word came on the radio that he had died in Rome. Such a loss to all of us. I still have scrapbooks and all the records I bought or was given since my first album, his Christmas Album and the 78 revcording of "Because". As for sex appeal. Have to admit those brown eyes did add to it all.

  • Lanza TCM "biography" a major disappointment

    • Brad Face
    • 2009-05-16

    It hurts me to write this, because TCM is my favorite network. But really... "his overripe voice...". Such is TCM'a unique appraisal of the towering talent that was Mario Lanza. One wonders what purpose TCM's mini-bio is to serve. The essential dismissal of Lanza's astounding talent is at odds with opinions that, excuse me, would seem to carry more weight. Arturo Toscanini called Lanza the voice of the century... and the great maestro had heard Caruso. Conductor Serge Koussevitzky, "... a voice such as is heard once in a hundred years." Legendary Metropolitan Opera baritone Lawrence Tibbett observed in 1950: "Lanza is the greatest musical talent of America in our century. A man who is bringing great music to the kids, the farms, the ghettos, and the palaces..." Placido Domingo declared Lanza's voice as the standard against which all others should be measured. And yet, he wrote, "Many people in the classical music world refused to recognise [Lanza] and actually belittled not only his impact on the public but his God-given voice." Domingo attributed this to jealousy and snobbery. The long list of self-described admirers of that "overripe" voice also includes (in part) Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, Robert Weede, Joan Sutherland, Alfredo Kraus, Licia Albanese, Franco Corelli, Helen Traubel, George London, Frances Yeend, Enrico Caruso Jr., Maria Callas, Carlo Bergonzi, Dorothy Kirsten, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Peter Hermann Adler, Tito Schipa, Edward Johnson (director of the Met), Victor de Sabata (director of La Scala), Gaetano Merola (director of the San Francisco Opera), José Carreras, Jack Warner, Frankie Laine, Walter Pidgeon and... Elvis Presley. I can only hope that Tibbett was right when he predicted, "in 50 years, people will recognize Lanza for the great artist he is." Lanza died in 1959. Well, TCM. Your 50 years are up.

  • Incredable!!!!!

    • janice Geline
    • 2009-03-30

    Never has ther been a singer with so much to give as Mario Lanza, Me and my mother before me and now my grandaughter are ardent fans. Three generations that just hang onto every note that comes out of his mouth. The Greatest singer that has ever been born. and now 50 years later there is no-one that has ever taken his place. I have all of his movies. its my favorate thing to do in my spear time. there will never be another like him with not only a great voice but agood actor and the best looking man along with his talents. Wow!!! what a combination all wraped up in one man. May his memory live forever.

  • Movies

    • Jean Graham
    • 2008-07-12

    Please lets have his movies soon on TCM. Student Prince an the Great Caruso, I dont have any other way to watch them.

  • "Mario Lanza Brings Good People Together"

    • Bob
    • 2008-03-20

    There have been many good tenors in this world. Some have gone on to great heights while some have just been content to play the role of entertainer. Mario Lanza is still the most sought after tenor even after almost 50 years of his passing. TV shows use his voice, the Three Tenors admit how it was Mario Lanza who introduced their love for opera, over 12 books written on his life, concerts, 12 fan clubs and tributes will not allow his voice to fade away. Today, all over the world, "Mario Lanza Brings Good People Together."

  • Mario is Awesome Dont forget him.

    • Bec
    • 2008-02-14

    Mario was the most wonderful singer. A one of a kind personality. I was introduced to him by my grandmother in my 20s to the movie "The Great Caruso." It is sad he had to pass away so young. He was so handsome and talented. There is not anyone my age group 40 who is like him. We really have lost this kind of music in pop culture. I really hope people can remember him and was a real singer is about!

  • sometin' to say

    • nyhl balsamo
    • 2007-10-15

    i once watched his movie 'the toast of new orleans' in TCM (ofcourse! i love this channel.. mwah..mwah) and i can say that his really gifted with a voice like that and he has a strong appeal for he can carry himself with his manly, latino features... its very sad that his career/life ended in a flash(like other actors)...


    • mike antonelli
    • 2007-09-23


  • Lies about Mario Lanza

    • Bill
    • 2007-04-29

    Mario Lanza's mother was not born in Madrid, Spain. She was of Italian decent and was born in Tocco da Casauria, in Abruzzi, Italy. This artist is constantly lied about and some of the decriptions of TCM's descriptions of his movies are bull. They use the word "overripe tenor'. Sorry, but Mario Lanza had class and just because he basically told Hollywood and the mob to kiss his ass he has become unpopular in current Hollywood and media circles. Instead they elevate people like Rosie O'Donnell. Give me a fricken break. Sinatra said of him: "He makes me swoon." He was the best and he's been dead almost 50 years and his records are still selling.

  • Overripe?

    • Judy
    • 2006-09-05

    Despite your condescending description of Mario Lanza as an "overripe" tenor, I believe he had more soul than anyone since. He still can bring tears to my eyes not because of his voice but because he truly felt anything he was singing - more than Pavarotti, Carras, and/or Domingo. Only Bocelli comes close. He (Mario Lanza) "may not" be the best tenor ever, but his spirit was/is unsurpassed! He truly loved to sing to the masses and it showed.

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