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Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury



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  • We remember you

    • Vicky
    • 2016-11-17

    Thank you

  • Admire you & the role you played

    • April
    • 2016-11-08

    You are a fantastic actress and an accomplished woman in your career. It has been such a pleasure to watch you early in my years with my mother and now again later in life as I enjoy mysteries of the past. You had a way about your character that demonstrates confidence and knowledge. I expect your real personality is more in the creative nature. It is very similar to my own and easy to relate. Enjoy life and never stop enjoying what you have accomplished.

  • You make my days easier

    • Marianne
    • 2016-04-10

    My dearest Dame Angela, I am a very grown up woman, 72 years of age in fact, but when I watch you every morning in "Murder, She Wrote", you remind me SO much of my beloved mother, who died when I was only 25 years old. It is so soothing to my mind to see your face and your short, smart hair, and your Jessica figure is almost a "spitting image" of my mother... I know you will allways solve the mystery and make things right in the end - so did my mother. It sounds a bit childish, I know, but you see - on your birthday, the last one - my beloved husband had to move into a nursing home, because his Lyme Disease has eaten up his cerebellum, and has left him without balance, coordination of his hands and feet, and no speech... I couldn't manage to take care of him myself any more. This is a big sorrow to us both, we have been married for 40 years, and I comfort myself by comparing the way my mother took care of me when I was a child with the way I have taken care of my husband, I still do, because I spent 5-6 hours with him every day, seven days a week. So - watching you every morning gives me comfort - for which I will be forever grateful!

  • Article needs some corrections

    • David Nemoyten
    • 2016-04-10

    Your online biography needs to be corrected. It says that Ms. Lansbury received an Academy Award for Dorian Gray. She did not. She got her one and only "11th hour" special lifetime Academy Award in 2014. The other criticism I have of this article is the authors referring to Ms. Lansbury's Career in the past tense. She is still active into her 90's and according to an interview she gave in the last few years, she has no intention of retiring. TCM should really check these biographical pages before they put them on their site. I think you may want to correct this one before Ms Lansbury appears at the TCM festival in a few weeks from now. A big fan of Ms Lansbury and TCM. Wish I could be in LA for her Manchurian Candidate appearance!

  • Happy 90th Birthday!

    • Iskra Grogorova-Fitcheva
    • 2015-10-16

    Dame Angela Lansbury! Thank You for the joy! I am, may be, not your bigges fan, who knows, but I am, for sure, the only one of your fans, who watches "Murder, She Wrote" twice a day - mornings on my french channel Prise2 and eveninings, in English - on VisionTv, I live in Montreal, by the way... What a delight! You are the sunshine in my life for the last 10-12 years, somehow you enter people's hearts, I feel a better person every time I see your face, such a beauty! I red in "Me and Murder, She Wrote" by Peter S. Fisher, that what we see on the screen is the real Angela Lansbury (that's not a quote, but my interpretation) and felt always that way, like I know you for centuries - the "...all around niceness..." and the delightful exquisit performance - there is no one like you on this Planet! Thank You for the moments! I wish you the best of health and happiness for many years to come! Miss Lansbury, I must apologize to you at the end, that I was talking only about "Murder, She Wrote", but you must understand, that I admire and cherish all your performances in each and every movie of yours - from "Gaslight" and "The Picture of Dorian Grey" to "The Three Musketeers" ( I know, You'd be perfect as Miledy ) and "The Court Jester" or "The Reluctant Debutante", from "The Manchurian Candidate" to "Shootdown" and I watched recently "Driving Ms.Daisy" on PBS and "Miss Marple" with Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor in french and saddly, I couldn't come to watch you in Toronto in February in Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit" ... But ultimately, deep in my heart "Murder, She Wrote" is my passion, first I taped each of the 264 episodes two or three times, at the same time I started buying Season after Season and last year I became the lucky owner of the entire Collection of 12 Seasons! Thank You! We love you!

  • A question

    • Geraldine Clarke
    • 2015-01-26

    I just recently watched "Harvey Girls" for the first time in decades. I loved it as a child but I'd forgotten that Lansbury was in it. That first song she sings does not seem to be in her voice. Does anybody know if she was lip-syncing to someone else's vocal? (I googled a bit but finding the answer was going to take much more time than I had available.) Long ago, I stumbled into the previews of "Sweeney Todd" on Broadway and instantly fell in love with her. Amazing actress (and singer!)....

  • A beautiful lady

    • Judy mckown
    • 2014-05-27

    Aangela Lansbury is an incredible lady. She is a treasure. How amazing and multi talented in everything she does. I am a big fan and watch everything she does. Going to see her in driving miss daisy. I also want to see her in person. How fortunate foe those who can and have moneyago do so. I hope her family appreciates her as much as her fans do. I love and adore her.

  • Angelas performances are amazing.

    • Grace
    • 2014-05-24

    I love Angela Lansbury and hope to meet her one day.When Murder She Wrote was a hit on TV I was just a child and didnt watch it much .However as a adult I have watched tens of re runs and I just love Angelas performance as Jessica ,her attactchment to Cabot Cove.She has brought me much entertainment and intrigue during times in my life well when all else wasnt going so well and I was lonely .Watching Angela always cheers you up.If I could afford it would fly over to see her in her latest show in London.

  • Question

    • Terry Young
    • 2014-03-24

    I adore Angela, everything I ever saw you in. I was wondering if you might answer a question for me that I have been thinking about every time I see this movie. Red River from 1948. There is a seen in the movie after a troup of actors and actresses are rescued. There is a blonde woman with one of the drovers in the scene walking with this guy by the camp fire. I was wondering if that was you in that scene. There is no speaking in the scene, I was thinking it was you. If you or someone could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. Terry Young P.S. I am also a big fan and watcher of TCM.

  • Outstanding actress.- An icon

    • Mary Daugherty
    • 2014-02-04

    I recently watched a special of her with Robert Osborne, and she commented about waiting to find a script or movie project that she just knew would arrive in time. I have written a fiction novel entitled, TATTERS, and would love to get a copy of it to her for review. It is completede, and the main character is a strong, determined woman who gives her all to make the world a better place. She is a survivor, an overcomer, loves life, and is leaving a legacy that will reach far into the future of lives she has touched. Very much like Angela. I really hope someone can help me get this story to her. Thank you. Mary Daugherty 290 Jacksboro Rd. bronston, Ky. 42518

  • Thank you Jessica

    • Norma
    • 2013-07-25

    What an interesting, marvelous life. I didn't know of all her accolades, but had to look her up. Since I am awake a large part of every night, I am so glad to have Jessica Fletcher (a class act) to keep me company!

  • Forever

    • vada askew
    • 2013-03-14

    Forever greatful for "Murder She Wrote" took me through a lot of rough times including the death of my husband. We watched it together and loved it..Today I still watch reruns over and over..Thank you Dear Lady....

  • Remarkable Lady

    • Linda Block
    • 2012-09-16

    Angela Lansbury� Sorry for your loss of William Windom. �His memorial on 09-15-12, was an inspired insight into his life.� I had the privilege of being part of Angels Lansbury's off screen life at the memorial for WIlliam Windom.� First of all, she is a truly remarkable lady.� She is an elegant, graceful, calming, comforting, role model, to emulate.� She is all I new she had to be. Angela Lansbury, Thank you.

  • Angela Landsbury

    • Yolanda Mckinney
    • 2012-01-05

    I really enjoy Angela Lansbury, she is a wonderful actress. I enjoy TCM there is just nothing like this channel. I will be supporting TCM.

  • Angela Landsbury is perfect!

    • Joymax72
    • 2011-05-15

    Angela Landsbury is to be admired for her awesome talent, intelligence, grace and dignity. In my book she truly has earned many academy awards for ALL of her remarkable, brilliant work! To add, She has a heart of gold! Blessings to you Angela!

  • Happy Birthday!

    • carol
    • 2009-10-15

    Angela remains my favorite actress of all time. She is exceptional on stage and on the set for TV or movies. She is a true professional and an inspiration to me. Thank you, Angela, for bringing your gift to the world. Have the happiest of birthdays.

  • Angela Lansbury is the woman!

    • GG
    • 2008-09-02

    I my opinion, Angela Lansbury is a talented and exceedingly wonderful actress. She brings everything to the table, and takes risks with a smile. Sh really knows what she is doing, and not many people do nowadays. Good job Angela Lansbury, and thank you for all of those hours of watching Jessica Fletcher solve crimes, or just plainly watching you in great movies.

  • angela is the best!

    • theresa
    • 2007-11-15

    i recomend for everyone to see angela's mvies, she has such great talent, and is the queen of broadway in my opinion. she deserves an honorary oscar!

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