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Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr


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  • Beautiful golden age actress

    • Allen
    • 2016-11-14

    Hedy was very pretty. I loved her in "Ziegfeld girl". She had numerous other great films from that era too. I think that she was a great actress.

  • True Brains and Beauty

    • Jason M.
    • 2013-05-14

    I first learned of Hedy after watching a show on television that told of her co-inventing frequency hopping. The actress who portrayed her was pretty. However when I saw pictures of the real Hedy Lamarr, I was blown away. I have always considered Elizabeth Taylor the greatest beauty ever. If there ever was anybody to match Liz's beauty, it is Hedy Lamarr. Why Hedy isn't a household name but Kim Kardashian is escapes me. From the few movies of Hedy that I have seen, I think that she is underrated. She might not have had the acting range of a Hepburn or a Streep, but she is undeserving of some of the critiques against her. I think that what passes for beauty today can not hold a candle to Hedy. And what actor or athlete or non-scientist for that matter can say that they invented something? Hedy not only co-invented something, she co-invented something that was extremely important yet so overlooked. She didn't seek fame or fortune for it like many would do today. I think that the bio on the main page is a little mean-spirited. For whatever transpired in her personal life (the lawsuits, the shoplifting,etc), she deserves more credit, not only for her absolutely jaw-dropping beauty, but also for her intellect and for her contribution to science. I would like to see more of her films on TCM. I look at that face and then think of that mind that resided behind it and that is what truly makes her sexy. I think she was a great woman and sadly only a few realize what a true brain and beauty she was. And even sadder still, she didn't get the recognition that she deserved until just before her death.

  • Stranger in a Strange Land.

    • Clement
    • 2012-11-13

    If anyone was a true victim of the idiocy and mediocrity and the low standards of studio boss mentality films of Hollywood's "Golden Age" - It is Hedy Lamarr. Every time I read a quote from some numbskull actor or writer or director from that time frame commenting that Lamarr couldn't act...I just have to laugh and shake my head. What went for good acting seems to be mostly loud, ego-driven, slangy diction from an empty headed nitwit calling him/herself an "actor". This is not to say that there weren't good actors in Hollywood, there were, but there were also many fine actors that just didn't have the opportunity to be such actress was Hedy Lamarr. She had class...and she had a delicate temperament when it came to her trade. She was head and shoulders smarter than 99% of her peers...she was cultured and she knew the difference between quality and the schlock that the Mayers and Warners and others of their ilk spoon fed a gullable American public in those days. With every current veiwing I have of many of Hedy Lamarr's films I find her the one that is most intuitive in her interpretation of the material. Yet she was always pushed to the side or minimized in the end. She was treated as window dressing and not much more. She was kind of like the Elephant Man in reverse...she was so beautiful the morons that ran the Hollywood Trash Machine could not handle the combination of beauty and brains. I tell you, re-watch her films and look for all the subtleties in her performance. She is a genius of nuance far ahead of her public's ability to understand. She was truly a Stranger in a Strange Land. And she was not also the most Beautiful Woman in the World, she may have been the most talented.

  • TCM's comments are for the most part Bogus

    • Anthony
    • 2011-06-02

    Whoever wrote those comments should do some real research. Hedy DID Not turn down "Casablanca", L. B. Mayer refused to loan her out to Warner Bros. cause she turned down a lot of turkeys being offered her just to show her beauty. Why don't these reviewers comment on her excellent performances in movies like "H. M. Pulham, esq." "Strange Woman", "Experiment Perilous", "Tortilla Flat" and "Come Live With Me", instead of some of the flops she appeared in. In fact even in those, her performances were believable as the character she portrayed. She was an educated women who mastered 6 languages, including English, to contradict the book where they mentioned her English not up to par in "Samson & Delilah". I would say that the dialogue of that movie was pretty corny whoever recited those lines, but Hedy did not write them, she just recited them. Back in 1938 during "Algiers" filming that may have been true, being new in this country. DeMille was pissed at her for not making personal appearances to plug 'S & D"...and yet 'bad English and all, he wanted her to star in his next film at that time, "The Greatest Show on Earth", which she wisely turned it down. Plus to top it all off her contribution to the war effort in selling the most savings bonds in one day in Philadelphia. Let us not also forget her partnership with a composer friend in an invention that was way before our time ..frequency hopping on torpedoes aiming to sink enemy uboats during WW2, and now being used on cellphones., and she did not make one penny on it. Lets concentrate on those accomplishments, instead of small gossip books.

  • Hedy Lamarr

    • Mobile
    • 2011-03-02

    Delightful, determined and alluring actress, Hedy Lamarr, more than the exciting Jean Harlow, captured the boundless wonders that could be gathered on film!

  • Let's correct that...

    • Rob
    • 2011-02-03

    I don't know who is responsible for the brutal biography on the main page, but Hedy Lamarr was not only the most beautiful woman in films, but an intelligent woman to boot (a rare quality in hollywood in any era). Watch any of her films and you will be shocked at each entrance she makes. Her beauty trancends any era. Further her acting is better than given credit for. She was often put into rediculous roles and did what she could with them. In H.M. Pulham Esq. (a rare time they played down her beauty) she gives a great performance and she is also very good in The Strange Woman in a wicked Bette Davis type role (Bette didn't quite have the looks for this temptress) and in Experiment Perilous. Unfortunately it is either hard or expensive to find some of her films. Despite being born in Austria, she was a true American patriot as she devised along with an avant garde hollywood composer a system for wireless communication used in all wireless technology today. Upon receiving the patent they gave it to the US Navy in hopes of helping the war effort against Germany. Besides shelving her invention for 20 years the government also shunned her offers to work on other inventions asking her to instead sell war bonds which she did with incredible success. It's too bad more people do not recognize her for all her brains and patriotism along with her beauty.

  • Hedy Lamarr

    • Travis Bickle
    • 2010-11-14

    Hedy Lamarr was absolutely ravishing and gorgeous. If its possible to be crazy about an actress whose peak was in the 1940s, I am. I am fascinated by her. She, along with Ava Gardner, define what Hollywood beauty was all about, and still do to this day.

  • Hedy in

    • Ann
    • 2010-10-22

    I saw The Hedy Lamarr movie "Ecstasy" for the first time today and was awed by it! Not only was Hedy Lamarr totally believable as the creature of nature who wanted more than a lifeless companion, she was mesmerizing! I really was transfixed by her performance and the artsy symbolism throughout.

  • 5 Hedy films 10-21-2010 (TCM)

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-23

    These 5 films can be seen 10-21. "Algiers"('38), "Tortilla Flat"('42), "White Cargo"('42), "H.M. Pulham, Esq."('41), and "Ecstasy"('33). I own 2 of these but would like all of her films on DVD. There is a Hedy Lamarr fan club and these fans absolutely love her.

  • Happy Birthday, Hedy

    • Nadar
    • 2009-11-09

    You're truly the most beautiful woman out there. I've seen all the classic and modern actresses but no one had ever come or comes near you.

  • Hedy Lamarr Lovely!

    • Nicole
    • 2009-08-07

    Hedy is great. She reminds me of Paulette Goddard. Please show more of her movies. Thanks.

  • More Hedy Lamarr!

    • Lori
    • 2009-06-01

    Please Please show more Hedy Lamarr! She is awesome and her films are never shown enough! Many of your films are played over and over again but rarely Hedy Lamarr's! TCM is not doing this special actress justice! Devote an entire month just to her!

  • Hedy Lamarr! More then just a beautiful face!

    • Lori
    • 2009-05-15

    Your biography on Hedy Lamarr does not do her justice! It is I must say rather mean-spirited! Miss Lamarr was more then just a pretty face she was a good actress and was very much underated as one. I just discovered her and have become a fan although I am only in my thirties. Perhaps the one who wrote this biogarphy may want to reconsider and do a rewrite! Her invaluable contribution to the world regarding sound waves makes me recall her invention every time I look at my cell phone! A beautiful and intelligent woman to some is a double theart to some and Hedy Lamarr was both! Please devote an entire month to Hedy Lamarr as many of her movies seemed to be lost to both VHS and DVD!

  • The Forgotten Unforgettable

    • An
    • 2008-09-05

    I started my own Hedy Lamarr marathon this month by re-watching all of her movies. She's the woman who has all: beauty, intelligence, personality, class and talents. Yet people only gave her a cursory look; and her life seemed to be so incomplete. She definitely deserves more, much much more. I miss Hedy terribly.

  • Simply...The Best

    • Monique
    • 2008-08-13

    I love Hedy! Everything she does is magic! She was so special and it's a shame her home studio didn't realize what they had. She should have been one of if not the first they put in a technicolor film! She was wonderful in whatever she was in and just as charming when you see her out of character. I agree with a couple of my fellow reviewers that the Bio on her seems very mean spirited and should be on a more positive note. One thing I'll say is that there are a lot of people that love her and recognize that she was so much more than the Most Beautiful Woman to ever grace the Silver Screen! Almost everytime I pick up my cell phone I think of her and the fact that she was a huge part of making that technology available to future generations. How many actresses can say they contributed something that would change the world in such an immense way, all while being the most Fabulous looking creature to ever draw breath?!! We miss you Hedy!!

  • Stunning

    • Nadine
    • 2008-06-16

    Hedy Lamarr has had an exciting life and career that included Ektase. She was one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen. I particularly loved her in Come Live With Me with Jimmy Stewart and she worked well with Bob Hope in My Favorite Spy.

  • LOVE!

    • bill
    • 2008-05-23

    I've been in love with Hedy since the first time I saw her in "Comrade X". I disagree with those who say she could not act. She played the parts given her, usually the mysterious, seductive,calculating woman. I really think she missed her calling. She was a natural for Romantic Comedy.

  • exceptional star!

    • Franka
    • 2008-05-03

    This woman is divine. yet she is protrayed so poorly? why is that?... she was not a sell out. she stood for what she believed in...she did not want to sell her body for roles. She was intelligent beyond her years, regal beauty, deep, talented. yet til this day she remains an underdog next to elizabeth taylor. Elizabeth taylor was simple dame with a simple mind. NOW hedy was something execeptional. TIMELESS!

  • Lamarr

    • Annie Laurie
    • 2008-04-25

    Hedy Lamarr was a talent and incredibily gorgeous screen presence. This TCM bio does not reflect her positive attributes: style, grace and class and sounds overly critical. No one is saying she had the emoting skills of a Garbo, Taylor or Davis, but she deserves better than this.

  • She was human, give her a brake!

    • Carol
    • 2008-04-15

    I agree with the previous comment. This biography is mean spirited! There must be so many more nice things about her! I think she was a wonderful lady, she didn't exchange sex for fame, that alone says a lot about who she was inside, as a person. Another fine lady like Deborah Kerr. Wow, she was smart too!

  • drop dead gorgeous

    • B9000
    • 2008-04-12

    I think this woman deserves a more upbeat bio page than the one that's on TCM , which is kind of a downer. That sentence about her not adding anything more to MGM films except her beauty is almost excessively mean-spirited. The incidents of her shoplifting and the false rape charge could be clarified some more. Weird, though, when weighed against her "frequency hopping" invention. I just saw “H.M. Pulham, Esq.”on TCM last Thursday and frankly I think she brilliantly portrayed a very together kind of career woman. Looking forward to catching a few more of her films this month!

  • "It's about time."

    • Dennis
    • 2008-04-11

    What a fabulous treat to dive into the MGM pool every Thursday this month and come up surrounded by Hedy Lamarr. This cavalcade of Hedy is giving thousands of people a chance to revalutate and rediscover this great star. As she said when given an award for her frequency-hopping invention, "it's about time."

  • Does anyone know what song ...

    • Carter
    • 2008-04-11

    it was that she sang in the movie "H.M. Pulham, Esq." ? ... Thank you ...

  • Hedy is TCM's Star of the Month

    • Roman Melnyk
    • 2008-04-01

    Thank you so much for honoring Hedy in this way! It is usually very difficult to access her films. TCM is pretty much the best venue for that. And to be able to see 20 of Hedy's films within a single month is a real treat!


    • Sean Austin
    • 2008-03-18


  • An Underrated Timeless Star.

    • J.Monet
    • 2008-02-28

    When you hear Hedy Lamarr what comes to mind? Exotic Beauty, Intelligent innovator, or amazing talent. that would the world at awe. as a filmmaker. I come to appreciate quality work like Hedy. She was a deep woman, Much more than Looks. many would disagree and many will truly agree that she was farmore better than Elizabeth Taylor. But as well all know, In the mid-1950s, Lamarr's career started to dwindle. Hedy said she stopped getting decent work because she wouldn't have sex with a certain film executive to get ahead.. In a interview in the 1970's she said it better than anyone:"My problem is, I'm a hell of a nice dame. The most horrible ****s are famous. I did what I did for love. The others did it for money.--- you GO GIRL!!

  • Wonderul Timeless Beauty

    • Jocelyn
    • 2008-02-28

    what can I say the best of the best!

  • Hedy the great

    • randy
    • 2008-01-26

    Hedy is my favorite movie star of all time. She is the ultimate in glamour, poise, class, brains, and mind-numbing beauty. Favorite movies: The Conspirators, Samson And Delilah, Ziegfeld Girl, Strange Woman, and my personal fave Dishonored Lady. I love to look at this woman. Classic Hollywood is the best when it comes to beautiful women. And Hedy is among the best and brightest of stars.


    • jorag.
    • 2007-11-23

    It is so sad that TCM (home of HEDY LAMARR)ignored her birthday this year, (as they often do),also they don't show her movies as often as before and even worse, TCM never got the rights to show documentary "Calling Hedy Lamarr (2004)". She was, and still is the most beautiful woman in films.She was a good actress, "H.M. Pullham, Esq.",Tortilla Flat", Experiment Perilous", "The Strange Woman", and "My Favorite Spy". She was at her most beautiful in Technicolor in "Samson and Delilah". Her life story, "The Face Value", never made it to the big screen. She is so underrated.

  • The Most Beautiful Woman in Films

    • Peter Andres
    • 2007-11-09

    Today is Hedy's birthday (she would would have been 93) and she was (and still is) the most beautiful woman in all films. She was also a technological genius--it's rare for beauty and brains to combine and form a whole. Happy birthday to a gorgeous and elegant actress!

  • wow!

    • monica
    • 2007-10-20

    I was never very confident in my looks. Being an actress in high school I alwaysw seem to be a sister or the "nun" like women in a production. One day I was looking at pictures of old movie stars for costum ideas and my boyfriend said " you look alot like her" I didnt really think so but the more I looked I did. I read up on her and found that many people call her the most beautiful woman in film. And instantly my confidence went up. If I could have met her I would say thank you for your work and strength.

  • The Fairest of Them All

    • Allan Jirikovec
    • 2007-10-06

    Others may come, and others may go, but Hedy will always be the fairest of them all. . .Her movies may not have been the greatest, but who cares? We went only to see her light up the screen with her beauty!

  • The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

    • James
    • 2007-03-21

    Not long ago, an old friend of my aunt, who died long ago, came to town and paid me a visit. As I was taking her on a brief tour of my home, she stopped dead in front of a picture of Hedy. She blurted out, "Why that's Hedy Lamarr, the most beautiful woman in the world!" "That's right," I said enthusiastically! It was so uncanny how her words just slipped out so easily, as if it were common knowledge. I have never seen anyone to compare with Hedy. Unlike Elizabeth (her only rival to the title), Hedy was a lady 100%, while Liz became quite the broad, in the broadest sense. I thought Hedy a very good actress and highly under used. But, I am forever grateful for the body of work she left behind. I am always in awe of that breathtaking image on the silver screen, Hedy Lamarr, the most beautiful star!

  • Unforgetable beauty

    • Bruno
    • 2006-10-29

    MGM screwed her career..putting her in forgetable movies...until Paramount realized what they had in her and used it to their advantage as Delilah in Samson & Delilah. LBMayer knew his mistake and started to make epics to after the success of S & D..and filmed Quo Vadis, in which he asked Hedy to portray Poppea, a role she wisely refused. She was excellent in H.M. Pulham, Esq, Experiment Perilous, Tortilla Flat, Comrade X, Strange Woman and Lady of the Tropics...just her screen prescence was enough for those films, but she showed she can act.

  • Hedy

    • Ray Johnston
    • 2006-10-20

    The most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life also smart and a hell of an actor There will never be another like her.

  • Not recognized enough

    • tlovelace
    • 2006-08-31

    She has never been recognized enough for the scope of her acting, brains or her beauty. Your attention is always drawn to her; no matter who she was on screen with. Never will see another hedy.

  • Beautiful!

    • MBM
    • 2006-08-29

    She was the most beautiful Hollywood star in the late 30's through early 50's.

  • Beauty & Brains - One of the greats!

    • Haywood
    • 2006-06-21

    I feel Hedy did it all; ingenue, seductress, comedian, unsavory and conniving, all the while being drop dead gorgeous. I see excellent emotion from her in movies such as "I Take This Woman" and my personal favorite, "Come Live With Me". Her catalog of films works on DVD is very limited; thanks to TCM, we can see this talented lady at her best!

  • Beautiful & Talented

    • Wes
    • 2006-04-11

    I believe Hedy Lamarr was one of the most beautiful & talented women to grace the silver screen. I often wonder if Hollywood was aware of just how talented she was.

  • a great actress that should be noted more

    • jazmin
    • 2006-02-18

    i love how she acts and shes always so poised and ladylike, even though shes very serious, she transmits feelings to her audience.

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