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Cast (feature film)

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965) as
When he''s stationed in Tahiti, a sailor hires a witch doctor to keep an eye on his girlfriend.
Requiem for a Gunfighter (1965) as Fletcher
A professional gunfighter is mistaken for a judge in a small town plagued by bandits.
The Devil's Bedroom (1964) as Norm
Shadow of the Boomerang (1960) as Bob Prince
The Cool and the Crazy (1958) as Stu Summerville
50's version of "Reefer Madness."
The Wild Dakotas (1956) as Mike McGeehee
The Bamboo Prison (1955) as Jackie
An undercover agent investigates atrocities at a Korean P.O.W. camp.
Last of the Pony Riders (1953) as Johnny Blair
Ex-Pony Express rider Autry ties to protect his US mail franchise as the Pony Express gives way to stage coach mail and the telegraph. Gene's last film appearance as a singing cowboy.
Wagon Team (1952) as Dave Weldon, also known as The Apache Kid
A stagecoach agent goes undercover with a medicine show to hunt down the band that stole the Army's payroll.
The Old West (1952) as Pinto
Doc Lockwood and his gang are trying to take away Autry's contract for supplying horses to the stagecoach line. Parson Brooks joins Autry in an effort to clean up the town of Sadderlock.
Fort Worth (1951) as Luther Wicks
A retired gunfighter fears that he might have to take up his former trade when a gang of outlaws rides into town
Rocky Mountain (1950) as Jimmy Wheat
A Confederate troop makes a last desperate attempt to build up an army in the West.
Sons of New Mexico (1950) as Randy Pryor
In addition to his duties as executor of an estate Gene must keep a juvenile delinquent from the clutches gambler Feeney who hopes to get at the money through the kid.
Redwood Forest Trail (1950) as Mighty Mite
Arthur Cameron (Pierre Watkin) has spent many years establishing the mountain forest community of New Horizon for underprivileged boys. His chief assistant is Hattie Hickory (Jane Darwell) who cooks and acts as a foster mother for the boy. The property is in danger of reverting to Julie Westcott (Jeff Donnell), whose father Sam Westcott (Bob Burns) has recently being killed by riding his horse into a rope stretched across the trail, and she believes the New Horizon boys to be responsible. She is determined to end the Cameron project and to sell the property to lumber king Bart Bryant (Joseph Granby). Actually behind the trouble is her attorney, Craig Danvers (Marten Lamont), who is in debt to Bryant, who has agreed to take the New Horizon property in payment of the debt. Danvers, with the help of his henchmen Curley (John Cason) and Lush Mason (Robert W. Wood), pulled off the killing through one of the New Horizon boys, Two-Bits (Jimmy Ogg), who just thought he was playing a trick on Westcott. Into this situation rides Rex Allen (Rex Allen), a young official of the American Forestry League, and his sidekick "Alfalfa" Donahue (billed as Carl Switzer).
Battleground (1949) as Tanker
American soldiers in France fight to survive a Nazi siege just before the Battle of the Bulge.
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as Marine
During World War II, a marine sergeant must turn his recruits into fighting men.
Angel on the Amazon (1948) as George
The Strawberry Roan (1948) as Joe Bailey
Young Joe is paralyzed as he is bucked by a wild horse, a strawberry roan. Angered, his father, Walt, tries to shoot the horse but is stopped by his foreman, Gene Autry. The roan escapes and Autry, told to leave the ranch by Walt, finds and trains the horse, now named Champ, in hopes that by returning it to Joe it will provide him with the will to overcome his disability.
The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) as Sam Clemens, 15 years old
Twain moves from Mississippi riverboats to the Gold Rush to literary immortality.
Mountain Rhythm (1943) as Darwood Gates Alton
Heaven Can Wait (1943) as Albert, age 15
An old roué arrives in Hades to review his life with Satan, who will rule on his eligibility to enter the Underworld.
The Vanishing Virginian (1942) as Robert Yancey, Jr.
A conservative southern patriarch tries to cope with changing times.
This Gun for Hire (1942) as Raven, as a boy
A hired killer dodges police while tracking down the enemy agents who tried to frame him.
Adventure in Washington (1941) as Abbott
Brigham Young--Frontiersman (1940) as Henry Kent
Two young Mormons struggle to survive their people''''s journey to a new home in the West.
Virginia City (1940) as Cobby
A rebel spy poses as a wild West dance hall girl.
Maryland (1940) as Lee, age twelve
Woman (Bainter) tormented by the hunting death of her husband forbids her son (Payne) to have anything to do with horses. But when he falls for the daughter (Joyce) of his father's trainer (Brennan), he defies his mother by entering the Maryland Hunt.
Pinocchio (1940) as Voice of Pinocchio
Inventor Gepetto creates a wooden marionette called Pinocchio. His wish that Pinocchio be a real boy is unexpectedly granted by a fairy. The fairy assigns Jiminy Cricket to act as Pinocchio's "conscience" and keep him out of trouble. Jiminy is not too successful in this endeavor and most of the film is spent with Pinocchio deep in trouble.
Knute Rockne--All American (1940) as Boy captain
Biography of the famed Notre Dame coach and his fight to "win one for the Gipper."
City in Terror (1939) as Bill Carter
Family who witness a murder are pursued by gangsters.
Woman Doctor (1939) as Johnny
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as Page boy
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
On Borrowed Time (1939) as Boy in tree
An old man and his grandson trap Death in a tree.
Destry Rides Again (1939) as Claggett boy [Eli Whitney Claggett]
A deputy who''s sworn not to shoot again takes on a corrupt town boss and a sultry saloon singer.
Sergeant Madden (1939) as Dennis Madden, as a boy
A police officer's son joins the force but goes bad.
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) as Adam Clay, as a boy
The future president considers a political career while practicing law.
Beware, Spooks! (1939) as First boy
Joe E. Brown, Mary Carlisle, Clarence Kolb, Marc Lawrence, Don Beddoe. Inept bunglerJoe E. Brown saves the day when he traps some wanted criminals in the Coney Island funhouse.
Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939) as Killer Parkins
A teen-aged sleuth sets out to prove a young girl innocent of murder charges.
Sky Patrol (1939) as Bobbie
An ace pilot tries to rescue his commander''''s son from smugglers.
The Frontiersmen (1938) as Artie
The Kid Comes Back (1938) as Bobby Doyle
A ring veteran turns a Texas tenderfoot into a winning fighter.
Love, Honor and Behave (1938) as Kid
A college tennis star gives up the game for love.
A Man to Remember (1938) as Dick Abbott, age 8-12
A small-town doctor fights crooked politicians during a polio epidemic.
The Devil's Party (1938) as Joe as a boy
Border Wolves (1938) as Jimmie [Benton]
Just after Carson's gang murder members of a wagon train, Rusty and Clem come along and are arrested. Knowing they are innocent Judge Coleman breaks them out and sends them after Carson. They join Carson's gang to learn of their next raid but the Marshal arrests them for the wagon train murders.
Frontiersman, The (1938)
The local school is causing Hoppy problems. First Bar 20 cattle are stolen when Hoppy investigates a problem there. Then the new teacher arrives and disrupts the routine of the Bar 20 hands. Later with the Bar 20 hands at graduation, the rustlers are poised to strike again. But there is dissension among them and this will lead to the break that Hoppy needs.
The Land of Fighting Men (1938) as Jimmy Mitchell
Stella Dallas (1937) as Lee
After divorcing a society man, a small-town woman tries to build a better life for their daughter.
Smoke Tree Range (1937) as Teddy Page
The outlaw known as El Capitan and his gang are rustling cattle. Jim Cary owns the large Smoke Tree ranch and besides losing cattle, he is trying to evict Nan Page from land that he believes is his. But his grandson Lee is on hand and Lee first sees that Nan is not evicted and then goes after El Capitan.
Blake of Scotland Yard (1937) as Bobby Mason
Sir James Blake has retired from Scotland Yard so that he can assist his niece Hope and her friend Jerry in developing an apparatus they have invented. Sir James thinks that their invention has the potential to prevent wars, and plans to donate it to the League of Nations. But a gang of criminals led by the elusive "Scorpion" steals the device, and Blake and his associates must recover the invention and determine the identity of the "Scorpion".
Flying Fists (1937) as Dickie [Martin]
Hal Donovan (Bruce Bennett as Herman Brix) gets into a fight with ex-heavyweight champion Slug Cassidy (Guinn Williams) at a lumber camp in the north woods. Slug takes a bad beating and he and his trainer, Spider (Fuzzy Knight), urge Hal to become a professional boxer. Soon, "Chopper" Hal proves to be a natural and is beating all comers. He meets Kay Conrad (Jeanne Martel), who is struggling to support her father (John Elliott), an ex-fighter invalided for life in the ring, and her young brother Dickie (Dickie Jones.) Kay hates everything connected to the sport, and Hal keeps her ignorant of his profession. But Slug and Spider tell the Conrads of Hal's identity as "Chopper" Hal, and Kay breaks off the engagement while Hal takes to the open road. Hal, now a tramp, picks up odd jobs where he can find them and one of them leads him to a training camp where he meets Slug and Spider with their new fighter Lion Lee (Jimmy Baker). He also meets Kay and learns that her father is in desperate need of money. He accepts Spider's offer to fight Lee, on the condition that he take a dive in the third round. Kay learns of this and begs Hal to fight an honest fight if he is determined to fight. He tells Spider that he'll fight Lee on honest terms and the match is on.
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937) as Tommy MacDonald
Counterfeit bills are being printed in Canada and shipped across the border hidden in blocks of ice. When the counterfeiters force engraver Bronson to make a new plate, he inscribes a tiny help message on it. Renfrew catches a henchman who has one of the new bills. A magnifying glass lets him read the message and he heads out alone to round up the counterfeiters.
Love Is on the Air (1937) as Bill
A crusading radio reporter takes on civic corruption.
Black Legion (1937) as Buddy Taylor
A disgruntled factory worker is lured into joining a secret society out to terrorize foreigners.
Hollywood Round-Up (1937) as Dickie Stephens
An unemployed stunt man unwittingly signs on with crooks posing as filmmakers to rob banks.
Ready, Willing and Able (1937) as Kid
Two songwriters want to cast a British star in their new show.
Land Beyond the Law (1937) as
An innocent rancher gets mixed up with rustlers.
Love Begins at Twenty (1936) as Boy
A henpecked husband tries to help his daughter marry the man she loves and his wife loathes.
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936) as Ceddie at seven years
An American orphan discovers he is heir to a British title.
The First Baby (1936) as Ellis child
By the time daughter (Deane) and son-in-low (Downs) have their second child the mother-in-law (Gateson) learns not to be so domineering.
Wild Horse Round-Up (1936) as Dickie Williams
The Standard Railroad Company plans to run a line through Wild Horse Valley, and this is known by Charlie Doan (John Merton), who seeks to buy up all the land in the valley in order to make huge profits by reselling it to the railroad. Ranchers are forced to sell through fear of the "Night Riders", a group of henchmen hired by Doan. He has repeatedly tried to buy the Running M Ranch owned by Ruth Williams (Beth Marion as Betty Lloyd for the first, only and unexplained time)and her seven-year-old brother Dickie (Dickie Jones), but she refuses to sell. Roving cowhands Jack Benton (Kermit Maynard) and his pals Bill (Dick Curtis), Chuck (Jack Ingram) and Mopey (Budd Buster)learn from Ruth about Doan's intimidating efforts to buy her ranch, and they hire on to help her with the wild horse roundup. Henchmen Steve (Frank Hagney) and Pete (Roger Williams)burn the Running M's barn. Doan learns that Jack has bought an option on the Jim Green (Bob Burns)ranch and uses this information to turn Ruth against Jack. The latter tells Doan that he is a special investigator for the railroad and empowered to make property purchases for the right-of-way in his own name. Appearing to turn against Ruth and his employer, Jack makes a deal with Doan to acquire Ruth's property. But Jack has a different plan in mind that will put an end to Doan and his Night Riders.
The Man I Marry (1936) as Child
Daniel Boone (1936) as Master Jerry
In 1775, Daniel Boone leads thirty settler families to Kentucky where they face two threats: Indian raiders led by renegade white Simon Girty, who opposes settlement; and the schemes of effete Stephen Marlowe to seize title to the new lands. Perils, battles, escapes, and a love interest round out the story.
Pepper (1936) as Pepper's gang
Young Pepper Jolly enters the life of sour old millionaire John Wilkes. She convinces him to take her gang to Coney Island and prevents his daughter from marrying a phony aristocrat.
Westward Ho (1935) as Jim Wyatt as a child
Ballard's trail jumpers attack the Wyatt Company wagon train, killing young John's parents and kidnaping his brother, Jim. In post-Civil War California, John Wyatt, now a man, pulls together a vigilante posse, The Singing Riders, who all ride white horses, dress alike, and ride the trails singing and rounding up outlaw gangs. Meanwhile, John is ever on the lookout for the gang that murdered his parents.
Three Women (1935) as
Moonlight on the Prairie (1935) as Dickie Roberts
An unemployed rodeo star takes on cattle rustlers.
Queen of the Jungle (1935) as David Worth, as child
A 12-chapter serial built around stock footage from a 1922 silent serial, "The Jungle Goddess",young David Worth (Dickie Jones) and Joan Lawrence (Marilyn Spinner)are children with a group of explorers that are seeking African radium deposits. They are playing in the basket of the party's air baloon when the bag takes off with Joan aboard, last seen sailing over the back-lot jungle. This puts a chill on the expedition and all hands return to whence they came. The end of chapter 1, "Lost in the Clouds", finds Marilyn's baloon being shot down by the flaming arrows of a native tribe. Chapter 2,"Radium Rays", reveals that Joan survived her descent and the tribe named "the child from the sky" as their queen and priestess.A flash foward of about 18 years finds that the now-adult David (Reed Howes)has returned to Africa to search for his long-lost childhood friend.He hits the trail and is quickly captured by the tribesmen and is brought to their sadistic ruler,who turns out to be a now-grown Joan (Mary Kornman.) Unaware of his or her own true identity, she orders the stranger sacrificed to the tribal god. David is tied before a huge idol whose eyes shine as a concealed radium cylinder is uncovered. Chapter 2 ends with David's clothes smoking and burning and the beams intensifying. Dire straits indeed for David, but there is hope since there are ten chapters to go.
The Hawk (1935) as Dickie
Strange Wives (1934) as One of the twins
Little Men (1934) as Dolly
The former Jo March and her husband Professor Bhaer operate the Plumfield School for homeless boys. One of the boys, Nat, invites Dan, a street kid, to come to the school, where the boys are all loved and well cared for. Dan is a young tough, but his heart is good, and when he is accused of theft at the school, Jo continues to believe in him and that the true thief will be found out.

Cast (short)

Musical Movieland (1944)
In this short film, a group of tourists are given a studio tour of several locations of famous movie musicals.
Our Gang Follies of 1938 (1937)
In this comedic short, a boy abandons his friends to attempt a career as an opera singer.
Gasoloons (1935)
In this short film, a family on vacation decides to buy a filling station... with comedic results.

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