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Art Department (feature film)

Hang 'Em High (1968) as Set Decoration
A mysterious drifter survives a lynching then goes back for revenge.
How Sweet It Is! (1968) as Set Decoration
A husband and wife take their young son on a trip to Europe as a way of sparking their marriage life, but the wife ends up having interludes with a gallant Frenchman.
Good Times (1967) as Set Decoration
Singers Sonny and Cher try to find the perfect script for their movie debut.
Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) as Set Decoration
When frogman Ted Jackson discovers a sunken treasure on his last day of Navy life, he decides to go back as a civilian and make himself rich. Unfortunately, there are others after the booty, and the man with the swiveling hips has a fight on his hands.
The Caper of the Golden Bulls (1967) as Set Decoration
Peter Churchman stopped robbing banks a long time ago and is now living as a wealthy and respected citizen in Pampelona, Spain. But then his former companion Angela appears and blackmails him to help her robbing the Spanish National Bank of Pampelona. He gives in and develops a brilliant plan... Will this be then end of his comfortable life?
The President's Analyst (1967) as Set Decoration
A psychiatrist treating the president becomes a pawn in international espionage.
Barefoot in the Park (1967) as Set Decoration
A free-thinking bride and her conservative groom have trouble adjusting to married life.
The Swinger (1966) as Set Decoration
A woman who writes steamy novels has to live out her heroine's adventures to sell books.
Sylvia (1965) as Set Decoration
A private detective is hired by a wealthy man to uncover his wife's past, but in the process of investigating the woman the detective falls in love with her.
Marriage on the Rocks (1965) as Set Decoration
A couple divorces by mistake during a madcap Mexican vacation.
Tickle Me (1965) as Set Decoration
A singing cowboy signs on with an all-woman dude ranch.
The Carpetbaggers (1964) as Set Decoration
A young tycoon takes Hollywood by storm to quench his thirst for power.
Where Love Has Gone (1964) as Set Decoration
Family secrets come to light when a teen-ager murders her mother's lover.
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1963) as Set Decoration
A shy actor is tormented by fans who think he's as charismatic as his television character.
Bye Bye Birdie (1963) as Set Decoration
A rock star's personal appearance turns a small town into a disaster area.
Wives and Lovers (1963) as Set Decoration
A married couple, just barely getting by, has their luck change drastically when the husband finally pens a best-selling novel. But, the "nouveau riche" life becomes less than pleasurable for the wife when the husband becomes a womanizer.
A Girl Named Tamiko (1962) as Set Decoration
An American, living in Japan, tries to get a visa back to the States, but when he meets and falls in love with a traditional Japanese girl, he's torn between staying or going.
Summer and Smoke (1961) as Set Decoration
A small-town spinster's repressed love for the local rebel spells danger.
All in a Night's Work (1961) as Set Decoration
Colonel Ryder, the publisher of a magazine, dies while on vacation. Tony, his swinging nephew, inherits the magazine and takes over. Presently, the magazine is planning to expand and to do so they need some capital. Tony's trying to arrange a loan through his friend. He is then informed by the hotel detective of the hotel that his uncle died in, that on the night of his death, a woman, wearing only a towel, came out of his room, and ran away before the detective could catch up with her. They suspect that the Colonel was "with" her on the night he died, cause he was smiling when he died. Tony and two of his uncle's confidants are worried that not only if the bank hears of this they will not get the loan but the magazine wholesome image could be tarnished. So they ask the detective to stay around so he could identify her. What they don't know is that the woman is Katie Robbins, one of the magazine's researchers and that she entered the room by "accident". When the detective identifies her and after having a few misconceived conversations with her, they suspect that she is trying to extort them, and she thinks that Tony's a nut.
Visit to a Small Planet (1960) as Set Decoration
Jerry Lewis is Kreton, a childish alien who, against his teacher's will leaves his planet to visit the Earth, and lands in the backyard of a famous television journalist who doesn't believe in U.F.O's and aliens. Wanting to study humans but not able to fully understand them, Kreton makes a mess out of it, generating a lot of comic situations.
Career (1959) as Set Decoration
A struggling Broadway actor suffers the ups and downs of trying to make it big, and soon learns the ropes of having to play hardball to get he wants.
The Mating Game (1959) as Set Decoration
A tax agent falls for a farm girl whose father he's investigating.
Handle with Care (1958) as Set Decoration
During a mock trial, a small-town law student uncovers new evidence about a real crime.
High School Confidential! (1958) as Set Decoration
A young police officer returns to high school undercover to investigate the drug trade.
Wild Is the Wind (1958) as Set Decoration
A woman marries her late sister's husband but finds true love with his son from an earlier marriage.
Hot Spell (1958) as Set Decoration
A housewife becomes frustrated by her loveless marriage and her husband's uneasy relationship with their children.
The Story of Mankind (1957) as Set Decoration
Satan and the spirit of mankind contend for the future of humanity.
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957) as Set Decoration
Dramatization of the legendary battle between Wyatt Earp and the Clanton Gang.
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) as Set Decoration
International spies kidnap a doctor''s son when he stumbles on their assassination plot.
Artists and Models (1956) as Set Decoration
A cartoonist/artist starts using the inane mutterings of his sleeping idiot of a roommate for his published strip. Soon, the "sleep-talking" starts to smack of political conspiracies and the CIA starts investigating the two. Meanwhile, two lovely models, living next door attempt to make boyfirends out of the pair.
That Certain Feeling (1956) as Set Decoration
When Larry Larkin's syndicate complains that his comic strip isn't as amusing as it once was, he calls in neourotic ghost-writer Francis X. Dignan to help him with the strip. But things get complicated when Francis rekindles his love for his ex-wife, who happens to be Larkin's secratery and soon-to-
The Rainmaker (1956) as Set Decoration
A fake rainmaker melts the heart of a Kansas spinster while trying to save the town''s crops.
The Court Jester (1956) as Set Decoration
A traveling actor is mistaken for a medieval rebel.
The Rose Tattoo (1955) as Set Decoration
A grieving widow embarks on a new romance when she discovers her late husband had been cheating on her.
To Catch a Thief (1955) as Set Decoration
A retired cat burglar fights to clear himself of a series of Riviera robberies committed in his style.
About Mrs. Leslie (1954) as Set Decoration
Mrs. Leslie, rooming house landlady, reminisces in flashbacks about her past as a cafe entertainer and her involvement with the mysterious George Leslie, who originally hires her as a vacation "companion" but tells her nothing of his life outside the vacations. In subplots, Mrs. Leslie's tenants and neighbors carry on soap-opera lives.
Give a Girl a Break (1954) as Set Decoration
Three young dancers vie for a starring role on Broadway.
Tennessee Champ (1954) as Set Decoration
A boxer reforms his crooked manager.
The Student Prince (1954) as Set Decoration
A prince falls in love with a barmaid during his last fling before assuming the crown.
Deep in My Heart (1954) as Set Decoration
Musical biography of composer Sigmund Romberg, who fought to bring serious music to Broadway.
The Story of Three Loves (1953) as Set Decoration
Passengers on an ocean liner recall their greatest loves.
Rogue's March (1953) as Set Decoration
After being unjustly accused of spying, a British officer tries to redeem himself in India.
Lili (1953) as Set Decoration
A French orphan gets a job with a carnival puppet show.
Half a Hero (1953) as Set Decoration
A married writer moves to the suburbs to research a story.
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology (1952) as Set Decoration
Seven stories celebrate the glorious diversity of American life.
The Merry Widow (1952) as Set Decoration
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Talk About a Stranger (1952) as Set Decoration
Small-town gossips rage over the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
Shadow in the Sky (1952) as Set Decoration
A shell-shocked veteran tries to recover his sanity while living with his sister.
The Man with a Cloak (1951) as Set Decoration
A mystery man tries to help a young innocent escape a murderous housekeeper.
Grounds for Marriage (1951) as Associate (Sets)
An opera singer and her ex-husband find that their romance refuses to die with their marriage.
Three Guys Named Mike (1951) as Associate (Sets)
A stewardess can't choose among three suitors.
Inside Straight (1951) as Associate (Sets)
A tycoon rises to the top in 19th-century San Francisco through greed and corruption.
No Questions Asked (1951) as Associate (Sets)
A young lawyer''s primrose path to success gets him framed for murder.
Kim (1951) as Associate (Sets)
Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of an orphaned boy who helps the British Army against Indian rebels.
Three Little Words (1950) as Associate (Sets)
Musical biography of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who surreptitiously helped each other out of jams.
East Side, West Side (1950) as Associate (Sets)
A chic New York couple is torn apart by a seductive model.
Duchess of Idaho (1950) as Associate (Sets)
During a Sun Valley vacation, a woman tries to solve her roommate's romantic problems only to get caught in a love triangle of her own.
That Midnight Kiss (1949) as Associate (Sets)
A singing truck driver battles snobbery to become a star.
The Doctor and the Girl (1949) as Associate (Sets)
A doctor leaves his wealthy family to work in the slums.
Neptune's Daughter (1949) as Associate (Sets)
Mistaken identity complicates a polo player's romance with a bathing suit designer.
The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) as Associate (Sets)
A married musical team splits up so the wife can become a serious actress.
Three Daring Daughters (1948) as Associate (Sets)
Three young girls try to help their widowed mother find the right husband.
Easter Parade (1948) as Associate (Sets)
When his partner leaves him, a vaudeville star trains an untried performer to take her place, finding love in the process.
A Southern Yankee (1948) as Associate (Sets)
A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.
Luxury Liner (1948) as Associate (Sets)
The daughter of a ship's captain becomes a sea-going cupid.
The Bride Goes Wild (1948) as Associate (Sets)
A womanizing author of children's books borrows a son to woo his illustrator.
The Pirate (1948) as Associate (Sets)
An actor poses as a notorious pirate to court a romantic Caribbean girl.
Holiday in Mexico (1946) as Set Decoration
An ambassador''s daughter falls for a famous musician.

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