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Shirley Knight


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The Sender ... In this psychological horror film, Zeljko Ivanek (TV's Damages, Argo) stars as... more info $18.95was $24.95 Buy Now

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Also Known As: Died:
Born: July 5, 1936 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Goessel, Kansas, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Missing Girl, The (2015)
A lonely and disillusioned comic-book store owner is forced to confront an adolescent trauma when his beautiful young employee suddenly goes missing
Mercy (2014)
Our Idiot Brother (2011)
Ned is an organic farmer who is just a little bit behind the curve when it comes to getting his life together. After his girlfriend dumps him and boots him off the farm, his three sisters come to his rescue each taking turns at housing him.
Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The (2009)
After nearly two decades caught under the wing of an aging husband, devoted mother and housewife Pippa Lee undergoes a midlife breakthrough. Unearthing the sexually curious wild child of her teens, Pippa sparks a relationship with a kindred soul.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)
A single, suburban dad tries to make ends meet as a security officer at a New Jersey mall. It''s a job he takes very seriously, though no one else does. When Santa''s helpers at the mall stage a coup, shutting down the megaplex and taking hostages (Paul''s daughter and sweetheart among them), Jersey''s most formidable mall cop will have to become a real cop to save the day.
Not Fade Away (2009)
Thirtysomething Angie is an aspiring photographer with a day job in a wine tasting room where she throws around a lot of attitude. Forced to deal with her mother's rapidly advancing Alzheimer's while juggling deadlines for a possible career-making photo exhibition and a parade of pretentious oenophi
Open Window (2007)
A struggling young photographer and an assistant professor are newly engaged and madly in love when their lives are shattered by a random act of violence.
Thanks to Gravity (2006)
Wealthy, brililant Jewish-Latina Jordan Landa finds herself conflicted by the mixed messages she gets from her family. While they approve of her ambition and determination to get a good education, they also want her to eventually give it up and settle down to be a good wife and mother.
Grandma's Boy (2006)
Alex has one sweet life. After walking away from his death by accounting job, he's now a video game tester at Brainasiu, the company responsible for the worldwide gaming phenom of "Eternal Death Slayer." At 35, he may be the oldest tester in the business, but he's also the best. But when his roomma
Sexual Life (2005)
A romantic comedy inspired by "La Ronde," about a group of young urbanites and their sexual conquests and romantic entanglements, as each incident connects with the other.
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion (2003) as Voice-Over
Filmed during nine journeys through Tibet, India and Nepal, a documentary which provides an overview of Tibet's recent past, as chronicled through personal stories, interviews and a collection of undercover and archival images.
Salton Sea, The (2002) as Nancy Plummer
After the murder of his beloved wife, Danny Parker, a man in search of redemption, is set adrift in a world where nothing is as it seems. On his journey, he befriends slacker Jimmy "The Finn", becomes involved in rescuing his neighbor Colette from her own demons, and gets entangled in a web of decei
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) as Necie
Sidda Lee Walker, a prominent young playwright living in New York City, is a long way from her Louisiana hometown and a safe distance from her loving but highly dramatic and eccentric mother, Vivi. And that''s the way she''d like to keep it. But when a ''Time Magazine'' profile on Sidda implies that Vivi was not a good mother, Vivi is outraged and the two women get into a fight that threatens to destroy not only their relationship but Sidda''s tenuous wedding plans with a man who has waited seven years for her to get over her fear of raising a family of her own. Enter the Ya-Ya Sisterhood... Vivi''s intrepid gang of lifelong friends eager to restore peace no matter what it takes. To truly understand Vivi, the Ya-Yas believe, Sidda must know who her mother was as a young woman. A high-spirited beauty who valued love and loyalty above all else, young Vivi was dealt many disappointments in life but was also blessed with an indomitable sense of humor, an adventurous spirit and three best friends. Together, this inseparable foursome shared both good and bad times, celebrating each other''s triumphs for more than 40 years, which they recorded in a scrapbook, known as the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Taking matters into their own hands, the Ya-Yas stage an unorthodox intervention to bring mother and daughter back together. With their help and the help of the Divine Secrets, Sidda will begin to unravel the truth about her complicated and unconventional mother, find forgiveness and acceptance, and let go of her painful past.
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead (2002) as Aunt Claire
It's New Years Eve, and life is at its lowest for aspiring actor-writer James "Jimmy" Zoole: his best friend died in September; his apartment has been robbed twice since October; his half-finished first novel was among those items stolen; his precious cat Tennessee is at the veterinarian with a blad
My Louisiana Sky (2001) as Jewel
Coming-of-age story of 12-year-old Tiger Ann Parker, who lives in Saitter, Louisiana, with her grandmother and her developmentally disabled parents. Set in 1957, Tiger has always dreamed of being more like her Aunt Dorie Kay, but eventually learns to accept her parents and gains confidence in hersel
Angel Eyes (2001) as Elanora Davis
Sharon Pogue, a policewoman in Los Angeles'' high-crime district, struggles with both the pressures of the job and the pains of an abusive childhood. Her life is saved by Catch, a man who''s lost his wife and child in a car accident. Neither can go forward with a romance that''s clearly starting to bloom until they resolve painful issues from their tragic pasts.
House on a Hill, A (2001) as Mercedes
Harry is an irascible, aging architect trying to achieve the dream of building his masterwork. A wealthy young couple has commissioned Harry to design and rebuild a house he once owned that had burned down. Though reluctant at first, he eventually takes on the assignment and develops a new sense of
75 Degrees in July (2000) as Jo Beth Anderson
A successful New York sculptor returns to her Texas home hoping to reconnect with her family, but she quickly encounters old patterns of miscommunication and jealousy. From her emotionally distant father and fiercely competitive mother to her sister and sister's husband who blame everbody else for t
Father For Brittany, A (1998) as Donna Minkiewicz
Heartbroken by the medical confirmation of her sterility, Kim Lussier appeals to her husband Keith to pursue an immediate adoption. Keith, unsure that he is ready to become a father, tries to delay the process before reluctantly yielding to Kim's pleas. As the Lussiers prepare for the arrival of the
Marriage of Convenience, A (1998) as Harriet Winslow
Chris Winslow, formerly a driven executive, sacrifices her career to raise her late sister's infant son Kevin. Seven years later, the unknown father suddenly appears, provoking questions. Anxious to resolve the issue of custody, Kevin recommends a solution to the judge -- that the unlikely couple se
As Good As it Gets (1997) as Beverly
An obsessive-compulsive writer comes out of his shell to help a struggling waitress and an injured artist.
Convictions (1997) as Margaret
After Zalinda's son John is murdered, she becomes an outspoken advocate of the victim's rights movement. Zalinda is determined to keep the young man who took her son's life behind bars. Ten years later, Zalinda realizes that the stress has eaten away at her. She decides that she must confront Jeffre
Little Boy Blue (1997) as Doris Knight
Deep in the heart of Texas lives a young man named Jimmy West, whose painful and dangerous struggle for normalcy and happiness in a deeply dysfunctional family uncovers a long buried secret of incest. Ray, a disturbed Vietnam war veteran and Jimmy's father, constantly raises hell and even forces Ji
Dying To Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Story (1997) as Joan Hart
Based on the life of Ellen Hart Pena, a world-class runner married to a prominent government official, who, when facing motherhood, finally wins her long struggle with bulimia.
Uninvited, The (1996) as Delia
After Patti Johnson gives birth to a still-born child, she and her husband try to forget the tragedy. They move into a new house, but a number of supernatural phenomena that takes place there, lead them to believe that the house is haunted. Patti turns to the town psychic, who confirms her suspicion
Promise to Carolyn, A (1996) as Jolene Maggart
Two sisters discover that their abusive stepmother murdered their baby sister. Tormented by the little girl's death, the sisters convince the Texas District Attorney to pursue the case, even though the death occurred 37 years before. Based on a true story.
Mary & Tim (1996) as Esther Melville
Mary, a widow in her 40s, has created a satisfactory life for herself since the death of her husband some years before. Her world is turned upside down when she hires Tim, a handsome but mentally challenged young man, to be her gardener. As the two develop special feelings for each other, Mary is fa
Diabolique (1996) as Edie Danziger
Nicole and Mia are two very different women, but they have something in common. Both of them are sleeping with Guy Baran--and both of them are sick of his domination in their lives. Nicole is Guy''s mistress. Sexy and self-assured, she was first drawn to Guy''s magnetism--and then disgusted by his lies and selfishness. Mia is Guy''s wife. A timid former nun with a weak heart, she is nearly suicidal over Guy''s blatant infidelities, his constant cruel humiliation of her and his arrogant sexual demands. Then one day Nicole and Mia decide to free themselves from Guy''s sadistic embrace once and for all. Nicole devises a murder scheme that seems foolproof, but in its aftermath Nicole and Mia each discover things about Guy--and about each other--that they''d never imagined. Then a brash, unconventional detective starts looking into Guy''s disappearance. Finally, a terrifying series of clues begin to suggest that Guy may not be dead after all... and he may be coming back to deal with both of them.
Somebody Is Waiting (1996) as Irma Gill
A dysfunctional 18-year-old, Leon, who idolized his recently murdered mother, goes on the run after accidentally killing his father.
Fudge-A-Mania (1995) as Mrs Apfel
Ten-year-old Peter Hatcher embarks on a family vacation in Maine, where he must contend with the antics of his four-year-old brother Fudge, his bossy neighbor Sheila, a baseball game with his greatest hero ("Big A") and his grandmother's impending marriage to Sheila's grandfather.
Indictment: The Mc Martin Trial (1995) as Peggy Buckley
Television movie tracing six years of media and courtroom attention surrounding the owners and teachers at the McMartin Pre-school of Manhattan Beach, California, accused of child molestation and eventually aquitted.
Stuart Saves His Family (1995) as Stuart'S Mom
When Stuart Smalley tangles with his "rage-aholic" station manager, he loses his public access TV show. This triggers one of his characteristic "shame spirals," and things go from bad to worse when a favorite old aunt dies, leaving a meager inheritance, which prompts Stuart to return home to Minneap
Color of Night (1994) as Edith Niedelmeyer
Haunted by a bizarre suicide of a patient, psychologist Dr Bill Capa abandons his successful New York practice and relocates to Los Angeles only to find himself entangled in an explosive sexual relationship with the beautiful but enigmatic Rose. His web becomes even more tangled as he uncovers the brutal stabbing of a friend and colleague. As Capa gets closer to identifying the killer of his associate, Rose becomes an equally tantalizing mystery that he must solve--if he can avoid the lunatic murderer who''s stalking him.
Baby Brokers (1994) as Sylvia
A single woman is the victim of a baby-brokering fraud.
Death in Venice, CA (1994) as Mona Dickens
Based on Thomas Mann's novella "Death in Venice," this tragic parable about repression, obsession, and the peril of love tells of a despondent middle-aged writer who, while on summer vacation, is lured from his books by his sister-in-law's seductive son.
Benders (1994) as Donna/Mother
A recovery hotline worker attempts to help a young female alcoholic.
Part of the Family, A (1994) as Martha
Parents try to undermine their daughter's marriage, forcing their son-in-law to make a difficult choice.
Yarn Princess, The (1994) as Esther
Despite being born developmentally slow, a woman marries and raises a large, close-knit family. When her husband becomes incapacitated by illness, she wages a heroic court battle to prove her competence to retain custody of her children.
Secret Life of Houses, The (1993) as Aunt Fergie
Faced with her single mother's abrupt hospitalization, a nine-year-old girl decides to fend for herself by concealing her solitary existence from local authorities.
Mother's Revenge, A (1993) as Bess Jordan
A mother takes the law into her own hands by shooting her daughter's rapist in open court when he goes free on a technicality.
To Save a Child (1991) as Rinda Larson
A television movie pilot for an unsold ABC series. After a woman discovers that her husband and his family are members of a witches' coven, she escapes with her baby.
Shadow of a Doubt (1991) as Helen Potter
A television movie remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 thriller about a young girl who discovers that her uncle is the notorious "Merry Widow" serial killer.
Bump in the Night (1991) as Katie Leonard
A former investigative reporter battles the traumatic effects of alcohol withdrawal while desperately attempting to rescue her kidnapped young son from a child molester.
Prisoners (1984)
With Intent to Kill (1984) as Edna Reinecker
The outraged father whose daughter was killed while out with her hot-tempered high school jock boyfriend embarks on a crusade to put the young man behind bars following his release from a mental institution after copping an insanity plea. The psychological drama was filmed on location in Dallas.
Sender, The (1982) as Jerolyn
Endless Love (1981) as Anne Butterfield
The obssessive love between two teens leads to disaster.
Playing for Time (1980) as Frau Lagerfuhrerin Maria Mandel
Multi-award winning dramatization based on the memoirs of Fania Fenelon, a French Jew who became a member of a women's orchestra inside Auschwitz, playing music for their Nazi captors as well as for fellow inmates marching to their deaths. The controversial casting of Vanessa Redgrave, making her Am
Champions: A Love Story (1979) as Barbara Harlich
The story of two adolescents whose personal relationship blossoms and whose professional relationship matures as they attempt to reach their goal -- the national figure skating championships.
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) as Hannah Meredith
Rival salvage parties enter an upside down ocean liner in search of treasure.
Secrets (1978) as Beatrice
While a man is interviewing for a job, the wife is approached by a man who tells her that she looks like his deceased wife, and that afternoon they have an affair. That same afternoon her husband has an affair with his female interviewer.
Defection of Simas Kudirka, The (1978) as Genna Kudirka
A fact-based drama about the Lithuanian seaman who made an abortive attempt for freedom in 1970 by leaping from a Russian ship to the deck of an American Coast Guard cutter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Director David Lowell Rich and editor John A. Martinelli each received an Emmy Award for this fil
Return to Earth (1976) as Joan Aldrin
A dramatization of the true story of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin who, two years after his historic moon landing in 1969, suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment, ultimately losing his wife and children.
21 Hours At Munich (1976) as Annaliese Graes
A dramatization of the events surrounding the 1972 Olympics massacre when eight Arab terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes. A well-made, thoughtful film that had the dubious distinction of premiering opposite the initial TV showing of "Gone With the Wind," gathering virtually no audience, but re
Medical Story (1975) as Phyllis Lenahan
Paralleling the successful format of its sister show "Police Story", this pilot for the short-lived anthology series pits an idealistic intern against three established doctors over the question of whether a young actress should have a hysterectomy. Executive producer-writer Abby Mann was said to ha
Except For Thee And Me (1975) as Eliza Birdwell
A loving remake of William Wyler's 1956 film classic, with Kiley and Knight in the Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire roles as a Quaker couple who, when forced to a painful decision by their convictions, risk their lives to help a pair of runaway slaves.
Country Girl, The (1974) as Georgie Elgin
The story of three people: Frank Elgin, a matinee idol drowning in self-pity and alcohol; Georgie, his long-suffering wife; and Bernie Dodd, an ambitious film director.
Terror On the Britannic (1974)
Some unknown maniac is threatening a navigation company to blow up one of its luxury transatlantics, the "Britannic", now in high sea with 1200 passengers. He is asking for a 500,000 sterline pounds ransom, otherwise the 7 bombs aboard will explode. An experienced anti-bomb squad is sent to the "Britannic", but although all the bombs are located, a very high skill level will be necessary to dismantle them. Perhaps that task is impossible...
Juggernaut (1974) as Mrs Banister
Two demolitions experts race the clock to find and disarm a set of bombs placed on an ocean liner at sea.
The Rain People (1969) as Natalie Ravenna
A housewife who feels trapped leaves home and takes up with a hitchhiker.
The Counterfeit Killer (1968) as Angie Peterson
Petulia (1968) as Polo
A married doctor falls for the young wife of an abusive rich man.
Dutchman (1966) as Lula
Adaptation of LeRoi Jones' play takes place in a subway cer where a sluttish, red-necked, white woman passenger goes to heads with a young, black male passenger.
The Group (1966) as Polly Andrews
Eight friends from a women''''s college fight for happiness during the Great Depression.
Flight From Ashiya (1964) as Caroline Gordon
A rescue service goes after a sinking cargo ship off the Japanese coast.
The Couch (1962) as Terry
Grant Williams, Shirley Knight, Onslow Stevens, William Leslie, Anne Helm. While being treated by a psychiatrist, a homicidal maniac continues to display disturbing and murderous behavior on the streets of Los Angeles.
House of Women (1962) as Erica Hayden
A young woman is wrongly implicated in a crime and sent to prison for five years.
Sweet Bird of Youth (1962) as Heavenly Finley
A young gigolo returns to his southern hometown in search of the lost love of his youth.
Ice Palace (1960) as Grace Kennedy, age 16
A money-hungry white man tries to plunder post-World War I Alaska for all that he can, but goes up against a local fisherman who resents his ways, and they battle it out up until Alaska becomes a State.
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960) as Reenie Flood
Changing times create sexual tensions among members of a small-town family in the ''''20s.
Five Gates to Hell (1959) as Sister Marie [Phillips]

Cast (special)

Intimate Portrait: Brooke Shields (2001) as Interviewee
Portrait of actress Brooke Shields.
47th Annual Emmy Awards (1995) as Presenter
Live telecast of the 47th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.
Hogg's Heaven (1992) as William'S Mother
A struggling poet decides to reevaluate his parents when he wins a prize for a poem harshly critical of them.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Ghost Cat (2003) as Mrs. Ashboro
Wedding, The (1998) as Gram
The wedding of Shelby, the daughter of a prominent African-American family, and Meade, a white jazz musician, sets off an explosion of racial pride and family secrets in a wealthy African-American community on Martha's Vineyard in 1953. Shelby's grandmother supports the marriage because she wishes t
If These Walls Could Talk (1996) as Mary Donnelly ("1952")
Focuses on the lives of three pregnant women, each living in the same home during different decades (1952, 1974 and 1996), and how they each deal with their unplanned pregnancies.
Dad, the Angel & Me (1995) as Betty
Children of the Dust (1995) as Aunt Bertha
Set in the West of the 1880s, a half-black, half-Cherokee gunslinger leads a wagon train of freed slaves on a dangerous journey to start new lives in the Oklahoma Territory. Even with their newfound freedom, however, they cannot escape the evils of racism.
When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn (1993) as Edna Larson
A two-part miniseries based on the true story of a Vietnam veteran who became a killer-for-hire in 1985.
Billionaire Boys Club (1987) as Mrs Hunt
A miniseries about the Billionaire Boys Club, consisting of wealthy young investment partners led by Joe Hunt, who was convicted of murdering a fellow investor whom Hunt felt had swindled him.

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