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Bruno Kirby

Bruno Kirby


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: April 28, 1948 Cause of Death: complications from leukemia
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Played (2007)
Out of prison after taking the fall for a heist gone wrong, thief-for-hire Ray Burns is back on the streets and looking to settle the score with the dirty cop that set him up. As he tries to make up for lost time with his long-suffering girlfriend Maggie, Ray takes a job tracking down an incriminati
Helter Skelter (2004) as Vincent Bugliosi
An adaptation of former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's book of the same name, focusing on the life and personality of Charles Manson and how he got people to commit the murders that eventually landed him in prison.
Stuart Little (1999) as Voice Of Mr Stout
A little guy with a big heart (not to mention whiskers, a little pink nose and a really dapper wardrobe), Stuart searches for a sense of belonging and a place to call home in a decidedly supersized world. When he''s adopted by the Littles, a human family, he embarks on adventures with a variety of characters--including his nemesis, family cat Snowbell--and learns the family, loyalty and friendship. The Littles, in the meantime, discover there is a little "Stuart" in all of us--the spunk, spirit and courage to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams despite the odds.
Slipping Down Life, A (1999) as Kiddie Arcades Manager
Evie Decker is a painfully timid young woman whose monotonous life consists of living with her reclusive widower father and working a dead-end job at a rundown amusement park. Evie's quiet existence is shattered when she hears a late-night radio interview with a struggling musician named Drumstrings
Spy Games (1999) as Max
The romance bewteen Harry, a seasoned CIA vet and Natasha, a beautiful SRV (KGB) agent trying to make a name for herself, gets even trickier when a pornographic videotape containing confidential U.S. satellite codes falls into the wrong hands.
Looking for an Echo (1998)
Sixties doo-wop singer Vince, of Vinnie and the Dreamers fame, gave up his singing career 30 years ago to raise a family in Brooklyn. His wife now dead and his children growing up, Vince is forced to confront his past when his son Anthony starts his own rock 'n' roll band. Adding to his stress, Vinc
Donnie Brasco (1997) as Nicky
In the 1970s, FBI undecover agent Joe Pistone infiltrates the mob, leaving his family behind and assuming the false persona of the jewel man Donnie Brasco. His assignment: to become a trusted insider with the infamous Bonanno family by gaining the confidence of a low-level gangster. Lefty Ruggiero is an aging, two-bit hit-man who sees a new future for himself with the smart, young thief Donnie Brasco and enlists him as his protege. Together the two men enter into a camaraderie that will not allow either one to distance himself emotionally. Meanwhile, Donnie begins to get lost in the distance between his real and undercover selves. As Donnie moves deeper and deeper into the Mafia chain of command, he realizes he is not only losing the line between federal agent and criminal, between who he pretends to be and who he actually is, he is also leading Lefty, his closest friend, to an almost certain death sentence.
Sleepers (1996) as Shakes' Father
Church of the Holy Angels and its grammar school were the center of Hell''s Kitchen in the 1960s--a place of refuge for many neighborhood kids from troubled homes. Father Bobby had his favorites--among them were Lorenzo and his pals, Michael, John, and Tommy. Because their blue-collar, hardworking parents were more often fighting than not, the four boys formed a kind of family of their own. Then, one boring summer day, a street prank gone dangerously awry resulted in the quartet being sent to the Wilkinson Home for Boys in upstate New York where they were tortured, abused and raped under the leadership of a sadistic guard named Sean Nokes. A decade and a half later, nothing can erase their painful memories, but the lessons of Hell''s Kitchen allow them to even the score of the terrible hand that Fate had dealt them. In their shocking retaliation, they are daringly aided by Father Bobby and an aging, shadowy mob figure, both of whom have known the four boys since their childhoods.
Basketball Diaries, The (1995) as Swifty
An autobiographical account of poet and rock musician Jim Carroll's delinquent high school years, during which he excelled playing basketball for a boy's club team, meanwhile hustling to support his growing heroin addiction.
Golden Gate (1993) as Ron Pirelli
Set from the Cold War in the 1950s to the 1970s, the story concerns the FBI's attempts to expose Chinese-American communist infiltrators and the love affair between an FBI agent and a Chinese-American woman whose father he wronged.
Mastergate (1992) as Abel Lamb
An adaptation of Larry Gelbart's play about the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings in 1973-74. In this political satire, it is alleged that government functionaries used a Hollywood studio to funnel money to right-wing guerrillas.
City Slickers (1991) as Ed Furillo
The story of three men turning 40 who go on a Montana cattle drive.
The Freshman (1990) as Victor Ray
A young film student gets mixed up with the mob when his possessions are stolen.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989) as Jess
A man and a woman turn a feud into a lasting friendship, until love threatens to ruin everything.
We're No Angels (1989) as Deputy
Remake of the play and 1955 film, this time set in 1935. Two AWOL prisoners throw on the robes of Catholic priests to evade the authorities long enough to escape into Canada, but get caught up in even more trouble with church problems and a lovely young woman.
Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (1989) as Kyle Deforest
An English coal miner gives up his job and girl to join an amateur show that will tour in the United States.
In Crowd, The (1988) as Norris
Teenage nostalgia film about the television dance shows of the 1960s, like Dick Clark's "Bandstand".
Tin Men (1987) as Mouse
Two competing aluminum-siding salesmen try to outsmart each other in the name of revenge.
Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) as Lieutenant Steven Hauk
In this true story, a military DJ in Vietnam risks his career to broadcast the truth.
Flesh and Blood (1985) as Orbec
Promised to a nobleman's son, virginal Princess Agnes is carried off by a gang of mercenaries who had been betrayed by his father. She soon allies herself with their leader but her true allegiances remain suspect. Has she really given herself over to him? Or does she feel some kind of commitment to Burlinson, who she had met just before she was kidnapped? When Burlinson pursues the gang, is captured by them, and the bubonic plague starts raging, she's forced to make some choices.
This Is Spinal Tap (1984) as Tommy Pischedda
A filmmaker documents the history of Spinal Tap, the world''''s loudest rock band.
Birdy (1984) as Renaldi
A wounded Vietnam veteran tries to help a shell-shocked friend who believes he''''s a bird.
Million Dollar Infield (1982) as Lou Buonomato
Rob Reiner co-produced and co-wrote this affectionate, semi-autobiographical comedy and stars as third baseman Monte Miller, an affluent Long Island suburbanite who finds his life, and those of three buddies, revolving around their softball team at the expense of their crumbling marriages.
Modern Romance (1981) as Jay
A film editor's neuroses complicate his love life.
Where the Buffalo Roam (1980) as Marty Lewis
A series of episodes from the career of counterculture, "gonzo" journalist Hunter S. Thompson are recounted. The stories, which may be fact or fiction, include Thompson and his attorney picking up and frightening a hitchhiker, and Thompson alone in a rest room with Richard Nixon.
Borderline (1980) as Jimmy Fante
Jeb Maynard is a border patrol agent who is working to prevent illegal aliens from entering the United States from Mexico. He is in pursuit of the "coyote" Hotchkiss, who smuggles people in for big money and with no regard for their safety. While working on the case, Jeb becomes attracted an illegal alien named Elena who was brought into the U.S. by Hotchkiss and agrees to lead Jeb to him. And as Jeb works with Elena, he becomes more and more sympathetic to her and her son who desperately desire a better life than the one they had in Mexico.
Some Kind Of Miracle (1979) as Frank Smiles
A drama about the emotional and physical shock faced by a TV newscaster and his fiancee, a newspaper reporter, following a surfing accident which paralyzes him and puts him in a wheelchair for life.
Almost Summer (1978) as Bobby Devito
Between The Lines (1977) as David Entwhistle
The staff of a small, alternative newspaper in Boston consists of Harry, an ambitious reporter who is involved with the paper's photographer Abbie; Michael, a writer who is working on a novel; Max, the paper's rock critic who uses his job to meet women; and Lynn, the typist and mother figure of the
Godfather, Part II, The (1974) as Young Clemenza
Continuing saga of the Corleone family as they move to Nevada and make the casino business their major income source under the leadership of the increasingly paranoid and malevolent Michael, whose reign as the "Don" is juxtaposed against the parallel tale of his father''s escape from Sicily as a young boy and his subsequent rise to power in New York''s Lower East Side during the turn-of-the-century.
Superdad (1974) as Stanley
Charlie McCready is a worried father. His daughter, Wendy will be attending college in the fall, and he feels the crowd she's hanging out with has no ambition, especially her boyfriend, Bart. He knows that Wendy's friends will all be attending the same college, so, he concocts a plan where Wendy will recieve a scholarship to a different college. This college being the same one where his wife attended. All goes as planned. Wendy attends Huttington and sees less of her old crowd. Soon Charlie's plan backfires, Wendy discovers her fathers scholarship plan and becomes rebellious. When she starts dating a hippie artist, Charlie realizes he has made a big mistake and must do something before Wendy goes too far.
Cinderella Liberty (1973) as Alcott
A lonely sailor falls in love with a single mother during an extended liberty.
Summer Without Boys, A (1973) as Quincy
A middle-aged woman, suffering through the final moments of a dissolving marriage in the early 1940s, tries to get away from it all at a summer lodge where she finds that she is her daughter's rival for the attentions of the handsome handyman.
Harrad Experiment, The (1973) as Harry
Harrad College was created as an experiment in pre-marital sex, which is overseen by Professor Philip Tenhausen and his wife Margaret. The school pairs male and female students for a month, who are then free to change partners once a month if they choose to do so. Shy Sheila is initially paired with a cocky boy named Stanley, and the outgoing and sexy Beth is matched up with an awkward boy named Harry. These seemingly unfortunate pairings create tension and jealousy among the students, whose reactions are discussed in group sessions led by the professor and his wife.
All My Darling Daughters (1972) as Anthony Stephanelli
This plotline for this unsuccessful pilot involves a judge with four daughters, four prospective sons-in-law, and four weddings scheduled for the same day. Subsequently much of the cast was reassembled for a sequel entitled "My Darling Daughter's Anniversary."

Cast (special)

Bobby Darin: I Want to Be a Legend (2001) as Narration
Profile of singer Bobby Darin.
Show Formerly Known as the Martin Short Show, The (1995)
Late night, sketch/variety comedy special starring comedian Martin Short.
Trap, The (1991)
A man involves his wife and brother in a scheme to fake his own death and collect on an insurance policy.
Run, Don't Walk (1982) as Official
Following a fall from a horse, 18-year-old Samantha Anderson discovers that she is paralized from the waist down. After spending a year in a special school to help her resume a normal life, Samantha refuses to admit to herself that she will always be in a wheelchair. The story relates the changes

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

American Tragedy (2000) as Barry Scheck
An account of O.J. Simpson's legal team in the "trial of the century."

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: An Animated Special from the Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Series (1999) as Voice Of The Great One
Animated musical version with a feminist twist of the classic tale, "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves." Ali Baba is a charitable wise girl who lives in the desert with her grandmother and her selfish brother. She outsmarts the Great One and his forty thieves.

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