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Also Known As: Died: March 5, 1999
Born: March 31, 1922 Cause of Death: myleodysplasia
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Blue Moon (1999) as Jimmy Keating
Movie based on Luanne Rice's novel "Blue Moon." Cass and Billy Medieros and their three children have been happy living near Cass' family, the Keatings, in an old Eastern seaboard fishing village. Cass manages her father Jimmy's restaurant and Billy captains one of the Keating fishing boats. A rift
Patch Adams (1998) as Dr Titan
Hunter "Patch" Adams was criticized in his official medical school record for "excessive happiness" and was once told by a faculty advisor, "If you want to be a clown, join a circus." Patch did, in fact, want to be a clown. But he also wanted to be a physician. Combining vastly different sides of hi
Time to Say Goodbye? (1997) as Gerry Klooster
Dr. Gerry Klooster is devastated when he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He informs his wife Ruth that he would like her to assist him in committing suicide when the disease progresses to the point where he can no longer make decisions for himself. Because she loves her husband, Ruth decides
Mary & Tim (1996) as Ron Melville
Mary, a widow in her 40s, has created a satisfactory life for herself since the death of her husband some years before. Her world is turned upside down when she hires Tim, a handsome but mentally challenged young man, to be her gardener. As the two develop special feelings for each other, Mary is fa
Phenomenon (1996) as Dr Wellin
Everybody in the small town of Harmon knows George Malley as a nice guy, a good auto mechanic, and a dependable friend. But on his 37th birthday George begins to change. As a result of an extraordinary occurrence, George''s seemingly unremarkable life takes a mystifying and wonderous turn. George has a sudden insatiable appetite for learning, and begins to comprehend the beauty and intelligence of the universe. Suspicious about the new-found power of George''s mind, and apprehensive of the riddle he has become, George''s life-long friends begin to turn away from him. But with the love and support of the cautious, yet caring, Lace, George is able to see the larger picture of his place in the scheme of things, and to trust the remarkable path of his life.
Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime, The (1996) as Frank Dougherty
Detective Jim Rockford rekindles an old love affair with a blind woman and tries to protect her cousin from the Russian underworld.
Visual Bible: The Gospel According to Matthew, The (1996)
An adaptation of the life of Matthew as chronicled in his Gospel.
Secrets (1995) as Will Berter
A ruthless woman, tormented by her own painful childhood, tears her family apart with lies and deceit when she callously takes another woman's baby. Set in 1910 small-town America.
Passion For Justice: The Hazel Brannon Smith Story, A (1994) as Earl Clayburn
The story of Hazel Brannon Smith, a Southern newspaper publisher who risked the loss of everything she loved by defying the bigotry of her neighbors in the 1950s.
Cosby Mysteries, The (1994) as Sears Cushing
A retired criminologist and specialist in forensics is lured out of retirement by a detective in the New York City Police Department to help solve a complex crime.
Jurassic Park (1993) as Jurassic Park Tour Voice
Eccentric millionaire John Hammond has invited three dinosaur experts see his new amusement park before it opens. The park is on an island off Costa Rica and is populated by actual, living dinosaurs Hammond has created using DNA harvested from pre-historic insects. The scientists are joined by Hammond''s two grandchildren during their preview of the park and the group is enjoying the tour in their computer-controlled cars until a storm knocks out power on the island. A park employee who wants to steal some of the dinosaur embryos takes advantage of the situation and sabotages the system, inadvertently causing the gigantic beasts to go on a rampage and forcing all the humans on the island to flee for their lives.
Mastergate (1992) as Senator Bowman
An adaptation of Larry Gelbart's play about the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings in 1973-74. In this political satire, it is alleged that government functionaries used a Hollywood studio to funnel money to right-wing guerrillas.
Absolute Strangers (1991) as Dr R J Cannon
A husband struggles to keep his pregnant, comatose wife alive by deciding to allow the termination of her pregnancy. His decision faces vociferous legal and moral opposition, in a case that ultimately ends up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Based on a true story.
Gunsmoke: The Last Apache (1990) as Chalk Brighton
A television movie sequel based on the long-running CBS series, "Gunsmoke." Matt Dillon attempts to rescue his daughter, whom he has never seen, from her Apache captors.
William Holden: The Golden Boy (1989) as Narration
A documentary about the life and career of actor William Holden. Included are clips from many of his films as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues, as well as an interview with Holden himself.
Chameleon Street (1989) as Dr Hand
The story of a man who impersonated doctors, lawyers, athletes and other professionals, but had no real background in any of those fields.
Final Days, The (1989) as J Fred Buzhardt
A television movie based on the Woodward & Bernstein book depicting the final days of the Nixon administration. Spanning a period from April 1973 to August 1974, the film details Richard Nixon's attempts to block the investigation into the bungled burglary of Democratic Party headquarters in Washing
My First Love (1988) as Sam Morrissey
A widow thinks she's ready for a new romance with her high school sweetheart, a physician of considerable means. The only thing standing in the way of rekindling this first love is the presence of his very attractive, very together 37-year-old girlfriend.
Grace Kelly: The American Princess (1987) as Narration
A documentary tribute to Grace Kelly. This "Crazy About the Movies" presentation features film clips, home movies, and interviews with friends and colleagues.
Howard The Duck (1986) as Voice Of The Cosmos
Based on the cult comic, a fast-talking, cigar-chomping, beer-guzzling duck from a parallel universe somehow winds up in Cleveland.
Do You Remember Love (1985) as George Hollis
Acclaimed multi-award winning drama bout a vibrant woman stricken with Alzheimer's Disease while in her prime and the devastating effects on her life, on her loving husband, on her aging mother, and on her grown children. Emmy Award-winner as Outstanding Drama, it also won Emmys for Joanne Woodward
Bad Seed, The (1985) as Richard Bravo
This television remake of the 1954 Broadway stage hit and subsequent film two years later of Maxwell Anderson's play adapted from William March's tidy little horror novel (both starred Nancy Kelly as the horrified mother and Patty McCormack as the precious young daughter she discovers to be a murder
Pray TV (1982) as Reverend Gus Keiffer
A newly ordained minister accepts a summer job with a dynamic TV evangelist only to find deep conflicts between the latter's conventional activities servicing his community's spiritual needs and his power wielded as a television celebrity. A similarly titled theatrical feature dealt more light-heart
Isabel's Choice (1981) as Lyman Jones
When Richard Kiley, the boss she helped climb the corporate ladder, is forced into early retirement, Jean Stapleton, a widowed executive secretary, must choose between his surprise marriage proposal or new challenges and continuing her career by helping his successor (Peter Coyote) adjust to his com
Golden Gate (1981) as Thomas J Kingsley
A venerable San Francisco publishing family becomes embroiled in a bitter power struggle between the iron-fisted but ailing patriarch's son and a ruthless businessman who tries for a takeover. This splashy pilot is in the "Dallas-Dynasty-Falcon Crest" soap opera school.
Endless Love (1981) as Arthur Axelrod
The obssessive love between two teens leads to disaster.
Angel on My Shoulder (1980) as Nick
A small time Chicago hood, now deceased, gets a second chance at life by striking a bargain with the Devil by inhabiting -- and attempting to corrupt -- a totally honest politician. In this contemporary version of the 1946 fantasy-comedy that starred Paul Muni, Anne Baxter and Claude Rains, the comp
Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) as Mr Dunn
The singles scene takes its toll on a young teacher.
Macahans, The (1976) as Timothy Macahan; Timothy
A buckskin-clad mountain scout helps to move his parents, his brother and sister-in-law and their four children westward in 1860 ahead of the impending war.
Except For Thee And Me (1975) as Jess Birdwell
A loving remake of William Wyler's 1956 film classic, with Kiley and Knight in the Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire roles as a Quaker couple who, when forced to a painful decision by their convictions, risk their lives to help a pair of runaway slaves.
Little Prince, The (1974) as Pilot
Based on the story by Antoine deSaint-Exupery, this magical musical fable begins as a pilot (Richard Kiley) makes a forced landing on the barren Sahara Desert. He is befriended by a "little" prince from the planet Asteroid B-612. In the days that follow, the pilot learns of the small boy's history and planet-hopping journeys in which he met a King, a businessman, an historian, and a general. It isn't until he comes to Earth that the Little Prince learns the secrets of the importance of life from a Fox (Gene Wilder), a Snake (Bob Fosse), and the pilot.
Jigsaw (1972) as D A Dan Bellington
In this pilot for the 1972-73 series, a detective specializing in missing-persons cases finds himself accused of murder after being found unconscious in the apartment of a slain state official. Wainwright proved to be a rather unlikely though likeable TV series hero.
Murder Once Removed (1971) as Frank Manning
A deadly love triangle involves a scheming doctor who tries to inveigle his patient's wealthy wife to dump her husband for him, and together they hatch the perfect crime.
All the Way Home (1971) as Jay
A morbid tale of a man's fatal accident and the shattering grief shared by his expectant wife and six-year-old son.
a. k. a. Cassius Clay (1970) as Narrator
Documentary about the legendary boxing champion who risked his career for the civil rights movement.
Pendulum (1969) as Woodrow Wilson King
A decorated police captain soon finds the tables turned on him when he''s accused of murdering his wife.
Spanish Affair (1958) as Merritt Blake
Blackboard Jungle (1955) as Joshua Y. Edwards
An idealistic teacher confronts the realities of juvenile delinquency.
The Phenix City Story (1955) as John Patterson
A crusading lawyer takes on the corrupt machine running a Southern town.
Pickup on South Street (1953) as Joey
A petty thief accidentally steals a communist spy''''s purse.
The Sniper (1952) as Dr. James G. Kent
An unhappy man goes on a killing spree.
Eight Iron Men (1952) as Coke
A World War II squad tries to save a man trapped behind enemy lines.
The Mob (1951) as Tom Clancy
A police detective fakes a suspension so he can go undercover.

Music (feature film)

Jack and Jill (2011)
Jack Sadelstein is a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and kids, who dreads one event each year: the Thanksgiving visit of his identical twin sister Jill. Jill''s neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning his normally tranquil life upside down.

Cast (special)

Hugh Hefner: American Playboy Revisited (2001) as Narration
Profile of Hugh Hefner, publisher of one of the most controversial, groundbreaking magazines in America -- "Playboy." As "Playboy" and its founder head into the new millennium, Hefner looks back on nearly a half-century of unprecedented social change.
Lost Years of Jesus (2001) as Host
Documentary that examines why the Bible says nothing about Jesus for nearly 30 years of his life. Some scholars believe he traveled as far away as India and England. Others claim he was plotting a revolt against the Romans.
Heaven and Hell (2001) as Host
Documentary that examines Christian beliefs about the afterlife. The idea of Heaven and Hell has permeated Western culture for thousands of years. The program examines how these concepts evolved and how the Bible interprets eternal punishment and eternal salvation.
Scarlet Women of the Bible (2001) as Host
Documentary that about the Bible's more infamous females, including Jezebel, Delilah and Queen Athaliah, women who used their feminine powers to lead men into temptation. The program explores whether these women existed, or if they were allgories to teach important lessons about faith, charity and t
Grow Old Along With Me (1999) as Host
The program weaves interviews and personal commentary to help people of every generation see old age as a time of increased wisdom and peace of mind.
John Wayne: American Legend (1998) as Narration
Profile of actor John Wayne.
Loretta Young (1998) as Narration
Profile of actress Loretta Young.
Dragons of Galapagos, The (1998) as Narration
Documentary tells the story of the "dragons" of the Galapagos Archipelago. The lives of these giant lizards are intimately linked with the archipelago's most active volcano. The annual migration of the land iquanas is followed up the steep slopes of the volcano and into the steaming caldera where th
Three Minutes to Impact (1997) as Narration
Documentary in which astronomers reveal newly discovered craters and discuss the threat that comets and asteroids pose to Earth.
Sonoran Desert: A Violent Eden, The (1997) as Narration
Documentary exploring the vast diversity of animals and plants that survive the searing heat, arid climate and flash floods of the U.S. Sonoran desert.
Jimmy Stewart (1997) as Narration
Profile of actor James Stewart.
Wolves at Our Door (1997) as Narration
In a remote area of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains, Jim Dutcher, his wife Jamie and their crew study the elusive wolf. To gain access to a wolf pack, Dutcher built a natural enclosure for the wolves at the edge of wilderness and assembled a pack from five captive pups. They bonded with and observed the
Tigers of the Snow (1997) as Narration
Documentary examining the world of the Siberian tiger. Russian and American scientists are observed as they attempt to preserve the species of which only about 300 still exist, living in far eastern Russia.
Vincent Price: The Versatile Villain (1997) as Narration
Documentary on the life and career of actor Vincent Price, best known for horror film classics such as "House of Wax," "The Fly," and "The Pit and the Pendulum."
Henry Fonda: Hollywood's Quiet Hero (1997) as Narration
Biographical documentary of actor Henry Fonda.
Audrey Hepburn: The Fairest Lady (1997) as Narration
Biographical documentary of actress Audrey Hepburn.
Carol Burnett: Just to Have a Laugh (1996) as Narration
Biographical documentary of comedienne and actress Carol Burnett.
Cathedrals in the Sky (1996) as Narration
Examination of the work of three astronomers and their quest to find the origin of the universe. Also features three of the world's largest telescopes and how the research of astronomers using them has opened up startling new vistas -- the earliest traces of the cosmos.
Searching For Lost Worlds (1996) as Narration
Multi-part documentary chronicling some of the the most amazing archaeological and anthropological finds of the 20th Century -- the fossil treasures of the Gobi Desert, the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb, the search for the treasures of the Incan Kingdom in the Andes and the discovery of Machu Picc
Last Feast of the Crocodiles (1996) as Narration
Legendary filmmakers David and Carol Hughes document one unusually harsh season around the pools of Africa's Luvuvhu River, as a punishing drought draws some of the continent's most magnificent creatures closer together than usual. Shrinking pools provide relief for baboons, impala, elephants, lions
Paul Newman: Hollywood's Charming Rebel (1995) as Narration
Biographical documentary of actor Paul Newman. Includes film and television clips, newsreels, behind-the-scenes materials, auto-racing shots and interviews.
30 Years of National Geographic Specials (1995) as Narration
Special featuring highlights from 30 years of National Geographic television documentaries. Includes behind-the-scenes footage and never-before-seen outtakes.
Rod Serling: Submitted For Your Approval (1995) as Interviewee
Profile of Rod Serling, screenwriter and creator of the television series, "The Twilight Zone."
Steve Allen (1994) as Interviewee
Profile of Steve Allen -- pioneer of late-night television, songwriter, actor, and author.
Alaska's Bald Eagle: New Threats to Survival (1993) as Narration
Special chronicling a spectacular bald eagle phenomenon in southeastern Alaska.
Mysteries Underground (1992) as Narration
A special exploring underground caves.
Soul of Spain, The (1991) as Narration
A documentary on the variety of life in Spain.
Splendid Stones (1991) as Narration
A documentary on the mining, making, and marketing of gems.
Bali, Masterpiece of the Gods (1990) as Narration
A documentary that highlights the essence of Balinese life including its culture, religious beliefs, rituals and festivals. A presentation of "National Geographic Specials."
Cougar: Ghost of the Rockies (1990) as Narration
A documentary profiling a five-year old mountain lion and her newborn cubs, focusing on hunting behavior, motherly instincts and general life in the wild.
Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic (1990) as Narration
A special showcasing photographers who have worked for the National Geographic Society. The program will also focus on the creative processes that have inspired these photographers to produce some of their most celebrated works.
Hudson Chronicle (1990) as Narration
A documentary chronicling the history of the Hudson River, and some of the issues surrounding the river today, including environmental controversies.
Music By Richard Rodgers (1990)
A presentation of "Great Performances" in which Shirley Jones hosts a musical tribute to composer Richard Rodgers. This profile uses film clips and newly taped performances of musicals in which Rodgers collaborated.
Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic (1990) as Host
A special showcasing photographers who have worked for the National Geographic Society. The program will also focus on the creative processes that have inspired these photographers to produce some of their most celebrated works.
Search For Battleship Bismarck (1989) as Narration
A documentary depicting the discovery of the infamous World War II German battleship, "Bismarck," on June 8, 1989, at the bottom of the Atlantic 600 miles west of Brest, France. The discovery was made by explorer and oceanographer, Dr. Robert D. Ballard. Broadcast as part of the "National Geographic
Those Wonderful Dogs (1989) as Narration
A "National Geographic Specials" presentation which looks at the history of dogs and the role they play in hunting, war, herding, rescue efforts and helping the handicapped.
Evening With Alan Jay Lerner, An (1989)
Broadcast of a fund-raising gala honoring lyricist Alan Jay Lerner, taped from Lincoln Center in New York. Broadcast as a presentation of "Great Performances."
Australia's Twilight of the Dreamtime (1988) as Narration
A documentary exploring Australia's Gagudju, a group of Aborigines living in a remote northern corner of the country.
Why Did Johnny Kill? (1988) as Narration
An "America Undercover" documentary looking at seemingly normal teenagers who have committed murder. Featured are interviews with families and friends of the perpetrators and their victims as well as the killers themselves.
Cary Grant: The Leading Man (1988) as Narration
A documentary about the late film actor Cary Grant, featuring interviews with several of Grant's colleagues and clips from his classic films. A "Crazy About the Movies" presentation.
Geometry of Life (1988) as Narration
The fourth episode in the quarterly twelve-part science series, "The Infinite Voyage." This segment examines the stories behind the search to unlock the mysteries of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which determines the basic characteristics of every living organism on earth.
Mysteries of Mankind (1988) as Narration
A "National Geographic Specials" presentation exploring the mystery of the origins of the human race, taking viewers around the world and back millions of years in search of clues.
Transplant (1988) as Narration
A documentary exploring the controversial issue of organ transplants, a medical miracle with a high financial and emotional price. The special goes behind the scenes as doctors decide who will live and who wil die, and grieving families make the agonizing decision whether or not to donate loved one'
White Wolf (1988) as Narration
A documentary examining the behavior of the white arctic wolf.
Murder or Mercy: Five American Families (1988) as Narration
A documentary focusing on five families of terminally ill patients and how they deal with the decision to facilitate the death of a loved one or extend life at any cost.
Lerner & Loewe: Broadway's Last Romantics (1988) as Host
A documentary examining the work and relationship of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe, the lyricist and composer of such enduring musicals as "Brigadoon," "Paint Your Wagon," "My Fair Lady," "Camelot," "Gigi" and "The Little Prince." Included are film clips from all the Lerner and Lowe theatrical
Lions of the African Night (1987) as Narration
A documentary revealing the secrets of Africa's wildlife after dark. Focuses primarily on a pride of 30 lions who hunt their prey at night.
Treasures From the Past (1987) as Narration
Five examples of people who restore treasures from the recent past.
Blessings of Liberty, The (1987) as George Washington
A special tracing the evolution of the Constitution during its 200 years as the foundation of the laws and liberties in the United States. The program is telecast from the National Archives in Washington, and utilizes dramatic interpretation of Constitutional debates, arguments, letters, and pleadi
Day in the Life of America, A (1986) as Narration
A documentary portrait of one day in the life of the United States, lensed in numerous locations on the same day (5/2/86) throughout the country. The project took place during a 24-hour marathon with 23 documentary film crews and 100 professional still photographers at work. At the day's end, over 5
Creatures of the Mangrove (1986) as Narration
The "National Geographic Specials" documentary visits a tropical mangrove swamp on the tiny island Siarau, off the north coast of Borneo, to explore the teeming life that thrives there.
Forever Wild (1986) as Narration
A film that examines the largest designated wilderness area east of the Mississippi--the nearly three million acres of the New York State Forest Preserve. The source of pure water for millions of people and a playground unsurpassed in splendor and diversity, these regions of the Adirondacks and Cat
Water, Birth, the Planet Earth (1986) as Narration
A film that explores the essential bond between water and the evolution of life on this planet. The program reveals how life evolved from the sea and how, three and a half billion years later, life continues to depend on water.
40th Annual Tony Awards, The (1986)
The annual presentation of the American Theatre Wing's Antoinette Perry (or "Tony") Awards honoring excellence in the Broadway theater, broadcast live from the Minskoff Theatre in New York City. This year (1986) marks the twentieth time the Tony Awards have been presented on national television.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1986) as Colonel Grangerford
A adaptation of Mark Twain's classic tale of the adventures of the runaway boy, Huckleberry Finn.
Ballad of the Irish Horse (1985) as Narration
From sturdy ponies to elegant thoroughbreds, horses are an indelible part of Ireland's history, work, and play. This National Geographic Special takes a lavish, panoramic look at Irish horses and the people who ride them, train them, breed them, trade them, and -- most of all -- love them.
Canterville Ghost, The (1985) as Sir Simon De Canterville
An adaptation of Oscar Wilde's story about a ghost, walled up in a dungeon and left to die centuries ago for cowardice, who must prove his courage before being released from his haunting duties.
Those Fabulous Clowns (1984) as Narrator
A nostalgic look at the history of clowns--from real-life clowns to the vaudeville and movie comedians.
Those Fabulous Clowns (1984) as Host
A nostalgic look at the history of clowns--from real-life clowns to the vaudeville and movie comedians.
Verse Person Singular (1983)
An hour of first-person poetry performed by Richard Kiley as he assumes the personas of several legendary characters immortalized in well-known poems.
Parade of Stars (1983) as Guest
Celebrities perform in a benefit for the Actor's Fund Charity in a program that recalls vaudeville's golden age.
P.T. Barnum & His Human Oddities (1982) as Narration
The documentary chronicles the life and career of Phineas Taylor Barnum, the nineteenth-century impresario whose sideshow attractions and three-ring circus earned him the title "Greatest Showman on Earth."
Ceremony of Innocence (1970) as King Ethelred
Indemnity (1958) as Paul Scott
The exploits of Paul Scott, an insurance company investigator. In the pilot episode, Scott attempts to recover $275,000 stolen during an armored car robbery.

Music (special)

Music By Richard Rodgers (1990) as Song Performer ("The Sweetest Sounds")
A presentation of "Great Performances" in which Shirley Jones hosts a musical tribute to composer Richard Rodgers. This profile uses film clips and newly taped performances of musicals in which Rodgers collaborated.
Evening With Alan Jay Lerner, An (1989) as Song Performer ("They Call The Wind Maria")
Broadcast of a fund-raising gala honoring lyricist Alan Jay Lerner, taped from Lincoln Center in New York. Broadcast as a presentation of "Great Performances."
Verse Person Singular (1983) as Theme Music
An hour of first-person poetry performed by Richard Kiley as he assumes the personas of several legendary characters immortalized in well-known poems.

Misc. Crew (special)

Verse Person Singular (1983) as Conception
An hour of first-person poetry performed by Richard Kiley as he assumes the personas of several legendary characters immortalized in well-known poems.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Separate but Equal (1991) as Chief Justice Earl Warren
A two-part miniseries. Dramatizes the events leading up to the 1954 Supreme Court decision on school desegregation, "Brown vs. Board of Education."
If Tomorrow Comes (1986) as Gunther Hartog
Madolyn Smith and Tom Berenger are a pair of romantically entwined international jewel thieves in this slickly produced three-part adaptation by Carmen Culver of Sidney Sheldon's best-selling novel, filmed in Los Angeles, New Orleans, London, Nice, Cannes, Cap Ferrat and Amsterdam. Richard Kiley is
Year in the Life, A (1986) as Joe Gardner
A three-part miniseries that traces the lives and relationships of the Gardners, a middle-class suburban American family, over the course of one year from Christmas to Christmas. The series is a pilot for 1987-88 drama series also starring Richard Kiley.
George Washington (1984) as George Mason
A sweeping eight-hour, three-part miniseries chronicling the life of Washington from ages 11 to 51, beginning just after the death of his father in 1743 and taking him through his journeyman days as a young surveyor, his hidden love for Sally Fairfax, the wife of his best friend, his marriage to wid

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

A.D. (1985) as Claudius
The plot of this miniseries picks up where NBC's 1977 miniseries, "Jesus of Nazareth," left off. Recreating the years following the death of Christ, the narrative depicts the opulence and decadence of Imperial Rome pitted against the activities of a determined group of Judeo-Christians armed only wi

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