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Claudia Harris

Claudia Harris


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Publicity (feature film)

The Portrait (1993)
A young artist deals with her parents'''' aging when she comes home to paint them.
Foreign Affairs (1993)
A cynical professor and a brash Oklahoma engineer begin an unlikely romance.
Grand Isle (1992)
A movie based on Kate Chopin's novel, "The Awakening." An unhappily married woman discovers love with a younger man during a summer spent on the Louisiana coast circa 1900.
Railway Station Man (1992)
The chance encounter of a middle-aged widow with an eccentric American recluse disrupts her solitary artist''s life. The political conflicts in Ireland threaten their quiet existence in a remote coastal village.
T-Bone N Weasel (1992)
Two unassuming, less-than-adept ex-cons encounter humorous calamities and outrageous characters while trying to survive in the world.
MGM: When the Lion Roars (1992) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
A three-part documentary series exploring the history of MGM Studios.
Fonda On Fonda (1992) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
Jane Fonda recalls her father Henry's career as a star of stage and screen.
Duel of Hearts (1992)
A television movie, set in 1821, about a London debutante and her determination to save the man she loves from his evil cousin.
Crazy In Love (1992)
Three generations of women live on an island hideaway in Puget Sound.
Memphis (1992)
A television movie based on Shelby Foote's novel, "September, September." Set in the 1950s, drifters kidnap a wealthy black businessman's grandson. One of them develops a maternal bond with the little boy.
Four Eyes And Six Guns (1992)
An optometrist in the Old West joins Marshal Wyatt Earp in a gunfight with the infamous Doom brothers.
Christmas In Connecticut (TNT) (1992)
A successful television personality with a weekly series on cooking, marriage and homemaking, is basically ignorant on all three subjects. In order to boost her ratings, she entertains a national hero on a live television special on Christmas Day. Her conniving producer sets her up with a country estate, an instant family and a homemade Christmas dinner.
Barbara Stanwyck: Fire And Desire (1991) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
Barbara Stanwyck''''s multi-faceted career reveals uncanny reflections of her off-screen life.
Conagher (1991)
A television movie based on the Louis L''Amour novel "Conagher." A cowboy drifts in and out of the lives of a woman and her two stepchildren who operate a rest stop for stage coach passengers.
Dead On The Money (1991)
An actress is persuaded by a charming man to join him in a scheme of revenge against his cousin.
Never Forget (1991)
An Auschwitz concentration camp survivor brings a group of Nazi apologists to court when it challenged the authenticity of the Holocaust.
Chernobyl: The Final Warning (1991)
The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the USSR interweaves the stories of a fireman at the nuclear power plant, his pregnant wife, the government officials whose policies helped and hindered rescue efforts and America's Dr. Robert Gale, who led the international medical team that helped treat the survivors.
Which Way Home (1991)
A courageous nurse sets out with seven young orphans on an epic journey after the fall of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from a Thai refugee camp to freedom in Australia.
Ironclads (1991)
The Civil War confrontation between the warships Monitor and Merrimack. A woman helps a Union soldier infiltrate the Confederate Army and learn important secrets regarding the firepower of the Merrimack for the designer of the rival battleship.
Final Verdict (1991)
Set in pre-World War I Los Angeles when she was a child, St. Johns recalls the special relationship she had with her father, a famous defense lawyer and his involvement in two sensational court cases.
Crazy From The Heart (1991)
A conservative high-school principal enters into a relationship a Mexican janitor.
Myrna Loy: So Nice To Come Home To (1991) as Publicist (Tnt)
Kathleen Turner hosts this retrospective look at Loy''''s career.
Miracle In The Wilderness (1991)
Based on a novella by Paul Gallico in which the story of the first Christmas is miraculously re-created. Set in the Old West, a frontier family is captured by an Indian tribe.
Crucifer Of Blood (1991)
British detective Sherlock Holmes seeks a man who has disappeared, leaving behind a piece of an old map bearing a cross made in human blood.
Kisses (1991) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
A special focusing on the history of the on-screen kiss.
Heat Wave (1990)
A television movie about the 1965 riots in the Watts section of Los Angeles. Recreates the experiences of Bob Richardson, a young Los Angeles Times messenger who covered the riots and subsequently became the paper''s first African-American reporter.
Ivory Hunters, The (1990)
A photographer who is sent to Kenya to photograph elephants mysteriously disappears. Her friend discovers she has been killed by poachers and he plots to infiltrate the international organization of ivory traffickers and bring the killers to justice.
Rising Son (1990)
A father is forced to re-examine his relationship with his son while facing a major crisis of his own. The young man returns home from college to heated tensions with his father, who may lose his job when the local factory unexpectedly announces cutbacks.
Vivien Leigh: Scarlett And Beyond (1990) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
Interviews and rare film clips trace the troubled career of one of the screen''''s most beautiful actresses. Hosted by Jessica Lange.
Treasure Island (1990)
A television movie based on Robert Louis Stevenson''s adventure novel "Treasure Island." Pirate Captain Billy Bones leaves a young innkeeper''s son, Jim Hawkins, a map indicating the location of a priceless treasure. Joining with his friends, Doctor Livesey and Squire Trelawney, Jim sets sail for the Caribbean in search of the treasure. But they do not realize that the ship''s crew has been replaced by a band of cutthroats under the leadership of the infamous pirate Long John Silver.
Secret Life Of Ian Fleming, The (1990)
A television movie based on the adventures of Ian Fleming, the suave secret agent who drew on his own true-life experiences to write 14 James Bond novels and provide the foundation for 16 Bond movies.
What's Up Doc?: A Salute to Bugs Bunny (Do Not Use) (1990) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
This delightful collection of cartoons feature ten classic stories. This fiftieth anniversary video is highlighted by rare, behind the scenes footage from the animators.
Max And Helen (1990)
Two lovers who survive the Nazi death camps are separated in the aftermath of World War II. After 20 years, they are reunited, but a terrible secret from the past threatens to destroy them.
Forgotten Prisoners: The Amnesty Files (1990)
A lawyer representing Amnesty International tries to find the whereabouts and condition of 17 political prisoners detained in a country known for its systematic torture of prisoners.
Lost Capone, The (1990)
The fictionalized account of the life of Jimmy Capone, brother of crime boss Al Capone. After disappearing for ten years, Jimmy re-emerges with a new identity as a lawman with an assignment to bring in his own brother.
Rose And The Jackal, The (1990)
A movie based on two actual Civil War figures. Allan Pinkerton is determined to carry out his responsibilities as head of the Secret Service during the Civil War despite his love for Rose O''Neal Greenhow, a beautiful and aristocratic Southerner who is passing Union information and supplies to the Confederate army.
Orpheus Descending (1990)
A drifter in Mississippi brings new life to an Italian immigrant woman trapped in a loveless marriage.
Ghost In Monte Carlo, A (1990)
Mistral, a beautiful girl on the edge of adulthood, leaves the convent in which she was raised to live with her Aunt Emilie, unaware her aunt is a ruthless manipulator who will use anyone to get what she wants. Mistral is quickly enmeshed in a vicious plot of revenge.
Dinner At Eight (1989)
Based on the George S. Kaufman-Edna Ferber play and the 1933 MGM screenplay of the same title. Individuals from various strata of New York society are invited to a dinner party. A rash of cancellations and unexpected events turn the soiree into a disaster.
With Orson Welles: Stories From A Life (1989) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
A documentary that chronicles the career of Orson Welles. The program includes film clips and interviews with several celebrities who knew him.
Incident At Dark River (1989)
A man's daughter dies as a result of toxic waste dumping. His determination to uncover the truth causes him to be maligned in the press, attacked by the powerful management of the town's only factory and estranged from his wife.
Uncut Gem (1989)
A gang of robbers take an innocent hostage. The situation becomes complicated when one of the robbers falls in love with her.
Breaking Point (1989)
A U.S. army officer is captured by the Nazis and made to believe World War II is over so they can persuade him to divulge the secret plans for the Allied invasion of Normandy.

Publicity (special)

Trials of Life, The (1991) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
A twelve-part documentary series examining animal behavior. Two one-hour episodes air each day and focus on strategies that animals have developed in order to survive.
Legacy (1990) as Publicist (Tbs)
A Black History Month special, uniting four African-American leaders, well-known for exceptional work in their fields, with four up-and-coming young people in their respective fields.
Festival at Ford's Theatre: The Stars Salute the President, A (1990) as Publicist (Tbs/New York)
A variety special performed from Ford's Theatre in Washington, with President George Bush, members of the Cabinet, and Congressional leaders in attendance.
30 Years Of Andy: Mayberry Reunion, A (1990) as Publicist (Tbs/New York)
A special in which series star Don Knotts and other cast members share stories about "The Andy Griffith Show" on its 30th anniversary. Also included in the special are trivia questions and five episodes from the series.
America's Choice Awards (1990) as Publicist (Tbs/New York)
A special honoring the most popular cable programming of the past year as determined by a poll conducted in "The Cable Guide" in December 1989.
Place of Skulls, A (1990) as Publicist (Tbs)
A documentary focusing on two opposing military groups in Zimbabwe, one that practices elephant poaching and the other which is trying to protect the elephants by armed confrontations with the poachers.
Hanna-Barbera 50th Anniversary Special (1989) as Publicist (Tbs/New York)
A special celebrating animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's 50th anniversary. The program features cartoon footage of the team's best-loved characters from the past fifty years, including Yogi Bear, Tom & Jerry and the Flintstones as well as their latest animated creations. Hollywood celebrit

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Young Catherine (1991)
The wife of the Russian tsar fights to protect herself from palace intrigue and revolution.
Iran: Days of Crisis (1991)
A miniseries depicting the 1979-80 hostage crisis, in which 53 Americans spent 444 days imprisoned in Tehran by militant Iranians.
Bangkok Hilton (1990)
A two-part, six-hour miniseries. A young woman on her way to Thailand with her new boyfriend discovers she has been used as a drug courier. While going through airport customs she is arrested for cocaine trafficking and held in prison.
Nightmare Years, The (1989)
A four-part miniseries based on journalist William L. Shirer's autobiography recollecting his days as a foreign correspondent in Nazi Germany.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Season of Giants, A (1991)
Set in Rome and Florence from 1492 to 1508, this miniseries dramatizes the life of Michelangelo and his interaction with two other great Renaissance artists, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Dr. Seuss' Butter Battle Book (1989) as Publicist (Tnt/New York)
An animated special based on Dr. Seuss' "The Butter Battle Book," which tells the story of an ongoing war between the Zooks and the Yooks over which side their bread should be buttered on.

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