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Cast (feature film)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) as Helicopter observer
A group of greedy clowns tears up the countryside in search of buried treasure.
The Wild Westerners (1962) as Hanna
Gunmen from Laredo (1959) as Dave Marlow
Rpbert Knapp, Jana Davi, Walter Coy, Paul Birch, Don C. Harvey, Clarence Straight, & X. Brands as Delgados. A corrupt saloon owner frames a rancher for the murder of his wife but Rosita, the Indian girl has the last laugh.
Buchanan Rides Alone (1958) as Lafe
Clever gunfighter tangles with a gleefully corrupt family over control of a border town.
I Married a Woman (1958) as Announcer
A neglected wife sets out to make her adman exec husband jealous.
Dino (1957) as Guard
Beginning of the End (1957) as Guard at lab
A reporter attempts to thwart the attack of giant radioactive grasshoppers.
Escapade in Japan (1957) as Mid-Pacific co-pilot
After his plane crashes in Tokyo, an American boy tries to find his way home.
Domino Kid (1957) as Murphy
Domino returns from the Civil War to find his ranch in ruins and his father murdered. Five men were responsible and four were identified. One by one Domino outdraws the four that were known, all being outlaws. There is only one left now. Domino does not know his identity but that man probably knows of Domino and his mission.
Written on the Wind (1957) as Taxi starter
A young woman marries into a corrupt oil family then falls for her husband''s best friend.
No Time to Be Young (1957) as Drive-in manager
(Dra '57,BW). Robert Vaughn, Roger Smith, Tom Pittman, Dorothy Green, Merry Anders, Kathy Nolan. Three teenager boys attempt to rob a supermarket resulting in the death of the store manager and dire consequences for the parties concerned. Several of the actors in this juvenile delinquent drama went on to become popular television stars - Robert Vaughn in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., Roger Smith in 77 SUNSET STRIP, and Kathy Nolan in THE REAL McCOYS.
Untamed Mistress (1957) as Kurran
The Unholy Wife (1957) as Rodeo announcer
An ambitious beauty marries a vintner, then falls for one of his workers.
The Square Jungle (1956) as Policeman
Grocery clerk Eddie Quaid, in danger of losing his father to alcoholism and his girl Julie through lack of career prospects, goes into boxing. His cop friend McBride finances him; ex-con Bernie Browne trains him. Three years later, he is a challenger for the championship, and Julie re-enters his life. Can she win him back from a predatory blonde? And why does the prospect of Eddie's winning worry Bernie more than his losing?
Jubal (1956) as Jim Tolliver
A rancher''s wife falls for a wandering cowhand.
The Bad Seed (1956) as State trooper
A woman suspects that her perfect little girl is a ruthless killer.
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado (1956) as Mac Gill
Howard Duff, Victor Jory, Maggie Mahoney, Angela Stevens, David Orrick, William Tannen. Retired gunslinger Howard Duff is forced to strap on his sidearms once more when cattle baron Victor Jory starts his strong arm tactics.
Come Next Spring (1956) as Jones, farmer
Matt Ballot has returned home after 12 years of hard drinking in all 48 states. His wife has managed to raise their 14 year daughter and 12 year old sun nicely without his help. Matt is considered a disgrace to the town he came from and now he finds himself trying to win the love of his children, his wife and the respect of the towns people. Set in Arkansaw in the 1920's.
The Werewolf (1956) as First deputy
A scientific experiment turns an innocent man into a bloodthirsty monster.
Toward the Unknown (1956) as Jerry, bartender at officer's club
A dishonored pilot who is no longer allowed to fly attempts to clear his name.
Dig That Uranium (1956) as Tex
The Bowery Boys battle crooks for control of a uranium mind out West.
Headline Hunters (1955) as Police officer
Creature with the Atom Brain (1955) as Lester Banning
A gangster enlists a mad Nazi scientist to create an army of atomic zombies.
Seven Angry Men (1955) as Ruffian
A fanatical abolitionist leads a personal war against slave owners in Kansas.
Wyoming Renegades (1955) as Ben Kilpatrick
Phil Carey, Gene Evans, Martha Hyer, William Bishop, Douglas Kennedy, Don Beddoe. Butch Cassidy tries to enlist former outlaw Phil Carey in his lawless gang but is thwarted by Carey's fiancee (Martha Hyer) and her task force of women sharpshooters. One of the minor villains is Aaron Spelling, who in 1960 was to launch himself to fame as the producer of Zane Grey Theatre and later as the idea man behind "Charlie's Angels".
Gang Busters (1955) as Detective Walsh
Hardened criminal repeatedly breaks out of Oregon State Prison, eluding police for prolonged periods afterwards.
The Scarlet Coat (1955) as Captain
An American officer goes undercover to unmask a Revolutionary War traitor.
Revenge of the Creature (1955) as Mac
The Creature from the Black Lagoon is back! This time he's captured by scientists and transported to an aquarium in south Florida. Naturally, he's attracted to the lovely female scientist and manages to escape and kidnap her, heading to Jacksonville, presumably to catch a Jaguars game.
Women's Prison (1955) as Capt. Tierney
A crusading psychiatrist battles a sadistic female warden to improve conditions at a women''s prison.
The Violent Men (1955) as Jackson
The wife of a crooked cattle baron plots his murder.
The Far Country (1955) as Tom Kane
Two cowboys on the road to Alaska help a wagon train in trouble.
Picnic (1955) as Policeman
A handsome drifter ignites passions at a small-town Labor Day picnic.
Apache Ambush (1955) as Tex McGuire
President Lincoln enlists an Indian scout to guard a cattle drive.
They Rode West (1954) as Trooper
A Cavalry doctor defies orders to treat Native Americans.
Johnny Dark (1954) as Announcer
Automobile engineer, Johnny Dark (Tony Curtis), designs a radical new car. When the owner refuses to sponsor the car in a Canada to Mexico Sports-car race, Johnny, with the aid of the owner's grand-daughter (Piper Laurie), steals the car and runs the race against the favored driver, his ex-buddie.
The Golden Idol (1954) as Graves
The Lost Idol of Watusi, a valuable archeological treasure, has come into the hands of Bomba (Johnny Sheffield). Murderous Arabian chieftain Ali Ben Mamoud (Paul Gulifoye) hires the equally unscrupulous soldier of fortune Joe Hawkins (Lane Bradford) to get the treasure. British museum scientist Karen Marsh (Anne Kimbell), Commissioner Barnes (Leonard Mudie), his number one boy Eli (Smoki Whitfield) and Ezekiel (James Adamson) are also seeking the Idol. Hawkins and his native henchman, Gomo (Roy Glenn), double-cross Mamoud and set out to get the treasure for themselves. Things go downhill for them after Bomba takes an active hand; he overpowers Hawkins in an underwater fight and Mamoud is drowned in the coils of a huge water snake. District policemen Reed (William Tannen) and Graves (Don Harvey) place the surviving plotters under arrest, and Bomba and his chimp Kimbbo fade away in the jungle as Barnes, Karen and Eli disappear by boat over the waters of Pongola Basin (played by Monogram's back lot).
Pushover (1954) as Peters
A police detective falls for the bank robber's girlfriend he is supposed to be tailing.
Prince of Pirates (1953) as Koepke
A prince fights to free his people from his older brother''s oppressive rule.
The Glass Web (1953) as
The ice-cold diva Paula ruthlessly exploits the guys she dates. While blackmailing the married Don with a recent one-night-stand, she has a secret affair with Henry, who works as researcher for the weekly authentic TV show "Crime of the Week", which Don writes for. When Henry fails to help her to a role, she insults him deadly... and ends up dead herself. Now Don desperately tries to hide his traces, but Henry sabotages his efforts and suggests he write the unsolved murder case for next week's show...
The Glass Web (1953) as Policeman
The ice-cold diva Paula ruthlessly exploits the guys she dates. While blackmailing the married Don with a recent one-night-stand, she has a secret affair with Henry, who works as researcher for the weekly authentic TV show "Crime of the Week", which Don writes for. When Henry fails to help her to a role, she insults him deadly... and ends up dead herself. Now Don desperately tries to hide his traces, but Henry sabotages his efforts and suggests he write the unsolved murder case for next week's show...
Blackhawk (1952)
Based on a successful comic book that began in 1941, the Blackhawks were seven flyers who banded together during WW II to fight the Nazis. After the war, they continued to fight evil where ever they find it. In this movie, they are battling a group of spies and saboteurs bent on destroying democracy. The Blackhawks foil a succession of plots, with a cliff hanger ending in each episode.
The Old West (1952) as Hod Evers
Doc Lockwood and his gang are trying to take away Autry's contract for supplying horses to the stagecoach line. Parson Brooks joins Autry in an effort to clean up the town of Sadderlock.
Operation Secret (1952) as Guard
Cornel Wilde, Steve Cochran, Phyllis Thaxter, Karl Malden, Paul Picerni, Lester Matthews, Dan O'Herlihy, Jay Novello, Robert Shaw. After assisting the French Underground during WWII, American Officer Cornel Wilde is later accused of murder and subversive activities by former colleagues. Based on the actual exploits of Lieutenant Colonel Peter Ortiz.
Indian Uprising (1952) as Taggert's man
It's 1885 in Arizona and an Army Captain has dispersed his troops to keep the whites off of Government land thereby keeping the peace with the Apaches. But there are those in Tucson that want the miners back looking for gold and they put pressure on officials in Washington. Soon a new commander arrives, the troops are recalled, and the miners go after gold. Whites then kill a miner with an arrow so they can attack the Indians hoping the troops wipe them out when they retaliate.
A Yank in Indo-China (1952) as Swede Philips
Fort Worth (1951) as Deputy
A retired gunfighter fears that he might have to take up his former trade when a gang of outlaws rides into town
Belle Le Grand (1951) as Miner
Texans Never Cry (1951) as Blackie Knight
A Texas Ranger tries to bring down counterfeiters selling fake lottery tickets.
Night Riders of Montana (1951) as Janney
State Ranger Rocky Lane becomes involved in a mystery surrounding a gang of horse rustlers and a young rancher who is blamed falsely for a killing. Lane helps uncover the real killers and unmasks the ringleader of the rustlers.
Hurricane Island (1951) as Valco
A captain assists Ponce de León with the search for the Fountain of Youth.
Prairie Roundup (1951) as Hawk Edwards
Northwest Territory (1951) as Barton
According to Mrs. Hoyle (1951) as Detective
Joe Palooka in Triple Cross (1951) as Chuck
Joe and Anne Palooka, along with Joe's trainer Knobby, are vacationing when they a kidnapped by The Professor and his gang. The Professor plans to make Joe throw a fight (and shows up at the fight dressed as Anne's aunt).
The Great Jewel Robber (1950) as Official
A master thief escapes from a Canadian prison farm and makes his way to New York.
Gunmen of Abilene (1950) as Todd
Abilene gunmen are bent on terrorizing the town of Blue Valley and massacring its inhabitants. They have been hired by local druggist Henry Turner (Peter Brocco), who has discovered gold beneath the town and wishes complete possession. The gunmen rob supply wagons, burn houses, kill leading citizens and then the gang leader, Brink Fallon (Roy Barcroft), having acquired Rocky Lane's paper, poses as the new deputy marshal sent to bring order. Then the real Rocky Lane (Allan Lane as Allan "Rocky" Lane) shows up in his usual bad mood, and the tide begins to turn.
Dynamite Pass (1950) as Mizzouri
Highwaymen invade a road built by cowboys.
The Fighting Stallion (1950) as Commander Patrick
Forbidden Jungle (1950) as Tom Burton
A hunter is hired to make an expedition into the deep jungle to find a white boy lost in a plane crash years ago and rumored to live among the wild animals.
The Girl from San Lorenzo (1950) as Kansas
The Lost Volcano (1950) as Fred Higgins
Bomba the Jungle Boy arrives to rescue a child just as a volcano is about to erupt.
Tyrant of the Sea (1950) as John Moriarity
Hoedown (1950) as Sapper
Cowboy movie star Stoney Rhodes (Jock Mahoney as Jock O'Mahoney) has made one western film and thinks he is on a personal appearance tour paid for by the studio, but he and his film were so bad that the studio, unknown to Stoney, has cancelled his contract, and his mother has mortgaged her home to supply the funds necessary for the tour and expenses of Stoney and his agent. (Stoney is shown in front of two theatres where Columbia, missing no bets, has displays of one-sheet posters from "Strawberry Roan" with Gene Autry and "The Undercover Man" with Glenn Ford.) Reporter Vera Wright (Jeff Donnell), following him to get a story of a failure, informs Stoney that he is a never-was has-been, and they find themselves stranded in the hometown of Eddy Arnold, where Eddy's film "cousin" Carolina Cotton (Carolina Cotton) quickly takes a shine to the shy and clumsy Stoney. Eddy sees a print of Stoney's film in which the character is singing "I Can't Shake the Sands of Texas From My Shoes" and is impressed and telephones his agent Sam Baker (Fred Sears) to come there quickly and sign Stoney to a contract, especially since he sounds like Gene Autry. Meanwhile, some bank robbers and gangsters get involved and have their eyes on the proceeds from a charity fund-raiser Eddy is doing. When the agent shows up to sign Stoney to a recording contract because "you sound like Gene Autry", Stoney says that is because it was Gene Autry doing the singing in the film. The film is somewhat of an inside joke built around ace stuntman Mahoney, in that his Stoney role is the opposite of his real-life abilities, and most of the males in the cast, Big Boy Williams, Douglas Fowley, Don Harvey and Charles Sullivan, takes turns beating him up and knocking him out...when he isn't falling out of hay lofts or involved in accidents. But a kiss from Carolina makes a new man out of him and the gangsters are rounded up in a one-man blitz, and Stoney ends up with eight studios bidding for his services. Eddy performs most of his best-selling hits of the day, with the exception of "Cattle Call", the vastly-underrated Carolina Cotton (as a performer and actress with a personality) yodels up a storm, and this overall turns out to be a pretty fair little sleeper, especially in regards to films where Hollywood takes a poke at itself.And probably unknown to those who go around compiling such lists.
Atom Man Vs. Superman (1950)
Columbia's 43rd serial finds Lex Luthor (Lyle Talbot), secretly the Atom Man, blackmailing the city of Metropolis by threatening to destroy the entire community. Perry White (Pierre Watkin), editor of "The Daily Planet", assigns Lois Lane (Noel Neill), Jimmy Olson (Tommy Bond) and Clark Kent/Superman (Kirk Alyn)to cover the story. Luthor invents a number of deadly devices to plague the city, including a disintegrating machine which can reduce people to their basic atoms and reassemble them in another place. But Superman manages to thwart each scheme. Since Kryptonite can rob Superman of his powers, Luthor decides to create a synthetic Kryptonite and putters about obtaining the necessary ingredients: plutonium, radium and the undefined 'etc.'(in order to keep viewers from trying this at home.) Luthor places the Kryptonite at the launching of a ship, with Superman in attendance. He is exposed to the Kryptonite and passes out. Superman is taken off in an ambulance driven by Luthor's henchmen, and he is now under the control of Luthor. Superman is placed in a device, a lever is pulled, and the Man of Steel vanishes into "The Empty Doom." With eight chapters remaining, the odds are high he will return. Most of chapter 7 is a repeat of the origin story from chapter 1 of Columbia's first "Superman" serial, and this serial also finds a way to work in stock footage from Ken Maynard's 1936 "Avenging Waters," minus ol' Ken and his hoss Tarzan.
Trail of the Rustlers (1950) as Chick Mahoney
A cowboy helps a beautiful woman protect her family''s ranch from land grabbers.
Chain Gang (1950) as Langley
A reporter gets a job as a prison guard to document inhuman conditions.
Son of a Badman (1949) as Sheriff Matt Ragel
The Mutineers (1949) as Joe Miles
Batman and Robin (1949)
Antisocial Prof. Hammil's Remote Control device, which enables the user to take over any motor vehicle within 50 miles (!), is stolen by The Wizard, black-hooded mastermind, and his gang. Batman and Robin (who drive about in a standard convertible) must prevent the Wizard from obtaining diamonds, needed as fuel for the device, and rescue magazine photographer Vicki Vale from periodic perils. Where is the Wizard's base, reached only by remote controlled submarine? Which of several suspicious characters hides beneath the Wizard's hood?
Wild Weed (1949) as Lieut. Tyne
Rimfire (1949) as Rainbow Raymond
Angels in Disguise (1949) as Hodges
The Bowery Boys go undercover to expose a gang.
The Counterfeiters (1948) as Dan Taggart
For You I Die (1948) as [Matt] Gruber
A prison inmate trying to go straight is forced into participating in a prison break by another convict. After the two men escape, they separate. The reluctant inmate hides out in a cafe, where he falls in love with a waitress who works there - who he doesn't know is the girlfriend of the convict who forced him to escape.
Money Madness (1948) as Julie's date
The Vicious Circle (1948) as Sergeant Fodor
Dragnet (1947) as
That Night with You (1945) as Alexander

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