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Cast (feature film)

I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998) as Gabby
A comedy centered on Jake Wilkinson, a self-absorbed prep school student, who, just days before Christmas awakens to find himself stranded in the middle of a California desert--wearing a Santa suit and a white beard glued to his face. The butt of a payback by the football team who thinks he double-c
You Have To Run Fast (1961) as Lou Miles
A doctor gets mixed up with gangsters and has to escape through the back woods.
The Gambler Wore a Gun (1961) as Bartender
Gun Fight (1961) as Jake
When the Clock Strikes (1961) as Cafe proprietor
Several shady characters gather for a killer''''s execution and to look for his loot.
Cage of Evil (1960) as Lewis
A cattle driver finds himself stuck working for both sides during the Civil War.
Vice Raid (1960) as Lee Dempsey
A prostitute sets out to frame a cop.
The Walking Target (1960) as Gas station owner
An ex-con tries to find the take he hid after a payroll job.
Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960) as Shabby man
Residents of a Chicago tenement join forces to save a troubled teen from a life of crime.
Three Came to Kill (1960) as Policeman
Professional assassin Cameron Mitchell and his cronies invade the home of a flight controller and take his family hostage as they plot the murder of a Middle Eastern premier.
The Last Angry Man (1959) as Policeman
A television journalist decides to profile his uncle''s fight to bring medical care to the slums.
Inside the Mafia (1959) as Vince DeMao
A mobster out to rule the underworld takes hostages at an international airport.
Invisible Invaders (1959) as Cab driver
Invisible aliens use newly raised corpses to conquer the Earth.
But Not for Me (1959) as
Russ Ward, after 30 years of producing Broadway plays, is ready to quit. His secretary, Ellie Brown, on being given notice, tells him she loves him. Russ proceeds to turn this into a hit play starring Ellie and romance her in a May-December affair.
Frankenstein--1970 (1958) as Assistant cameraman
A descendent of Baron Frankenstein unleashes an undead murderer on the crew filming his forebear''s story.
The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958) as Counterman
A concerned housewife goes undercover for the police to bust a drug ring.
Hong Kong Confidential (1958) as Maitre d'
Secret agents set out to rescue a kidnapped Arab prince.
The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (1958) as Purdy
A notorious gunman faces a series of challengers determined to out-shoot him.
Badman's Country (1958) as
Four of the frontier west''s famed law officers--Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Pat Garrett and Buffalo Bill--convene to defend the sprouting city of Abilene.
A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed (1958) as Used car salesman
The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) as Reporter
Charles Lindbergh risks his life to complete his historic flight from New York to Paris.
The Joker Is Wild (1957) as Hotel clerk
Singer Joe E. Lewis fights to rebuild his life after gangsters slash his vocal cords.
The Tin Star (1957) as Sam Hodges
An experienced bounty hunter helps a young sheriff learn the meaning of his badge.
Chicago Confidential (1957) as Martin
A union president fights off organized crime only to find himself framed for murder.
These Wilder Years (1956) as Chauffeur
A wealthy businessman sets out to find his long-lost illegitimate son.
Back from Eternity (1956) as Gambler
When an airliner crashes in the jungle, the repaired plane can only hold five of the survivors.
Battle Stations (1956) as Chief Bos'un
The Catered Affair (1956) as Cab driver
A working-class mother fights to give her daughter a big wedding whether the girl wants it or not.
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) as Guard
True story of boxer Rocky Graziano's rise from juvenile delinquent to world champ.
The Country Girl (1955) as Actor
While trying to help her husband make a comeback, an alcoholic singer''''s wife fights her love for another man.
The Bamboo Prison (1955) as P.O.W.
An undercover agent investigates atrocities at a Korean P.O.W. camp.
Women's Prison (1955) as Guard
A crusading psychiatrist battles a sadistic female warden to improve conditions at a women''''s prison.
Three Hours to Kill (1954) as
After escaping a lynch mob, an innocent man returns to find out who framed him for murder.
Crime Wave (1954) as Detective
A reformed parolee is caught in the middle when a wounded former cellmate seeks him out for shelter.
Riding Shotgun (1954) as Sam
A stagecoach guard is mistaken for a member of a gang of outlaws.
A Star Is Born (1954) as Nightclub man in "Born in a Trunk"
A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
So This Is Love (1953) as Cab driver
Opera singer Grace Moore turns to popular music when her dreams of a classical career fail to materialize.
She's Back on Broadway (1953) as Loader
A fading Hollywood star returns to the stage to work with the man who discovered her.
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) as
A small-town girl's love life goes ballistic when her sweetheart returns from World War I.
South Sea Woman (1953) as Bartender
A Marine sergeant battles Nazi agents to help a showgirl escape war torn China.
House of Wax (1953) as Lodger
A scarred sculptor re-populates his ravaged wax museum with human corpses.
Cattle Town (1952) as Storekeeper
The mediator in a dispute between farmers and cattle men falls for the head rancher's daughter.
The Winning Team (1952) as Fan
Baseball great Grover Cleveland Alexander fights his way back from a blinding injury.
I Killed Geronimo (1950) as Sergeant Meade
My Dream Is Yours (1949) as Cab driver
A talent scout turns a young unknown into a radio singing star.
Hit Parade of 1947 (1947) as Assistant director
Love and Learn (1947) as Ed
An heiress surreptitiously helps two songwriters waiting for their big break.
Adventure (1946) as Man in library
A rough-living sailor has trouble adjusting to domestic life when he marries a librarian.
Suspense (1946) as Poker player
The new manager of an ice show plots to steal the owners business and his wife.
Deadline at Dawn (1946) as Headwaiter
An aspiring actress risks her life to clear a sailor charged with murder.
Twice Blessed (1945) as Groom
Twin sisters set a parent trap to reunite their divorced mother and father.
Man Alive (1945) as Beard
A man thought dead returns as a ghost to scare off his wife''''s suitors.
Atlantic City (1944) as Gallagher
In 1915, Atlantic City is a sleepy seaside resort, but Brad Taylor, son of a small hotel and vaudeville house proprietor, has big plans: he thinks it can be "the playground of the world." Brad's wheeling and dealing proves remarkably successful in attracting big enterprises and big shows, but brings him little success in personal relationships. Full of nostalgic songs and acts, some with the original artists.
Two Senoritas from Chicago (1943) as Police officer
Daisy Baker, a Chicago "refuse collector" who fancies herself as a theatrical agent, finds a play which had been thrown away by two Portuguese playwrights. Without bothering to get permission, she sends it off to a New York producer named Rupert Shannon and he wires her to come to New York immediately. Daisy and her two showgirl friends, Gloria and Maria, arrive in New York where the two girls assume accents and pretend to be the sisters of the playwright. Shannon agrees to star them in a production of the play. Two former friends, Lena and Louise, recognize the girls and threaten to blow the whistle unless they are also cast. Meanwhile, the two actual playwrights sell the story to producer Sam Grohman who hires Lena and Louise.
Bordertown Gun Fighters (1943) as Conductor
Cameo Shelby is running a crooked lottery out of El Paso and treasury agent Bill Elliott has been sent to break it up. When Bill intercepts a shipment of tickets to New Mexico he forces Shelby to send incriminating papers in the next shipment. Bill captures these also and now has the evidence he needs to go after Shelby.
Dangerous Blondes (1943) as Policeman
A mystery writer and his wife investigate the murder of a couturier''''s wife.
Sleepy Lagoon (1943) as Lug
Mission to Moscow (1943) as Heckler
True story of U.S. Ambassador Joseph E. Davies' attempts to forge a wartime alliance with the Soviet Union.
In Old Oklahoma (1943) as Oiler, Dan's man
Cowboy Dan Somers and oilman Jim "Hunk" Gardner compete for oil lease rights on Indian land in Oklahoma, as well as for the favors of schoolteacher Cathy Allen.
Jackass Mail (1942) as Conductor
A horse thief marries for profit, but doesn't reckon with his wife's determination to reform him.
Lady for a Night (1942) as
Gambling boat operator Jenny Blake throws over her gambler beau Jack Morgan in order to marry into high society. When her husband is killed in an attempt on her life, she is charged with his murder.
Tennessee Johnson (1942) as Confederate soldier
Biography of Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office and became the first U.S. president ever to be impeached.
Jail House Blues (1942) as Blind man
Larceny, Inc. (1942) as Convict
An ex-convict and his gang try to use a luggage store to front a bank robbery, but business keeps getting in the way.
Escape from Crime (1942) as Prison runner
An ex-con becomes a daredevil photojournalist.
Hi, Neighbor (1942) as Photographer
Maisie Gets Her Man (1942) as Man in office
A Brooklyn showgirl launches a stage act with a hick comic.
The Old Homestead (1942) as Piano player
Heart of the Golden West (1942) as Piano player
Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette), Gabby Whittaker (George Hayes) and the Sons of the Pioneers (Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Pat Brady, Hugh Farr and Karl Farr) undertake to protect the ranchers of Cherokee City from unjust charges levied against them for transporting their cattle to the stock yards of the packing houses. Trucking executive Ross Lambert (Edmund McDonald) doubles his rates and Roy decides to try and convince old Colonel Silas Popen (Walter Catlett) to run his riverboat as far as Cherokee City and transport the cattle that way. Roy and his friends plan a "western" welcome for Popen and his daughter Mary Lou (Ruth Terry), but James Barabee (Paul Harvey), head of the cattleman's association, sends Roy a wire warning him that Popen hates and fears anything smacking of the "wild west." Lambert and his henchman Cully Bronson (William Haade) intercept the wire and start a campaign to make Cherokk City appear lawless and wild, so that Popen will refuse to bring his steamboats up the river. They also set fire to the steamboat and rustle all the cattle, hiding them in an underground cave covered by a waterfall. Mary Lou discovers the lair and Roy and his friends shoot it out with the Lambert gang.
Public Enemies (1941) as Deliveryman
Million Dollar Baby (1941) as News vendor
A young innocent's surprise inheritance causes problems with her poor but proud boyfriend.
The Gang's All Here (1941) as Dink
Trucker friends try to survive a series of attacks by saboteurs.
Strike Up the Band (1940) as Hot dog concessionaire
A high-school band sets out to win a national radio contest.
Brother Orchid (1940) as Acquaintance
After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.
Hell's Kitchen (1939) as Pants
An ex-con tries to help a group of hardened juvenile delinquents.
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939) as Barker
A circus manager tries to break up his daughter''''s romance with a ventriloquist.
Wyoming Outlaw (1939) as Amos
With himself and his father out of work due to Balsinger who controls the jobs, Will Parker is stealing cattle to feed his family. The Mesquiteers try to help him out but he is caught and jailed. Escaping jail and eluding the ensuing manhunt, he heads for Balsinger and a showdown.
Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939) as Man with cigar
A teen-aged sleuth sets out to prove a young girl innocent of murder charges.
Laugh It Off (1939) as Moving man
Racket Busters (1938) as Truck driver
A mobster tries to take over the trucking business.
Reckless Living (1938) as Poker player
The Devil's Party (1938) as Detective
The Main Event (1938) as
It Could Happen to You (1937) as Man on tree
The Toast of New York (1937) as Deputy sheriff
A 19th century con artist rises from medicine shows to Wall Street.
Four Days' Wonder (1937) as Cab driver
Breezing Home (1937) as Tout
The Perfect Specimen (1937) as First spectator
A wealthy woman tries to keep her grandson secluded only to have him stolen by an ambitious lady reporter.
A Day at the Races (1937) as
A group of zanies tries to save a pretty girl's sanitarium.
The Sky Parade (1936) as
The Big Noise (1936) as Henchman
A meek businessman turns hero when he refuses to pay the mob for protection.
Under Two Flags (1936) as Soldier of the 17th co.
Sergeant Victor comes to the French Foreign Legion after taking the blame for his brother's crime. Cigarette falls in love with him though Major Doyle is in love with her. Doyle sends Victor on dangerous assignments to be rid of him. He falls in love with Lady Venetia Cunningham, a visitor to the garrison.
The Mysterious Avenger (1936) as Cowboy
Unknown Woman (1935) as
A female undercover agent tracks down bond thieves.
Midnight Phantom (1935) as Lieut. Silverstein
Escape from Devil's Island (1935) as Sergeant
The Public Menace (1935) as Reporter
A cocky reporter's marriage to a manicurist jeopardizes his career.
Don't Bet on Blondes (1935) as Telephone man
An actress's manager tries to keep her from leaving the stage for marriage.
Name the Woman (1934) as Photographer
Broadway Bill (1934) as
An heiress and her brother-in-law defy her father by going into horse racing.
We Live Again (1934) as Guard
A Russian nobleman discovers the peasant girl he once seduced has turned to crime.
Marie Galante (1934) as Crew member
Marie is kidnapped and taken aboard ship, then thrown off at Yucatan. She winds up singing in a cafe in the Panama Canal zone. There she gets involved in a plot to destroy the canal and runs into American intelligence officer Crawbett.
The Big Shakedown (1934) as Paper seller
A racketeer breaks into black-market medicine.
Blind Date (1934) as Patron
A young woman is torn between a wealthy suitor who wants her body and the honest young man who wants what's best for her.
Jealousy (1934) as Reporter
Larry O'Roark is a boxer who's insanely posssesive and jealous of his fiancee, Jo. the sight of her and her employer, Mr. Lambert, at ringside during his big fight distracts Larry and he is knocked out. He then promises never to be jealous again and marries Jo. When she realizes that they're broke she asks Lambert for a job (she had quit on marrying Larry.) One thing leads to another and Larry, enraged with jealousy, end up killing Lambert. He then wanders off in a daze, and Jo takes the rap for the murder. Larry descends from his amnesiac fog just in time to interrupt the announcement of the jury's verdict in Jo's trial. then it's off to the chair for Larry. Or is it?
Manhattan Melodrama (1934) as Policeman
Boyhood friends grow up on opposite sides of the law.
Not Quite Decent (1929) as Another crook
Beauty and Bullets (1928) as Joe Kemp
The Northern Code (1925) as Pierre Du Val
Hidden Loot (1925) as "Big Bill" Angus

Cinematography (feature film)

The Age for Love (1931) as 2nd Camera

Music (feature film)

Skipalong Rosenbloom (1951) as Composer
Skipalong Rosenbloom (1951) as Specialty songs
Sensation Hunters (1945) as Composer

Cast (special)

Harry Anderson: The Tricks of His Trade (1996)
Harry Anderson performs classic magic tricks, as well as his own original illusions. Also included are appearances from cast members of "Dave's World" and other celebrities.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Message From Nam (1993) as Protester
A miniseries based on "Message From Nam," Danielle Steel's novel. After her friend is killed during the Vietnam War, a journalist is motivated to become a war correspondent for a San Francisco newspaper.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Evolver (1996) as Technician
A scientist develops a robot (Evolver) that can learn while playing mock war games. However, when the automaton decides to play for real, the teenage boy testing it out must battle to save his neighborhood.
Precious Victims (1993) as Benjamin Stone
A young mother is accused of murdering her two daughters after she claims that both of them had been kidnapped on two separate occasions. Based on a true story.
And the Band Played On (1993) as San Francisco Activist
Based on the best seller by Randy Shilts about the history of the AIDS epidemic in America and how the medical, political and social establishments have dealt with the crisis.
Getting Up and Going Home (1992) as Barry
A television movie based on the book "Getting Up and Going Home." A lawyer in a mid-life crisis thinks he is in love with three women, one of whom is his wife.

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