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Also Known As: Died: February 28, 2016
Born: February 18, 1925 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Gambler, The (2014)
Remake of the film about an English professor with a gambling problem.
Sands of Oblivion (2007)
The spirit of an avenging demigod emerges from its tomb to wreak havoc.
Don't Come Knocking (2005) as Cast
Howard Spence has seen better days. When he was younger he was a movie star, mostly in Westerns. At the age of sixty, Howard uses drugs, alcohol and young girls to avoid the painful truth that there are only supporting roles left for him to play. After yet another night of debauchery in his trailer,
Small Soldiers (1998) as Voice Of Brick Bazooka
In the small suburban town of Winslow Corners, Ohio, life is quiet, people are friendly, and action figures are only toys. Then again, don''t judge an action figure by its box. Meet the Commando Elite--action figures with an attitude. To them, everything else is just a toy...including the unsuspecting suburbanites of Winslow Corners who have somehow found themselves allied with the Commando''s sworn enemies: the Gorgonites. The monstrous-looking but noble Gorgonites want only to hide from the Commandos long enough to find the lost island of Gorgon. Unfortunately, the Commando Elite is not interested in truces or negotiations...and they don''t take prisoners.
Dallas: War of the Ewings (1998) as Carter Mckay
Television movie reunion of the characters from the television series "Dallas." J.R. Ewing schemes and manipulates anyone who gets in his way as he pursues his quest to regain control of Ewing Oil. J.R.'s brother Bobby and his ex-wife Sue Ellen now run Ewing Oil, though Bobby would be more content r
Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (1998) as Grandpa
Dennis Mitchell continues to menace his neighbor Mr. Wilson.
Cats Don't Dance (1997) as Voice Of L B Mammoth
A talented cat dreams of making it big in Hollywood in the charming animated musical "Cats Don''t Dance" (1997). A cat named Danny has what it takes to be a star, but in a world where animals are only given animal parts, it''s going to be an uphill battle. Luckily, Danny has a can-do spirit and lots of colorful friends to help him out. A fun and funny adventure featuring the voices of Scott Bakula, Jasmine Guy and Natalie Cole.
River of Stone (1996)
A brilliant teenage girl discovers a powerful crystal while in the Bahamas. Unbeknownst to her, it is being sought by various forces of good and evil who are trying to control the world.
Dallas: J.R. Returns (1996) as Carter Mckay
Television movie reunion of the series, "Dallas," which was broadcast on CBS from 4/2/78 to 5/3/91. After five years of exile in Europe, J.R. Ewing surprises everyone when he returns to Texas to reclaim Southfork from his longtime enemy Cliff Barnes. The whole Ewing clan reconvenes in Dallas where a
Distant Justice (1995) as Chief Tom Bradfield
A Boston cop and retired Japanese police commissioner investigate a series of crimes after the commissioner's wife witnesses a drug buy.
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) as Captain Ed Hocken
The intrepid, now-retired police Lt. Frank Drebin is drawn undercover after coming upon an unconscionable terrorist plot--all the while trying to ignite the hot-burning embers with his new wife, Jane Spencer-Drebin.
Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, The (1991) as Ed Hocken
Pseudo-terrorists try to destroy the solar-energy resources of the United States.
Driving Me Crazy (1991) as John Mcready
A German car engineer develops a fool-proof car which can run over 200 mph and uses no gasoline. However, that doesn't save it from being stolen at a Los Angeles auto convention.
Hangfire (1991) as Warden
Escaped prison inmates take over a Mexican town and hold its inhabitants hostage.
Fatal Skies (1990) as Bradford Kelly
A brave group of teenagers foil an evil industrialist's plot to dump toxic waste into the water supply of a small town.
Good Cops, Bad Cops: The Biggest Heist in History (1990) as Commissioner Dan Kirkland
A television movie based on the factual account of the estimated $25 million bank robbery of the Boston-based Depositers Trust Bank by police officers in 1980.
Brain Dead (1990) as Vance
A brain surgeon catches on to the ominous plans of a megaconglomerate after he is forced to operate on a renowned physicist.
Hired to Kill (1990) as Thomas
A soldier of fortune must travel incognito in order to free a jailed rebel leader from a Third World island fortress.
Ministry of Vengeance (1989) as Reverend Hughes
A Vietnam War veteran renounces the military, but after his wife and daughter are killed by terrorists, he returns to warfare.
Terror Within, The (1989) as Hal
Six scientists get trapped in an underground lab.
Demonwarp (1988) as Bill Crafton
Zombies confront a man who is searching for his daughter.
Nightmare at Noon (1988) as Sheriff Hanks
Foreign agents contaminate a water supply.
What Price Victory (1988) as Buck Brayton
A television movie dealing with the controversial world of college football recruiting and its effect on two star high school athletes. One of the football players is in college on a scholarship and has not interest in his classes, and the other has a fine academic record which becomes threatened b
Uninvited (1988) as Mike Harvey
A sinister corporation loses control of a house cat infected with a genetically-engineered virus. The death-toll rises during the mutant feline's rampage, and eventually, it finds its way on board a ship of a criminal king-pin.
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) as Captain Ed Hocken
A dumb cop tries to thwart a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.
Esmeralda Bay (1988)
A corrupt dictator becomes involved with a wealthy arms dealer in a Central American country.
Born to Race (1988) as Vincent Duplain
Action-packed romance about a professonal race car driver.
Creepshow 2 (1987) as Ray Spruce ("Old Chief Wood'Nhead")
Three horror stories are presented in this anthology. In "Old Chief Wood'n'head," a cigar store Indian comes to life in order to avenge the murders of the couple who owned the general store where he stands. "The Raft" tells the story of teenagers who find themselves stranded in the middle of a lake
Liberty (1986) as Seamus Reilly
A story about the arrival and construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor 100 years ago.
Delta Force, The (1986) as Father O'Malley
An elite group of commandos led by a tough colonel is assigned to rescue a group of Americans from a terrorist-held airplane.
Radioactive Dreams (1986) as Spade Chandler
Fifteen years after a nuclear holocaust that destroyed much of the earth, two young men emerge from the bomb shelter where they have been living. Everything they know about the world, they learned in the shelter, which was stocked with 1940s food rations, clothing and mystery novels. So Philip and M
International Airport (1985) as Rudy Van Leuven
The old white-knuckles disaster-in-the plot, featuring a cast of familiar "guest stars," is dusted off (there's a bomb aboard a Hawaiian-bound jetliner) for this pilot to a prospective series revolving around the problems on the job -- and at home -- of a manager of a large metropolitan airport (Gil
Savage Dawn (1985) as Tick Rand
Rigged (1985) as Benjamin Wheeler
Chattanooga Choo Choo (1984) as Bert
Bolero (1984) as Cotton
Wacko (1983) as Doctor Graves
Jupiter Menace, The (1982) as Narration
Rare Breed, A (1981) as Nathan Hill
Archer: Fugitive From the Empire, The (1981) as Brakus
The growing popularity of the sword and sorcery genre in theatrical films, books and comics led to this comic book pilot to a proposed TV series and the first television movie to explore the fad. Other than George Kennedy, who plays the warrior hero's bloodsire, the performers were relatively unfami
Just Before Dawn (1981) as Roy Mclean
A teenager who has become a land owner, takes some of his friends to see his mountain property in Oregon. He brings his deed with him, but when they arrive, he sadly learns that it means nothing to the mountain people, and by nightfall they realize that they are being stalked and are in great danger
Search & Destroy (1981) as Anthony Fusqua
The members of a Vietnam veteran's old Army unit start turning up murdered. The police soon begin to suspect that he is in fact the killer. He knows he isn't, and must find the real killer in order to clear his name. He soon realizes, however, that the real killer is now hunting him.
Modern Romance (1981) as Himself; Zoron
A film editor's neuroses complicate his love life.
Steel (1980) as Lew Cassidy
Mike Catton was a construction site foreman, but he developed a phobia of heights after a serious accident. When a friend of his is killed while rushing to finish a skyscraper before a bank's foreclosure, Mike starts working for the man's daughter, forming a team of top notch men to finish the bulid
Hotwire (1980)
Virus (1980) as Admiral Conway
Death Ship (1980) as Captain Ashland
Double Mcguffin, The (1979) as Chief Talasek
Some school kids stumble across a briefcase full of money, when they go back for it, they find a body instead. When they bring the police, neither is there, and the police refuses to believe them. Later they discover both were part of an assassination plot. Now they have to figure out how to stop the plot and put the bad guys in jail.
Concorde--Airport '79, The (1979) as Joe Patroni
A plane carrying people to the Moscow Olympics has a bomb onboard. When missiles are fired on it, it becomes necessary to fly the plane upside-down.
Brass Target (1978) as General George S Patton Jr
Gold thieves plot to assassinate General Patton in the days following World War II.
Mean Dog Blues (1978) as Captain Omar Kinsman
When his friend injures a little girl in a small southern town while driving drunk, country singer Paul agrees to state in court he had been driving. But his lawyer betrays him, and he ends up in a prison farm, sentenced to 5 years. Prison turns out as living hell, when Paul not only has to work hard in the heat of the day, but the sadistic foreman uses his prisoners to train his fighting dogs, who he loves more than anyone else. And there seems to be no chance of getting away...
Death on the Nile (1978) as Andrew Pennington
Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of an heiress during an Egyptian tour.
Airport '77 (1977) as Joe Patroni
Rescue workers fight to save a hijacked jet crashed in the Bermuda Triangle.
Airport '75 (1975) as Joseph Petroni
After a mid-air collision, a jet''s stewardess has to take the pilot''s seat.
Human Factor, The (1975) as John Kinsdale
Eiger Sanction, The (1975) as Ben Bowman
Art history professor Jonathan Hemlock was formerly an assassin working with an international intelligence group. Jonathan is happy to have put his secret life behind him, but he is blackmailed into doing one more hit, which the organization calls a "sanction." The target is one of three men who are going to attempt to climb the Eiger, a challenging mountain range in the Swiss Alps, and the hit is to take place during the trip. Jonathan is an experienced mountain climber, but is unnerved that he has not been told which of the three he is to kill.
Thunderbolt And Lightfoot (1974) as Red Leary
When a young thief named Lightfoot inadvertently rescues veteran bank robber Thunderbolt by running over his pursuer, the two team up to find money from a heist that was never recovered.
Cry in the Wilderness, A (1974) as Sam Hadley
Farmer, bitten by rabid skunk, has himself chained inside his barn to protect his family from his oncoming madness -- and then learns that a flood is on its way. An earlier half-hour version of the story, based on Gilbert Wright's "Madman's Chain," starred Paul Douglas and Patty McCormack in the Alc
Deliver Us From Evil (1973) as Walter "Cowboy" Mcadams
Stumbling onto an injured skyjacker who parachuted into the mountains with $600,000 in ransom, five greenhorn hikers kill the fugitive and fight the elements and each other for the money.
Cahill, U.S. Marshal (1973) as Fraser
A tough lawman has to bring in his own sons for a train robbery.
Great American Tragedy, A (1972) as Brad Wilkes
An aerospace engineer is laid off and faces the economic realities of middle-class living, going through the agony of fruitless job interviews and mounting debts while seeing his wife go back to work and his marriage dissolve. Initially the film was called "A New American Tragedy."
Lost Horizon (1972) as Sam Cornelius
Plane crash survivors travel to a mystical land where nobody ages.
Fools' Parade (1971) as [Dallas] Doc Council
When an ex-con tries to open a general store, a corrupt prison official and banker try to get in the way.
Priest Killer, The (1971) as Sarge Swanson
Wheelchair-bound Ironside and cop-turned-priest Sarge Swanson team up to solve a series of murders among the clergy in this second pilot to Kennedy's "Sarge" show which ran for several months in late 1971.
Dirty Dingus Magee (1970) as Hoke Birdsill
A two-bit outlaw''s attempts to strike it rich put him in conflict with a bungling sheriff.
Zigzag (1970) as Paul R. Cameron
A dying man frames himself for murder so his widow can collect the reward.
Airport (1970) as Pat Patroni
A mad bomber plots to blow up a jet on a snowy night.
...tick...tick...tick... (1970) as John Little
A black sheriff's arrival sets off racial fireworks in a small southern town.
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) as John McKay
An aging lawman hears that his old nemesis is back in the area and planning a robbery.
Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) as Chris
The last of the original seven assembles a new crew of experts to rescue a captive rebel leader.
Gaily, Gaily (1969) as Axel P. Johanson
An innocent young writer learns the ways of yellow journalism working for a top Chicago paper.
The Boston Strangler (1968) as Phil DiNatale
Federal and local law officers try to catch a deadly serial killer.
The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968) as
An obsessed movie director grooms an unknown to play his deceased movie-star wife.
Bandolero! (1968) as Sheriff Johnson
Posing as a hangman, Mace Bishop arrives in town with the intention of freeing a gang of outlaws, including his brother, from the gallows. Mace urges his younger brother to give up crime. The sheriff chases the brothers to Mexico. They join forces, however, against a group of Mexican bandits who mortally wound both brothers.
The Pink Jungle (1968) as Sammy Ryderbeit
A famous fashion photographer is trapped in a remote South American country with a beautiful model and together with some unscrupulous characters, become involved in the search for a lost diamond mine.
The Ballad of Josie (1968) as Arch Ogden
Josie Minick is a widow, who is forced to fend for herself. Josie living in a cattle country, finds herself in odds and war with the cattlemen of the town, when she decides to make a sheep farm her livelihood.
The Dirty Dozen (1967) as Maj. Max Armbruster
A renegade officer trains a group of misfits for a crucial mission behind enemy lines.
Hurry Sundown (1967) as Sheriff Coombs
An unscrupulous Southern landowner takes advantage of racial tensions to extend his holdings.
Cool Hand Luke (1967) as Dragline
A free-spirited convict refuses to conform to chain-gang life.
Mirage (1965) as Willard
A biochemist suffers memory lapses, finds bad guys after him, and has no idea why.
In Harm's Way (1965) as Colonel Gregory
An aging Naval officer leads his men against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.
The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) as Bellamy
The survivors of a desert plane crash fight to get back in the air.
Shenandoah (1965) as Colonel Fairchild
A Virginia farmer fights to keep his family together during the Civil War.
The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) as Curley
A ranch-owner's four sons vow to avenge their father's death.
Island of the Blue Dolphins (1964) as Aleut captain
In 1835, a group of white hunters slay most of an Indian tribe inhabiting an island off California, forcing the survivors to flee the island. Young Karana, realizing that her 6-year-old brother, Ramo, has been left behind, returns to the island.
McHale's Navy (1964) as Henri Le Clerc
The crew of PT-73 get into trouble when they back the wrong horse in a race. Now they have to come up with a way to raise the money to pay off the winners.
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) as Foreman
A wealthy southern spinster fights to keep her family''s secrets hidden.
Strait-Jacket (1964) as Leo Krause
Murder follows an axe murderer home when she's released from a mental hospital.
The Man From the Diners' Club (1963) as George
A gangster tries to use a Diner''''s Club clerk as the fall guy in a scheme to fake his own death and escape his police problems.
Charade (1963) as Herman Scobie
A beautiful widow tries to find her husband's lost fortune while eluding the killers who want it themselves.
The Silent Witness (1962) as Gus Jordan
Lonely Are the Brave (1962) as Gutierrez
A modern-day cowboy defies the law in order to live a free man.
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1961) as Nathan Dillon

Cast (special)

70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998)
Live presentation of the 70th annual Academy Awards.
Jimmy Stewart: Hometown Hero (1993) as Interviewee
A documentary on the life and career of actor James Stewart.
Naked Gun 2-1/2: Looking Down the Barrel of Comedy, The (1991)
A special featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the theatrical film "The Naked Gun 2-1/2."
Bliss (1984) as Harry Bliss
The story of Kate Bliss, a New York corporate vice president who resigns to become the new head of Bliss Chocolates, an old-fashioned Massachussetts chocolate factory founded by her father, Harry Bliss. The pilot depicts Kate and Harry's clashes over the proper operation of the company.
Counterattack: Crime in America (1982) as Narration
An unusual and unique program that presents reenactments of actual crimes to illustrate crime-prevention tips and increase viewer awarness of potential crime situations. Following a dramatization, viewers who may possess knowledge of a crime are asked to call either their local police or "We Tip" (1
Counterattack: Crime in America (1982) as Host
An unusual and unique program that presents reenactments of actual crimes to illustrate crime-prevention tips and increase viewer awarness of potential crime situations. Following a dramatization, viewers who may possess knowledge of a crime are asked to call either their local police or "We Tip" (1
Never Say Never (1979) as Harry Walter
The story of Harry Walter, a widowed 54-year-old plumbing supply company businessman who falls in love with Dr. Sarah Keaton, a poised and beautiful 32-year-old pediatrician. The pilot episode depicts Sarah's efforts to convince Harry that, before they marry, they should first live together.

Music (special)

Road Trip to Music Mania (2000) as Music Assistant
A behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with N Sync, Jessica Simpson, 98 Degrees, A*Teens, Sisqo and Pink.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Monster Makers (2003) as Dexter Brisbane
National Lampoon's Men in White (1998) as Army Chief
Counterforce (1991) as Vince Colby
Gunfighters, The (1987) as Deke Turner
Backstairs at the White House (1979) as Warren G Harding
A lovingly filmed version of the book by Lillian Rogers Parks, the crippled seamstress-maid who, along with her mother, served for fifty-two years as a White House domestic during eight presidential administrations. A mixture of pop history of the Twentieth Century and the private lives of the vario
Blue Knight, The (1973) as William A "Bumper" Morgan
Veteran actor William Holden made his dramatic debut on TV in the role of Bumper Morgan, a twenty-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department on his last few days on the force before his retirement, and won an Emmy Award for his performance. The miniseries form as subsequently established bega

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Jesse Owens Story, The (1984) as Charley Riley

Cast (short)

The Lion Roars Again (1975)
This MGM promotional short advertises the studios resurgence into the movie industry in the mid-1970s.

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