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Also Known As: Died: January 27, 1997
Born: June 27, 1908 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Unchained (1955) as Sanders
Tale about life in a special prison farm in California, where the program is about treating the prisoners with humanity and minimal security to enhance their moral attitudes about paying for their crimes out of their own volition.
I Died a Thousand Times (1955) as Sheriff
An ex-con dreaming of one last heist faces dissension within his gang.
Red Planet Mars (1952) as Commentator
Radio broadcasts reveal Mars to be a source of religious inspiration.
Abilene Trail (1951) as Colter
Nevada Badmen (1951) as Jensen
Silver City Bonanza (1951) as Monk Monroe
Blind Pete Horne (Harry Lauter) knows the location of the Lost Spanish Silver Lode, but is knifed before he can tell anyone. His seeing eye dog, Duke, brings Rex Allen (Rex Allen) and Gabriel Horne (Buddy Ebsen)to Pete's lifeless body. They set out to find the killer and run into trouble near Silver City, Arizona, when they rescue Katie McIntosh (Mary Ellen Kay) from a gang that is chasing her buckboard. She asks Rex and Gabriel to stay and help her on her ranch. Following an attempt to drive off her cattle, Rex finds a clue to the strange secret behind Pete's murder - a tiny brass fitting which Rex discovers is part of a Navy diver's equipment. Tying this up with stories he has heard about "the ghost in armor" who rises from the lake on Katie's ranch at night, Rex comes to the conclusion that the lost lode is under the lake. Pete, who had been a Navy diver in the war, had recognized the sound of a pump as the crooks, led by Monk Monroe (Bill Kennedy), dived to search for the mine entrance.
Canyon Raiders (1951) as Hemingway
Sam Wellman (I. Stanford Jolley), Lou Banks (Riley Hill) and Jack Marlin (Marshall Reed) have stolen horses from ranchers and have them corralled in Baxter Canyon, hoping to sell them at inflated prices to the Army with forged bill of sales. Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson) arrives in town in time to separate homesteader Texas Milburn (Fuzzy Knight) and gambler Hemingway (Bill Kennedy) from a gunfight caused by the latter's manipulation of the cards. Alice Long (Phyllis Coates), acting sheriff for her ill father, intercedes and meets Whip, who tells her he is looking for his rancher friend Jim Bannon (Jim Bannon) who has lost his horse herd to the rustlers. Texas and his wife Ruth (Barbara Woodell) arrive at their new new located at the entrance to Baxter Canyon and are driven off by the rustlers. Texas reports his plight to Alice, who arranges a posse to hide in a wagon which she drives to the canyon. The rustlers kill all but Alice, who they take prisoner. Whip, posing as an outlaw, infiltrates the gang in the hope of rescuing Alice and putting an end to the rustlers.
I Shot Billy the Kid (1950) as Poe
The legendary outlaw''s tumultuous relationship with Sheriff Pat Garrett leads to violence.
Storm Over Wyoming (1950) as Jess Rawlins
Two drifters get caught in the middle during a cattlemen-sheep men feud.
Gunslingers (1950) as Ace Larabee
Border Rangers (1950) as Sgt. Carlson
Border Outlaws (1950) as Carson
Another in the list of B-westerns made in the early 1950's by the same people (usually changing the name of the production company on each film to get it by the previously-stung exhibitors) and easily avoided if one learns to look out for the names of Spade Cooley or Jack Schwarz. This one has undercover agent Mike Hoskins (Bill Edwards) teaming up with dude ranch proprietor Spade Cooley (Spade Cooley, what else could he play?) to put an end to The Phantom Rider and his seedy gang of diamond smugglers.
Two Lost Worlds (1950) as Martin Shannon
When the American clipper ship "The Queen" is attacked by pirates off the Hebrides in 1830, Mate Kirk Hamilton is injured and must be put ashore at Queensland Colony, Australia, for treatment and recuperation. There, he meets and falls in love with Elaine Jeffries, daughter of the magistrate and all-but-fiancée to rancher Martin Shannon. She also finds herself attracted to Kirk, and a rivalry develops between the two men. Meantime the pirates, led by Captain Hackett, decide to raid the colony and, in the process kidnap Elaine and her friend, Nancy. Kirk and Shannon lead the pursuit, having not only the romantic triangle to resolve but the pirates to overcome and, along the way, being stranded on a volcanic island inhabited by dinosaurs...
Peggy (1950) as Reporter
When Professor Brookfield and his pretty daughters Peggy and Susan move into the small town Pasadena in California, their new neighbor Mrs. Fielding immediately takes over control, helps them moving in, and urges the girls to participate in the annual Rose Bowl beauty pageant. Although they're not thrilled, they enter the competition. Meanwhile Mrs. Fielding's son Tom makes eyes at Peggy, unknowing that her heart already belongs to a famous football star. So she tries to redirect his interest to her sister Susan.
Law of the West (1949) as Dan Nixon
Trail of the Yukon (1949) as Constable
Forgotten Women (1949) as Bill Dunning
Malaya (1949) as Intern
Two men join forces to smuggle rubber out of occupied Malaya during World War II.
Shadows of the West (1949) as B. Jonathan Ward
U.S. Marshal Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson) decides to take a vacation and visit his old friend Winks Grayson (Andy Clyde), the ex-sheriff. Upon his arrival Whip learns of Winks' suspicions regarding newly-elected Sheriff Tanner (William Ruhl as William H. Ruhl), and the story of a frame-up of Paul Davis (Ted Adams) and his son Bud (Riley Hill), now being released from prison. Following a holdup and a killing, a band of outlaws hide at the Davis ranch, implicating them again. Paul is hot and Bud goes to jail. Whip and Winks work to clear Bud and expose the real leader of the outlaw gang.
The Sheriff of Medicine Bow (1948) as Barry Stuart
Banty Prentiss (Raymond Hatton) returns to Medicine Bow after his parole on the recommendation of his friend Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown (Johnny Mack Brown), who had arrested him for bank thefts. Outlaws, led by Buckeye (George J. Lewis), fail in an attepmt to ambush Johnny and Banty. Nan Prentiss (Evelyn Finley), Banty's daughter, dislikes Johnny for having imprisoned her father. She eludes Buckeye's men and arrives in town in time to pay taxes on her ranch, which banker Harry Stuart (Bill Kennedy) wants. When Banty and handyman Alibi Terhune (Max Terhune) find quartz on the ranch, assayer Jim Carson (Frank LaRue)claims it is fool's gold. However, one of Johnny's deputies gets another report from the town of Baxter Forks, which proves the gold is real. Stuart has Buckeye hold up the bank, while Banty is there, so the latter can be blamed but Nan rescues her dad from jail. Johnny foils an attempt to kill Banty, and henchman Pardo (Peter Perkins) kills Buckeye as he is about the reveal the name of the gang leader. Johnny and Banty are captured and jailed by Pardo, who has made himself the sheriff. Stuart tells Nan he will have Banty freed in exchange for the property, but Alibi informs Johnny what is happening and he and Banty make an escape. Carson and the other outlaws are killed in a blazing gun battle at the ranch, and Stuart is thrown as he tries to escape on Johnny's horse, Rebel.
Overland Trails (1948) as Carter Morgan
Johnny Murdock (Johnny Mack Brown),who hasn't seen his father for some time, learns at Gold Flats that he has been killed by road agents, according to mining engineer Carter Morgan (Bill Kennedy) of Brandon Enterprises. He doesn't inform Johnny that Mark Brandon (Steve Darrell) has secretly inherited the rich claim. Johnny's old friend, Dusty Hanover (Raymond Hatton), gives Johnny an old poster which shows Brandon to be an escaped convict. They advise prospector Cramer (Ted Adams) to keep quiet about his own gold strike, but he partly reveals the location to Morgan before he is killed by Brandon's henchmen, while en route to the recorder's office. Mary Cramer (Virginia Carroll) is informed by Johnny of her husband's murder. Their young son, Bud (Lanny Rees as Sonny Rees), has a letter from his father which indicates the strike to be under a peculiary-shaped rock. Brand kills himself when Johnny confronts him with the old wanted poster. Brandon's daughter, Marcia (Virginia Belmont), blames Johnny and in revenge reveals to the public that Cramer's strike is on Dead Man's Basin. Morgan order the wagon train destined for the gold area to be wiped out by his men posing as Indians, but Johnny and Dusty help Mary and Marcia excape. The strange rock and the gold aare discovered by Johnny, and Mary becomes a rich woman. Morgan is killed by Johnny in a gun fight, and he and Marcia make plans for their future happiness.
Triggerman (1948) as Kirby
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948) as Detective
Tom (Don Castle) and Ann (Elyse Knox) are a down-and-out dance team, and while Don seeks engagements, Ann works as an instructor at a dance academy, with Detective Judd (Regis Toomey) one of the many customers she meets. On a hot summer night Tom, awaken from his sleep, tosses his only pair of shoes out the window to quiet two noisy cats. He goes down to retrieve them and can't find them, but Ann discovers them in front of their door the next morning. A near-by recluse is found murdered in his old shack that same day while Tom finds a wallet filled with old $20 bills. Footprints, bearing an imprint like those on a tap-dancer's shoes, plus Don's new-found wealth combine to make a good circumstantial evidence case for Judd against Tom and he is convicted. On the night before his execution, Ann seeks Judd's help in proving Tom is innocent. He turns up a suspect, Kosloff (Robert Lowell), but an air-tight alibi clears him.
In This Corner (1948) as Barton, announcer
Joan of Arc (1948) as Thierache, her executioner
The life and campaigns of the Maid of Orleans.
A Southern Yankee (1948) as Lieut. Sheve
A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.
Belle Starr's Daughter (1948) as Law officer
Assigned to Danger (1948) as Assistant district attorney
A gang of bank robbers is pursued by an insurance investigator.
Louisiana (1947) as Justin Jeffrey
The Gangster (1947) as Thug
A troubled gangster, who has lost all faith in people, loses his weak grip on life.
News Hounds (1947) as Mark Morgan
When they get newspaper jobs, the Bowery Boys take on a sport-fixing mob.
Web of Danger (1947) as Ernie Reardon
Fun on a Weekend (1947) as Bill Davis
Penniless strangers team up to fleece the rich.
That Brennan Girl (1946) as Arthur
The Bachelor's Daughters (1946) as Mr. Stapp
A semi-trifle with Adolphe Menjou as a department store floor walker who is persuaded by four husband-seeking salesgirls---two-bordering-on-three of which were well beyond the "girl" stage---to pose as their father in a Long Island mansion which they lease in order to gain access to eligible young men of means. The Greeks had a word for them, and they called them Golddiggers over at Warners.Flighty Bille Burke posed as their mother. And Adolphe Menjou got to display his soup-and-fish wardrobe only still worn by him and retired Prussian diplomats The exploitation for the film made special note of the presence of pianist Eugene List, who had gained international publicity by playing for the Big Three---Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin---at their Potsdam Conference.
Don't Gamble with Strangers (1946) as Harry Arnold
Of Human Bondage (1946) as Flanagan
A medical student risks his future when he falls for a low-class waitress.
Rhapsody in Blue (1945) as Herbert Stone
Fictionalized biography of George Gershwin and his fight to bring serious music to Broadway.
Escape in the Desert (1945) as Hank Albright
In this remake of The Petrified Forest, Nazi spies infiltrate a hotel in the American Southwest.
Make Your Own Bed (1944) as FBI man
Detectives masquerade as butler and maid to get the goods on a crook.
The Doughgirls (1944) as Six-footer
Honeymooners in Washington get caught up in wartime crowding, with disastrous results.
Destination Tokyo (1944) as Gunnery officer
A U.S. sub braves enemy waters during World War II.
Crime by Night (1944) as Attendant
Married detectives investigating a small-town murder uncover a spy ring.
Mr. Skeffington (1944) as Thatcher
A flighty beauty marries a stockbroker for convenience and almost ruins both their lives.
The Last Ride (1944) as Corelli
A detective suspects foul play in a series of accidental deaths.
The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) as
Twain moves from Mississippi riverboats to the Gold Rush to literary immortality.
The Hard Way (1943) as Radio announcer
An ambitious woman doesn't care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star.
Mission to Moscow (1943) as American newsman
True story of U.S. Ambassador Joseph E. Davies' attempts to forge a wartime alliance with the Soviet Union.
Murder on the Waterfront (1943) as First Officer Barnes
Nazis and entertainers are involved in an inventor's murder.
Air Force (1943) as Marine
A bomber crew sees World War II action over the Pacific.
This Is the Army (1943) as Commentator
A song-and-dance man's son stages a big show starring World War II soldiers.
Northern Pursuit (1943) as Mountie
A Mountie tracks a downed Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness.
Truck Busters (1943) as Tim Shaughnessy
An independent driver organizes other truckers to fight a corrupt executive.
Princess O'Rourke (1943) as Dispatcher
A flying ace's romance with a princess creates diplomatic problems.
Busses Roar (1942) as The Moocher
A saboteur rigs a bomb to destroy a strategic oil field.
You Can't Escape Forever (1942) as Reporter
Although she''s been demoted to writing the advice column, a newspaper woman still tries to expose a racketeer.
Now, Voyager (1942) as Hamilton Hunneker
A repressed spinster is transformed by psychiatry and her love for a married man.

Producer (feature film)

Return of Navajo Boy, The (1999) as Executive Producer
An old film reel, shot in Monument Valley in the 1950s, is found in the attic of the late filmmmaker, Robert Kennedy. His son becomes obseesed with discovering where and why this film was made. Meanwhile, John Wayne Clay, a member of Kennedy's family who was taken away as a child by white missiona
Return of Navajo Boy, The (1999) as Producer
An old film reel, shot in Monument Valley in the 1950s, is found in the attic of the late filmmmaker, Robert Kennedy. His son becomes obseesed with discovering where and why this film was made. Meanwhile, John Wayne Clay, a member of Kennedy's family who was taken away as a child by white missiona
High Stakes (1997) as Co-Producer
When former news reporter Annie Dryer marries station manager Mike Fitzgerald, becomes pregnant and moves to Seattle, her life changes drastically. She craves the adrenaline rush she used to get from her busy job in Los Angeles and tries to replace it with planning for her new family and furnishing
Trail of Tears (1995) as Co-Producer
Two women, whose lives are torn apart when their children are kidnapped by their respective ex-husbands, join forces to locate their missing children.

Music (feature film)

Rose's (1998) as Saxophone
Rose is an Italian-American from New Jersey stuck in a small town in the Deep South with a cheating husband. When she murders him and stows the body in the fridge of her flower shop, she needs a friend. Enter Willyum, freshly out of prison, and in need of a helping hand himself. The two unlikely all

Visual Effects (feature film)

Open the Door and See All the People (1964) as Sp photog
Film traces the differing social values and conflicting personalities of two New England families headed by 70-year-old identical twin sisters, one a wealthy, superstitious and domineering hypochondriac, the other a happy-go-lucky grandmother who works as a cashier in a supermarket.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Chunuk Bair (1991)
Story of the 7th regiment taking the Chunuk Bair peak on the Gallipoli peninsula during World War I.
Chunuk Bair (1991)
Story of the 7th regiment taking the Chunuk Bair peak on the Gallipoli peninsula during World War I.

Sound (special)

Lion King: A Musical Journey With Elton John, The (1994) as Sound
A special taking a behind-the-scenes look at the composition of the music for the animated feature film, "The Lion King."
Ticket to a Dream (1989) as Audio
A syndicated special focusing on lottery winners and how their winnings have affected their lives.

Cast (short)

Winning Your Wings (1942)
Starring James Stewart, this short film is designed to encourage recruits for the American Army Air Forces. Vitaphone Release 960-961A.

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