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Overview for Harold Godsoe
Harold Godsoe

Harold Godsoe


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Director (feature film)

The Great Rupert (1950) as Assistant Director
A squirrel becomes the guardian angel for an impoverished family.
Johnny One-Eye (1950) as Assistant Director
Big-time racketeer Martin Martin (Pat O'Brien), on the eve of his projected move into New York politics, barely escapes the District Attorney's men who attempt to arrest him for a murder committed five-years earlier by Martin and his former partner Dane Cory (Wayne Morris.) Martin, who knows that Cory has copped a plea with the D.A. to save himself, arranges a meeting. At the meeting, Cory's henchman, Cute Freddie (Harry Bronson), shoots Martin and the latter kills Freddie. Cory hides in the Greenwich Village apartment of his girl friend, burlesque queen Lily White (Dolores Moran.) With them is Lily's six-year-old daughter, Elsie (Gayle Reed), and her dog Skipper. Martin trails Cory, but weakened by his bullet wound, is forced to seek refuge in an abandoned building next to Lily's. Bad-to-the-bone Cory kicks Skipper and the dog finds shelter with Martin, where Elsie finds them sleeping. Martin is charmed by Elsie and the dog, whom he names Johnny One-Eye, and takes the animal to a vet (Donald Woods) who can't help the dog but does take the bullet slug out of Martin. Barely eluding capture, Martin returns to the building where Elsie tells him she is Lily's daughter, and that Cory is hiding in their house. Later Cory follows Elsie to where Martin is hiding. She is caught in the line of fire and, to save her, Martin exposes himself for a fatal wound from Cory but not before he kills Cory. His last words to a policeman are: "Buy Elsie another dog, and make sure he has two good eyes."
Destination Moon (1950) as Assistant Director
A crusading scientist defies the government to launch an expedition to the moon.
Cover Up (1949) as Assistant Director
An insurance investigator smells something wrong when he looks into a small-town suicide.
The Great Dan Patch (1949) as Assistant Director
Without Honor (1949) as Assistant Director
Jane Bandle has recently married, but Bill, her husband's brother, tries to wreck her marriage because Jane rejected his sexual advances before her marriage.
Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven (1948) as Assistant Director
Let's Live Again (1948) as Assistant Director
Jungle Patrol (1948) as Assistant Director
The Gay Intruders (1948) as Assistant Director
John and Maria are successful onstage but have marriage problems offstage. When they go to married psychiatrists Dr. Matson and Dr. Nash, they grow together as the doctors begin to fight.
The Girl from Manhattan (1948) as Assoc dir
Copacabana (1947) as Assistant Director
Ramrod (1947) as Assistant Director
A cattle-vs.-sheepman feud loses Connie Dickason her fiance, but gains her his ranch, which she determines to run alone in opposition to Frank Ivey, "boss" of the valley, whom her father Ben wanted her to marry. She hires recovering alcoholic Dave Nash as foreman and a crew of Ivey's enemies. Ivey fights back with violence and destruction, but Dave is determined to counter him legally... a feeling not shared by his associates. Connie's boast that, as a woman, she doesn't need guns proves justified, but plenty of gunplay results.
Breakfast in Hollywood (1946) as Assistant Director
Specter of the Rose (1946) as Assistant Director
Ballet dancer Sanine may have murdered his first wife. A detective thinks so, and he's not the only one. Sanine is charming, if a little peculiar. Haidi, a ballerina, marries him. The company takes its new production on tour. But Sanine's control seems to be slipping...
Young Widow (1946) as Assistant Director
A young newspaperwoman tries to get over the loss of her husband in World War II.
The Mark of the Whistler (1944) as Assistant Director
A drifter claims the money in an old bank account. Soon he finds himself the target of two men who turn out to be the sons of the man's old partner, who is now in prison because of a conflict with him over the money in that account.
The Men in Her Life (1941) as Assistant Director
A circus performer marries a man who promises to turn her into a ballerina.
Back Door to Heaven (1939) as Assistant Director
Soak the Rich (1936) as Assistant Director
The Scoundrel (1935) as Assistant Director
Social Register (1934) as Assistant Director
Cuore d'emigrante (1932) as Director
Senza mamma e'nnamurato (1932) as Director
Harlem Is Heaven (1932) as Assistant Director
Puss in Boots (1931) as Assistant Director

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Quicksand (1950) as Unit Manager
Petty theft leads a mechanic into a life of crime.
Canadian Pacific (1949) as Unit Manager
A railroad surveyor faces an Indian rebellion.
The Black Swan (1942) as Technical Advisor
When he's named governor of Jamaica, a former pirate sets out to clean up the Caribbean.
Angels over Broadway (1940) as Production Assistant
A playwright persuades a con artist to help an embezzler go straight.

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