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Ed W. Rote

Ed W. Rote


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Producer (feature film)

Taming the Wild (1936) as Producer
Madcap society girl June Bolton (Maxine Doyle) has a talent for trouble. Trying to evade a subpoena in connection with one of her misadventures, she winds up in jail and has to be bailed out by the family attorney, Dick Clayton (Rod La Rocque). But June is soon in trouble again, this time involved with a mob boss (Bryant Washburn) and a shady lady (Barbara Pepper). Exasperated by his wealthy client's reckless escapades, Clayton determines to quit... until he realizes he has fallen in love with the little madcap.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Bowery Champs (1944) as Production Manager
Copy boys Muggs and Glimpy investigate a murder. They locate the ex-wife of the murdered man and become convinced she is innocent. They hide her from the police while they investigate.
Three of a Kind (1944) as Production Manager
Clancy Street Boys (1943) as Production Manager
A small-time tough enlists his gang mates to impress a visiting uncle.
Black Dragons (1942) as Production Manager
A cabal of American industrialists, all fifth-columnists intent on sabotaging the war effort, are methodically murdered by the malevolent Monsieur Colomb. It is only until detective Dick Martin is assigned to the case that everyone's true motives and identities are revealed.
The Corpse Vanishes (1942) as Production Manager
A mad scientist kills brides and uses their glands to keep his wife alive.
Mr. Wise Guy (1942) as Production Manager
A group of delinquents tries to clear a man framed for a gangster''''s murder.
Let's Get Tough! (1942) as Production Manager
Too young to enlist, a gang of street kids try to solve the murder of an Allied agent.
Zis Boom Bah (1941) as Production Manager
The Invisible Ghost (1941) as Production Manager
Flying Wild (1941) as Production Manager
When he gets a job at an aviation plant, a street tough stumbles onto an enemy spy ring.
Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) as Production Manager
An East Side Kid is saved from a life of crime when he becomes a Golden Gloves champ.
Spooks Run Wild (1941) as Production Manager
A group of delinquents on their way to summer camp get stuck in a haunted house.
East Side Kids (1940) as Production Manager
A street tough searches for evidence to get his brother out of prison.
That Gang of Mine (1940) as Production Manager
A street tough tries to land a job as a jockey.
Boys of the City (1940) as Production Manager
Street kids sent to a better environment in the country get caught in a haunted house.
Outlaw's Paradise (1939) as Production Manager
Code of the Cactus (1939) as Production Manager
The Fighting Renegade (1939) as Production Manager
Framed for murder six years earlier, Bill Carson is now El Puma the leader of a Mexican gang. Looking for the man that framed him, he finds his onetime assistant Magpie who recognizes him and hires him to escort a scientific expedition. But once again he is framed for murder when the Professor is killed with his knife. Magpie then heads out to bring in his former boss.
Texas Wildcats (1939) as Production Manager
Lightning Carson Rides Again (1938) as Production Manager
Brothers of the West (1938) as Production Manager
Million Dollar Racket (1937) as Production Manager
Flying Fists (1937) as Production Manager
Hal Donovan (Bruce Bennett as Herman Brix) gets into a fight with ex-heavyweight champion Slug Cassidy (Guinn Williams) at a lumber camp in the north woods. Slug takes a bad beating and he and his trainer, Spider (Fuzzy Knight), urge Hal to become a professional boxer. Soon, "Chopper" Hal proves to be a natural and is beating all comers. He meets Kay Conrad (Jeanne Martel), who is struggling to support her father (John Elliott), an ex-fighter invalided for life in the ring, and her young brother Dickie (Dickie Jones.) Kay hates everything connected to the sport, and Hal keeps her ignorant of his profession. But Slug and Spider tell the Conrads of Hal's identity as "Chopper" Hal, and Kay breaks off the engagement while Hal takes to the open road. Hal, now a tramp, picks up odd jobs where he can find them and one of them leads him to a training camp where he meets Slug and Spider with their new fighter Lion Lee (Jimmy Baker). He also meets Kay and learns that her father is in desperate need of money. He accepts Spider's offer to fight Lee, on the condition that he take a dive in the third round. Kay learns of this and begs Hal to fight an honest fight if he is determined to fight. He tells Spider that he'll fight Lee on honest terms and the match is on.
Orphan of the Pecos (1937) as Production Manager
Shortly after Brand kills Gelbert, Tom Rayburn arrives on the scene and is accused of the murder. Escaping, he goes after Doc Mathews, the man that can prove his innocence. Brand is also after Mathews and intends to keep him from testifying. But Mathews is a ventriloquist and this will lead to Brand's downfall.
Blake of Scotland Yard (1937) as Production Manager
Sir James Blake has retired from Scotland Yard so that he can assist his niece Hope and her friend Jerry in developing an apparatus they have invented. Sir James thinks that their invention has the potential to prevent wars, and plans to donate it to the League of Nations. But a gang of criminals led by the elusive "Scorpion" steals the device, and Blake and his associates must recover the invention and determine the identity of the "Scorpion".
Cheyenne Rides Again (1937) as Production Manager
A lawman poses as an outlaw, steals $10,000 from a cattle thief, then promises to return the money if he can join the gang--while finding a way to expose them.
Two Minutes to Play (1936) as Production Manager
Prison Shadows (1936) as Production Manager
Phantom of the Range (1936) as Production Manager
A man has died leaving a fortune somwhere on his ranch. Brandon and his cohorts think a map is hidden in a picture frame. But when they bid on the picture at the auction, newcomer Jerry Lane outbids them. He also buys the ranch so they place their housekeeper there to get the picture. And then to keep Jerry out of the way, they frame him for murder.
Rio Grande Romance (1936) as Production Manager
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo (1936) as Production Manager
Tyler, a boxer whose career ends after he loses a fixed fight, winds up with a job as a ranch hand. When his new boss gets involved with a crooked fight promoter, Tyler winds up back in the ring with a chance to vindicate himself.
The Rogues' Tavern (1936) as Production Manager
Silks and Saddles (1936) as Production Manager
Fighting Coward (1935) as Production Manager
Bars of Hate (1935) as Production Manager
Hot off the Press (1935) as Production Manager

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