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6:00 AM

Marie Antoinette ( 1938)


Lavish biography of the French queen who "let them eat cake."

Dir W. S. Van Dyke II Cast Norma Shearer , Tyrone Power , John Barrymore .

BW- 157 mins, CC,

8:45 AM

Black Book, The ( 1949)


Opponents plot to bring down Robespierre during the French Revolution.

Dir Anthony Mann Cast Robert Cummings , Richard Basehart , Richard Hart .

BW- 89 mins, CC,

10:17 AM

King Without A Crown, The ( 1937)


This short film explores the possibility that Louis XVII escaped death during the French Revolution.

Dir Jacques Tourneur Cast Scotty Beckett , Leonard Mudie , Zeffie Tilbury .

BW- 9 mins,

10:30 AM

Tale Of Two Cities, A ( 1935)


Charles Dickens' classic story of two men in love with the same woman during the French Revolution.

Dir Jack Conway Cast Ronald Colman , Elizabeth Allen , Edna May Oliver .

BW- 126 mins, CC,

12:45 PM

Scarlet Pimpernel, The ( 1934)


A British aristocrat's effete facade masks a swashbuckling hero rescuing victims of the French revolution.

Dir Harold Young Cast Leslie Howard , Merle Oberon , Raymond Massey .

BW- 98 mins, CC,

2:29 PM

Face Behind The Mask, The ( 1938)


This dramatized short film focuses on the historical mystery of France's "man in the iron mask."

Dir Jacques Tourneur Cast Leonard Penn , Harry Worth , George W. Jimenez .

BW- 11 mins,

2:45 PM

Scaramouche ( 1952)


In 18th-century France, a young man masquerades as an actor to avenge his friend's murder.

Dir George Sidney Cast Stewart Granger , Eleanor Parker , Janet Leigh .

C- 115 mins, CC,

4:45 PM

Voltaire ( 1933)


The famed French writer becomes the conscience of his country during the French Revolution.

Dir John G. Adolfi Cast George Arliss , Doris Kenyon , Margaret Lindsay .

BW- 72 mins,

6:15 PM

Dangerous Exile ( 1958)


A nobleman rescues King Louis XVI's son from the French Revolution.

Dir Brian Desmond-Hurst Cast Louis Jourdan , Belinda Lee , Keith Michell .

BW- 92 mins,

8:00 PM

Great Escape, The ( 1963)


Thrown together by the Germans, a group of captive Allied troublemakers plot a daring escape.

Dir John Sturges Cast Robert Graf , Nigel Stock , Angus Lennie .

C- 172 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

11:00 PM

Soldier in the Rain ( 1963)


A story of friendship between a worldly-wise Army Master Sergeant and his naive worshiper.

Dir Ralph Nelson Cast Jackie Gleason , Steve McQueen , Tuesday Weld .

BW- 87 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

12:45 AM

Baby, the Rain Must Fall ( 1965)


A parolee tries to launch a musical career and keep out of trouble.

Dir Robert Mulligan Cast Lee Remick , Steve McQueen , Don Murray .

BW- 99 mins, CC,

2:35 AM

Voices Of Venice ( 1951)


This short film captures the unique architectural essence and various personal experiences of the city of Venice.

C- 8 mins,

2:45 AM

Honeymoon Machine, The ( 1961)


Two sailors discover a way to beat the roulette tables in a Venice casino.

Dir Richard Thorpe Cast Steve McQueen , Brigid Bazlen , Jim Hutton .

C- 87 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

4:30 AM

Horizontal Lieutenant, The ( 1962)


During World War II, an inept intelligence officer falls hard for a military nurse.

Dir Richard Thorpe Cast Jim Hutton , Paula Prentiss , Jack Carter .

C- 90 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

13     Friday

6:02 AM

Hidden Master, The ( 1940)


This short film focuses on true stories about the power of luck and incredible chance.

Dir Sammy Lee Cast Emmett Vogan , Dorothy Granger , Richard Nichols .

BW- 11 mins,

8:30 AM

Disembodied, The ( 1957)


African explorers discover a voodoo cult in the heart of the jungle.

Dir Walter Grauman Cast Paul Burke , Allison Hayes , John E. Wengraf .

BW- 66 mins, CC,

11:30 AM

Devil's Own, The ( 1966)


Following a horrifying experience with the occult in Africa, a schoolteacher moves to a small English village, only to discover that black magic resides there as well.

Dir Cyril Frankel Cast Joan Fontaine , Kay Walsh , Alec McCowen .

C- 91 mins, Letterbox Format

1:15 PM

I Walked With A Zombie ( 1943)


A nurse in the Caribbean resorts to voodoo to cure her patient, even though she's in love with the woman's husband.

Dir Jacques Tourneur Cast James Ellison , Frances Dee , Tom Conway .

BW- 69 mins, CC,

2:30 PM

Black Magic ( 1949)


An 18th century gypsy masters hypnotism to avenge his parents' murder.

Dir Gregory Ratoff Cast Orson Welles , Nancy Guild , Akim Tamiroff .

BW- 105 mins, CC,

4:17 PM

Who'S Superstitious? ( 1943)


This short film examines the origins of several superstitions, including crossing one's fingers when lying and why opening an umbrella inside a building is bad luck.

Dir Sammy Lee Cast Fred Toones , Tom Neal Jr. , Barbara Bedford .

BW- 10 mins,

4:30 PM

Hypnotic Eye, The ( 1960)


A city is stricken by a wave of self-mutilations performed by beautiful women who appear to be in a hypnotic trance.

Dir George Blair Cast Jacques Bergerac , Merry Anders , Marcia Henderson .

BW- 78 mins, CC,

8:00 PM

Girl In White, The ( 1952)


Biography of Emily Dunning, the first woman doctor to practice in a New York hospital.

Dir John Sturges Cast June Allyson , Arthur Kennedy , Gary Merrill .

BW- 93 mins, CC,

2:30 AM

Never Too Young to Die ( 1986)


Dir Gil Bettman Cast John Stamos , Vanity , Gene Simmons .

BW- 97 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

14     Saturday

6:15 AM

Lady of the Tropics ( 1939)


An American playboy in Saigon has to fight to get his Eurasian wife out of the country.

Dir Jack Conway Cast Robert Taylor , Hedy Lamarr , Joseph Schildkraut .

BW- 92 mins, CC,

8:00 AM

Song of Revolt ( 1937)


This short film tells the story of how France's "Le Marseillaise" came to be written during the French Revolution.

Dir Roy Rowland Cast Leon Ames , Forbes Murray , Ferdinand Munier .

BW- 11 mins,

8:00 AM

Along the Rio Grande ( 1941)


Two cowboys go undercover to catch a rustler on his way to Mexico.

Dir Edward Killy Cast Tim Holt , Ray Whitley , Betty Jane Rhodes .

BW- 64 mins, CC,

8:00 AM

MGM Cartoons: Batty Baseball ( 1944)


Dir Tex Avery

BW- 6 mins, CC,

9:30 AM

Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery: Torrent, The ( 1935)


BW- 20 mins,

10:00 AM

Popeye: We Aim to Please ( 1934)


BW- 7 mins, CC,

10:00 AM

Tarzan's Hidden Jungle ( 1955)


Hunters drive animals out of a sanctuary so they can shoot them.

Dir Harold Schuster Cast Gordon Scott , Vera Miles , Peter Van Eyck .

BW- 73 mins, CC,

11:30 AM

Royal Rodeo, The ( 1939)


In this short film, a young monarch invites a traveling rodeo show to perform at his palace. Vitaphone Release 9539-9540.

Dir George Amy Cast Stuart Holmes , Scotty Beckett , John Howard Payne .

C- 15 mins,

11:48 AM

Fisticuffs ( 1938)


This specialty short showcases former heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer with various sparring partners in the ring.

Dir David Miller Cast Mickey MacAvoy , Sally Payne , Jack Roper .

BW- 9 mins,

12:00 PM

Harder They Fall, The ( 1956)


A cynical press agent exposes inhuman conditions in the boxing game.

Dir Mark Robson Cast Humphrey Bogart , Rod Steiger , Jan Sterling .

BW- 109 mins, CC,

2:00 PM

Robin and the 7 Hoods ( 1964)


A Chicago gangster stumbles into philanthropic work during a gang war.

Dir Gordon Douglas Cast Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin , Sammy Davis Jr. .

C- 123 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

4:15 PM

Point Blank ( 1967)


A gangster plots an elaborate revenge on the wife and partner who did him dirty.

Dir John Boorman Cast Lee Marvin , Angie Dickinson , Keenan Wynn .

C- 92 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

6:00 PM

First Deadly Sin, The ( 1980)


A police detective nearing retirement tries to catch a serial killer.

Dir Brian G. Hutton Cast Frank Sinatra , Faye Dunaway , James Whitmore .

C- 112 mins, CC,

8:00 PM

Odessa File, The ( 1974)


A journalist discovers a strange link between his family and a cabal of fugitive Nazis.

Dir Ronald Neame Cast Jon Voight , Maximilian Schell , Maria Schell .

C- 129 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:15 PM

Return from the Ashes ( 1965)


A gigolo marries a wealthy widow, seduces her stepdaughter and plots to kill them both.

Dir J. Lee Thompson Cast Maximilian Schell , Samantha Eggar , Ingrid Thulin .

BW- 108 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

12:15 AM

Roadblock ( 1951)


An insurance agent's greedy wife leads him to a life of crime.

Dir Harold Daniels Cast Charles McGraw , Joan Dixon , Lowell Gilmore .

BW- 73 mins, CC,

1:47 AM

Your Name Here Story, The ( 1964)


This comedic short film spoofs generic company promotional advertisements.

C- 9 mins,

2:00 AM

Don't Look Back ( 1967)


D.A. Pennebaker follows Bob Dylan on his 1965 tour of England.

Dir D. A. Pennebaker Cast Bob Dylan , Joan Baez , Alan Price .

BW- 96 mins, CC,

3:47 AM

R.F.D. Greenwich Village ( 1969)


A couple tours around New York in this promotional short for corduroy clothing.

C- 11 mins,

4:00 AM

Festival ( 1967)


Dir Murray Lerner Cast Joan Baez , Horton Barker , Fiddler Beers .

BW- 98 mins, CC,

5:42 AM

College Hounds ( 1930)


This Dogville comedy short spoofs American football movies.

Dir Zion Myers

BW- 16 mins,

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6:45 AM

Cass Timberlane ( 1947)


An aging judge creates a scandal when he marries a younger woman from the wrong side of the tracks.

Dir George Sidney Cast Spencer Tracy , Lana Turner , Zachary Scott .

BW- 119 mins, CC,

8:47 AM

Killer-Dog ( 1936)


A police dog goes on trial for allegedly murdering sheep in this short film.

Dir Jacques Tourneur Cast Ralph Byrd , Sally Martin , Betty Ross Clarke .

BW- 10 mins,

9:00 AM

Judge Steps Out, The ( 1949)


A judge flees the pressures of professional and family life for a job as a short-order cook.

Dir Boris Ingster Cast Alexander Knox , Ann Sothern , George Tobias .

BW- 92 mins,

10:45 AM

What Price Hollywood? ( 1932)


A drunken director whose career is fading helps a waitress become a Hollywood star.

Dir George Cukor Cast Constance Bennett , Lowell Sherman , Neil Hamilton .

BW- 88 mins, CC,

12:19 PM

Streamlined Swing ( 1938)


In this musical short, a group of waiters sing to bring in customers to their diner.

BW- 9 mins,

12:30 PM

Night Waitress ( 1936)


A girl just out of prison gets mixed up in murder at the restaurant where she works.

Dir Lew Landers Cast Margot Grahame , Gordon Jones , Vinton Haworth .

BW- 57 mins,

1:30 PM

Case of the Curious Bride, The ( 1935)


Perry Mason helps a young woman whose supposedly dead husband suddenly returns to life.

Dir Michael Curtiz Cast Warren William , Margaret Lindsay , Donald Woods .

BW- 80 mins, CC,

3:00 PM

Blonde Fever ( 1944)


A woman fights to save her husband from a sluttish waitress.

Dir Richard Whorf Cast Philip Dorn , Mary Astor , Felix Bressart .

BW- 69 mins, CC,

4:15 PM

Of Human Bondage ( 1946)


A medical student risks his future when he falls for a low-class waitress.

Dir Edmund Goulding Cast Paul Henreid , Eleanor Parker , Alexis Smith .

BW- 106 mins, CC,

6:03 PM

23 -- Skidoo ( 1930)


In this comedic short, the owner of a beer garden has difficulty hiring waiters and gets in trouble with his wife. Vitaphone Release 1017.

Dir Arthur Hurley Cast Gloria Shea , Weber and Fields , Helen Goodhue .

BW- 10 mins,

6:15 PM

They Drive by Night ( 1940)


Truck driving brothers are framed for murder by a lady psycho.

Dir Raoul Walsh Cast George Raft , Ann Sheridan , Ida Lupino .

BW- 95 mins, CC,

8:00 PM

Music Man, The ( 1962)


A con artist hawks musical instruments and band uniforms to small-town America.

Dir Morton DaCosta Cast Robert Preston , Shirley Jones , Buddy Hackett .

C- 151 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:45 PM

Meet Me in St. Louis ( 1944)


Young love and childish fears highlight a year in the life of a turn-of-the-century family.

Dir Vincente Minnelli Cast Judy Garland , Margaret O'Brien , Mary Astor .

C- 113 mins, CC,

12:43 AM

Visiting St. Louis ( 1944)


This short film explores the history, people, and culture of St. Louis, Missouri.

C- 9 mins,

1:00 AM

Face in the Crowd, A ( 1957)


A female television executive turns a folk-singing drifter into a powerful media star.

Dir Elia Kazan Cast Andy Griffith , Patricia Neal , Anthony Franciosa .

BW- 126 mins, CC,

3:15 AM

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ( 1958)


A dying plantation owner tries to help his alcoholic son solve his problems.

Dir Richard Brooks Cast Elizabeth Taylor , Paul Newman , Burl Ives .

C- 108 mins, CC,

5:15 AM

All the King's Men ( 1949)


A backwoods politician rises to the top only to become corrupted.

Dir Robert Rossen Cast Broderick Crawford , John Ireland , Joanne Dru .

BW- 110 mins, CC,

18     Wednesday

7:15 AM

Merton Of The Movies ( 1947)


A star-struck hick goes to Hollywood to become a star.

Dir Robert Alton Cast Red Skelton , Virginia O'Brien , Gloria Grahame .

BW- 82 mins, CC,

8:45 AM

Lovely to Look At ( 1952)


All-star remake of Roberta, with three Broadway producers inheriting a Parisian fashion house.

Dir Mervyn LeRoy Cast Kathryn Grayson , Red Skelton , Howard Keel .

C- 102 mins, CC,

10:33 AM

Radio Bugs ( 1944)


In this comedic short, a gang of children try out a career as radio stars.

Dir Cy Endfield Cast Fern Emmett , Brandon Hurst , Pietro Sosso .

BW- 11 mins,

10:45 AM

Seeing Red ( 1939)


In this short film, a man fired from his job places a curse on his former boss. Vitaphone Release B194-195.

Dir Roy Mack Cast Red Skelton , Mary Wickes , John Regan .

BW- 19 mins,

11:15 AM

Ship Ahoy ( 1942)


A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.

Dir Edward Buzzell Cast Eleanor Powell , Red Skelton , Bert Lahr .

BW- 95 mins, CC,

1:00 PM

Yellow Cab Man, The ( 1950)


An inventor's unbreakable glass attracts the attention of businessmen and gangsters.

Dir Jack Donohue Cast Red Skelton , Gloria De Haven , Walter Slezak .

BW- 84 mins, CC,

2:30 PM

Clown, The ( 1953)


In this remake of The Champ, a drunken clown tries to make a comeback so he can keep his son.

Dir Robert Z. Leonard Cast Red Skelton , Jane Greer , Tim Considine .

BW- 91 mins, CC,

4:15 PM

Southern Yankee, A ( 1948)


A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.

Dir Edward Sedgwick Cast Red Skelton , Brian Donlevy , Arlene Dahl .

BW- 91 mins, CC,

6:00 PM

Three Little Words ( 1950)


Musical biography of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who surreptitiously helped each other out of jams.

Dir Richard Thorpe Cast Fred Astaire , Red Skelton , Vera-Ellen .

C- 102 mins, CC,

8:00 PM

Gone with the Wind ( 1939)


Classic tale of Scarlett O'Hara's battle to save her beloved Tara and find love during the Civil War.

Dir Victor Fleming Cast Thomas Mitchell , Barbara O'Neil , Vivien Leigh .

C- 233 mins, CC,

12:00 AM

Uncle Tom's Cabin ( 1927)


A gentle slave tries to survive his sale to a vicious plantation overseer.

Dir Harry Pollard Cast James Lowe , Virginia Grey , George Siegmann .

BW- 114 mins,

2:15 AM

Littlest Rebel, The ( 1935)


A Confederate officer risks everything to go home and see his daughter.

Dir David Butler Cast Shirley Temple , John Boles , Jack Holt .

BW- 74 mins, CC,

3:45 AM

Raisin in the Sun, A ( 1961)


A black woman uses her late husband's life insurance to build a better world for her children.

Dir Daniel Petrie Cast Sidney Poitier , Claudia McNeil , Ruby Dee .

BW- 128 mins, CC,

19     Thursday

6:00 AM

Critic's Choice ( 1963)


A Broadway critic must write a negative review about his wife's play.

Dir Don Weis Cast Bob Hope , Lucille Ball , Marilyn Maxwell .

C- 100 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

8:00 AM

36 Hours ( 1964)


Nazis kidnap a key American intelligence officer and try to convince him that World War II is over.

Dir George Seaton Cast James Garner , Rod Taylor , Eva Marie Saint .

BW- 115 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:00 AM

Sex and the Single Girl ( 1964)


A journalist sets out to expose a female sex expert but falls for her instead.

Dir Richard Quine Cast Tony Curtis , Natalie Wood , Henry Fonda .

C- 114 mins, CC,

12:00 PM

Yellow Rolls-Royce, The ( 1964)


A classic car changes the lives of three sets of owners.

Dir Anthony Asquith Cast Rex Harrison , Jeanne Moreau , Edmund Purdom .

C- 123 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

2:15 PM

Assault on a Queen ( 1966)


Mercenaries salvage a sunken submarine to rob the Queen Mary at sea.

Dir Jack Donohue Cast Frank Sinatra , Virna Lisi , Tony Franciosa .

C- 106 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

4:15 PM

Not With My Wife, You Don't! ( 1966)


Two fliers during the Korean War compete for a beautiful Italian nurse.

Dir Norman Panama Cast Tony Curtis , Virna Lisi , George C Scott .

C- 119 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

6:15 PM

Penelope ( 1966)


A neglected wife turns to bank robbery to get her husband's attention.

Dir Arthur Hiller Cast Natalie Wood , Ian Bannen , Dick Shawn .

C- 98 mins, CC,

7:54 PM

Penelope Featurette ( 1966)


In this promotional short for the feature film "Penelope" (1966), costume designer Edith Head discusses the fashion choices from the film as Natalie Wood models several designs.

C- 4 mins,

8:00 PM

Bullitt ( 1968)


When mobsters kill the witness he was assigned to protect, a dedicated policeman investigates the case on his own.

Dir Peter Yates Cast Steve McQueen , Robert Vaughn , Jacqueline Bisset .

C- 114 mins, CC,

10:00 PM

Sand Pebbles, The ( 1966)


A naval engineer stationed in 1926 China defies local authorities to rescue a group of missionaries.

Dir Robert Wise Cast Steve McQueen , Richard Attenborough , Richard Crenna .

C- 179 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

1:22 AM

Cincinnati Kid Plays According To Hoyle, The ( 1965)


This promotional short for "The Cincinnati Kid" (1965) showcases the card handling skills of gambler and magician Jay Ose.

BW- 6 mins,

1:30 AM

Cincinnati Kid, The ( 1965)


Card sharps try to deal with personal problems during a big game in New Orleans.

Dir Norman Jewison Cast Steve McQueen , Edward G. Robinson , Ann-Margret .

C- 103 mins, CC,

3:30 AM

Nevada Smith ( 1965)


A part-Indian cowboy avenges his parents' murder.

Dir Henry Hathaway Cast Steve McQueen , Karl Malden , Brian Keith .

C- 131 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

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