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TCM Message Boards FAQ:

How do I re-register and keep my old name and password?
You will need to re-register your account. Please click here to start the process.

  • Click on the "Returning Members: Register Here" button on the home page, or clink the link above
  • You can enter either your old display name OR the email address you used on the old message boards to re-register
  • Enter the Security Check information (if you cannot read this, please select the 'refresh' icon which is the blue button at the top of the 3 buttons to the right).
  • Select "Proceed." An email will be sent to the email address you had on file. You will need to access this email in your email in-box and select a link in that email to verify the new registration and to set a new password.
  • After you select this link, you will arrive at a new page that says "Account Activation." This will set a new password for you. Select "Proceed."
  • You will then receive a SECOND email providing your temporary password. Use this to login on the home page of the Message Boards (black band in the top right corner).
  • Go to your Account Settings and change your temporary password if you wish. You will see your previous display name, your post history, post count, and additional history can be found in your account settings.

That's it - be sure to take advantage of filling out your member profile in more detail to let other classic film fans know who you are.

I had posting history and other information on the old Message Boards. Will these be on the new Message Boards?
Yes. If you use the same display name and email address used on the previous Message Boards, your post history will carry over. If you are not seeing this for some reason, please contact our moderators or send an email to

What if there is a discussion that I can't find on the new boards or some history is lost? Can it be revived?
If there is any post history not carried over to the new boards you cannot find and feel it would be of value to keeping for other members, please contact our moderators and we can investigate republishing the information.

Can I suggest new Forums?
Of course, please feel free to contact any moderator with suggestions on additional forums. Please Note: in our experience, we find greater participation in the key top level forums and recommend setting topics in these before creating any additional forums.

Can I discuss topics beyond those related to Classic Film?
While other discussions around classic films are allowed, we encourage all members to remain focused on the purpose of these forums: to discuss and communicate on topics related to classic film. Over the years, members have complained of digressions away from the subject of movies and classic movies. On the whole, members here are expected to keep topics focused on movies and especially classic film, with minimal sideway conversations outside of the topic of classic film.

I used to be signed in at the same time across the message boards, and the TCM Fan Community. Has this changed?
Yes, you will need to sign-in separately on the new message boards and you will not have a peristent sign-in across and the Fan Community. We purposefully separated these accounts to allow for better performance on the message boards.

Who oversees or reviews the community?
TCM works with a team of community supervisors who regularly review the community to help answer questions and ensure there are no violations of its Code of Conduct or the site's Terms of Use. Staff of TCM also regularly review the boards as well.

How do I contact TCM or a moderator?
At the bottom of the Message Boards home page is a link "The Moderating Team." Select that link and you can contact a moderator by sending them a message. Note: you must be signed in on the boards to message a moderator.

How do I report abuse or spam?
Please contact a moderator about any abuses. You can also report spam or abuse directly from a discussion, using the 'Report" button. If you don't use the report button, please include the url of the post or person you are reporting.

Is there a Code of Conduct or guideline to behavior on the Message Boards?
Yes, you can find the Code of Conduct here:

Can I ignore a poster if I don't like what they post?
Yes, in the preferences of your profile, which you can access in the black band at the top of the Message Boards, select "Manage Ignore Prefs." Here you can ignore posts, private messages, even member signatures. If a poster is violating the Code of Conduct, please report it to a moderator.

Will violators of the Message Boards' Code of Conduct be banned or ejected? What is the process for a member to be banned from the Message Boards?
Yes. The TCM Message Boards employ a warning system that is controlled by our moderators. If a member repeatedly violates the Code of Conduct, they will be given warnings. If violations persist, the user can be banned from the community.

What are some of the new Message Board features?

  • Technical improvements. We've made a number of technical improvements, the most critical being that any issues posters have with the forums can be addressed more quickly. If you're having any issues with Message Boards, please contact moderator.
  • Better editor and preview tools. We have a new post editor that makes formatting and posting text, images much simpler and easier.
  • Improved Profiles. If you wish, you can share more information and message with other members easier than before. You can create an image avatar now to ID your posts and profile. You can update and post a status message and much more.
  • Better post tracking and more post information at a glance.
  • Improved moderation. We're reviewing the community more frequently and addressing any issues more quickly.
  • Better sharing features. There are more ways and easier ways to share content on the message boards to other sites and social media.
  • Faster ways to see new content. We�ve added a "View New Content" feature for you to more quickly see the most recent content published.
  • Better Status features. Let friends and others no when you're online and what you're up to with better profile status features.
  • Better and more advanced Notification system. Quickly see and customize a multitude of notification options in your profile.
  • Simpler and better Messaging. Quickly and easily review and send messages to members and friends.
  • New Forums. A forum dedicated specifically to TCM Programs and the franchises that the network supports including "Summer Under the Stars", "The Essentials", "Star of the Month" and many more. This forum was created so posters would have a dedicated place to talk about the various franchises and the films and actors they spotlight.

Will you be releasing new updates and features? Can I suggest additional features?
Yes. We will be adding new features and updates throughout the year and will give members notice when these are in the works or deployed. You can suggest new features any time and are encouraged to do so - simply send a message to our moderators.

Can I access the message boards on my mobile phone?
Yes! We have an optimized version for your mobile phone that is a great way to see what's going on with the Message Boards and it's also a very easy way to read updates, post, and manage your account and connect to members. Just point your mobile phone browser to:, sign-in with the easy-to-use interface, and you're on your way!

You've updated the Message Boards, will you be updating the Fan Community too?
Yes! We are in the process of upgrading the Fan Community this summer, so please be patient while we work through that and we will post more information when we have it. If you have suggestions or ideas for the CFU (Fan Community), please feel free to send these to our moderators.