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Seven Sweethearts - (Original Trailer)

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    Seven Sweethearts - (Original Trailer)

    "A father insists that his seven daughters marry in order, from eldest to youngest in Seven Sweethearts (1942) starring Kathryn Grayson."

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Seven Sweethearts - (Original Trailer)
Seven Sweethearts
Seven Sweethearts - (Original Trailer)
"A father insists that his seven daughters marry in order, from eldest to youngest in Seven Sweethearts (1942) starring Kathryn Grayson.">
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip) House Of...
Joining the opening scene, from producer Joe Pasternak, Van...
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip)...
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip) House Of Seven Tulips
Joining the opening scene, Van Heflin is feature reporter Henry arrived in a Dutch-themed Michigan town, where S.Z. Sakall runs the hotel and has seven daughters, Victor, George and Peter (Cecilia Parker, Frances Rafferty, Dorothy Morris) introduced here, in Seven Sweethearts, 1942. >
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip)...
Co-top-billed Kathryn Grayson is introduced as "Billie," the...
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip)...
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip) Mozart's Cradle Song
Kathryn Grayson is introduced as “Billie,” the sixth of seven daughters of the owner of a Dutch-style hotel in Michigan, all of whom appear to have boys’ names, this one being the handy-type, with musical talent, perplexing reporter-guest Henry (Van Heflin), in Seven Sweethearts, 1942.>
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip) I Am A...
Stranded reporter-guest Henry (Van Heflin) ignores a spat...
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip)...
Seven Sweethearts (1942) -- (Movie Clip) I Am A Personality
Stranded reporter-guest Henry (Van Heflin) ignores a spat between Michigan-Dutch innkeeper Van Master (S.Z. Sakall) and a guest (Isobel Elsom) as we finally meet Regina (Marsha Hunt), eldest of his seven daughters, the only one with a girls’ name, and lots of attitude, in >

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