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On the Town (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Title Song
The whole gang (Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett,...
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On the Town (1949) -- (Movie Clip)... The whole gang (Ann... MORE > $6.75 Regularly $12.98 Buy Now

French Connection, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) You Like Santa Claus?
Outrageous first scene for Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman)...
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French Connection, The (1971) --... Outrageous first scene... MORE > $9.72 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Tender Trap, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) A Lot Of Schmaltz
An interesting exercise in pop music interpretation,...
East Of Eden (1955) — (Movie Clip) Girls Follow You Around
Troubled Cal (James Dean), now committed to his father’s...
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East Of Eden (1955) — (Movie Clip)... Troubled Cal (James... MORE > $31.95 Regularly $59.99 Buy Now

Rio Bravo (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Muddy Boots
Howard Hawks' famous scene in which drying-out Dude (Dean...
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Rio Bravo (1959) -- (Movie Clip)... Howard Hawks' famous... MORE > $7.75 Regularly $12.98 Buy Now

Lolita (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Did I Do That?
College town busybody Charlotte (Shelley Winters) can't...
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Lolita (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Did I... College town busybody... MORE > $14.96 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Gandhi (1982) -- (Movie Clip) I Thought You'd Be Bigger
South Africa circa 1913, priest Charles Freer Andrews (Ian...
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Gandhi (1982) -- (Movie Clip) I... South Africa circa 1913,... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

Odd Couple, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Little Green Ones
Oscar (Walter Matthau) and poker pals (Herb Edelman, John...
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Odd Couple, The (1968) -- (Movie... Oscar (Walter Matthau)... MORE > $4.95 Regularly $8.99 Buy Now

Funny Girl (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Hello, Gorgeous!
Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) enters Ziegfeld's New...
Sabrina (1954) — (Movie Clip) A Small Girl On A Large Estate
Writer-director Billy Wilder executes one of his signature...
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Sabrina (1954) — (Movie Clip) A... Writer-director Billy... MORE > $5.25 Regularly $8.99 Buy Now

Sense And Sensibility (1995) — (Movie Clip) The Air Is Full Of Spices
We meet Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon, who is taken by...
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Sense And Sensibility (1995) —... We meet Alan Rickman as... MORE > $9.72 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

Las Vegas Story, The (1952) — (Movie Clip) I Get Along Without You Very Well
Jane Russell as ex-Las Vegas songbird Linda explores her...
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Las Vegas Story, The (1952) —... Jane Russell as ex-Las... MORE > $13.25 Regularly $21.99 Buy Now

Lifeboat (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Those Nazi Buzzards
From director Alfred Hitchcock's witty opening, on the...
Wait Until Dark (1967) -- (Movie Clip) I Know You're There!
Roat (Alan Arkin) was busy coercing Talman and Carlino...
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Wait Until Dark (1967) -- (Movie... Roat (Alan Arkin) was... MORE > $13.95 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Witness For The Prosecution (1957) -- (Movie Clip) A Very Handsome Motive
Sir Wilfrid (Charles Laughton) grilling accused...
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Witness For The Prosecution (1957)... Sir Wilfrid (Charles... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $19.95 Buy Now

Sting, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) We're Millionaires!
The second scene, Depression-era Joliet, IL,introducing...
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Sting, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) ... The second scene,... MORE > $9.72 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) — (Movie Clip) I Thought It Was Fred Baby
Martin Balsam is O.J., stand-in host and, we soon learn,...
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Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) —... Martin Balsam is O.J.,... MORE > $6.75 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Down Eros Up Mars!
Judah (Charlton Heston) greets boyhood friend Messala...
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Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Down... Judah (Charlton Heston)... MORE > $14.96 Regularly $18.98 Buy Now

Romeo And Juliet (1936) -- (Movie Clip) A Madness Most Discreet
First scene for Leslie Howard in the male lead role,...
Cabaret (1972) -- (Movie Clip) Mein Herr
The M-C (Joel Grey) calls Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) to...
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Cabaret (1972) -- (Movie Clip) Mein... The M-C (Joel Grey) calls... MORE > $6.75 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) You Need No...
Librarian and temporary Roman resident Prudence (Suzanne...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip)...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) You Need No Lesson
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) You Need No Lesson>
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) From The...
Fresh off the boat, American Prudence (Suzanne Pleshette)...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip)...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) From The Caesars To Mussolini
Fresh off the boat, American Prudence (Suzanne Pleshette) with companions Albert (Hampton Fancher) and Roman Alberto (Rossano Brazzi), who has arranged lodgings, meeting the countess (Iphigenie Castiglione), then leading man Troy Donahue, as distracted Don, in Rome Adventure, 1962. >
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) To Show Him...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) To Show Him I Have A...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) To...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) To Show Him I Have A Lover
Don (Troy Donahue), American studying architecture in Rome, after a joyful date with his new girlfriend Prudence (Suzanne Pleshette), confronted by his cynical ex Lyda (Angie Dickinson), who, though she is using him, remains hard to resist, in Delmer Daves’ melodrama Rome Adventure, 1962. >
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Lovers Must...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Lovers Must Learn
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip)...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Lovers Must Learn
Suzanne Pleshette is composure itself, as librarian Prudence, telling off her bosses (led by Norma Varden) with a clever nod to the book on which the movie is based then, with parents (Mary Patton, Maurice Wells), disembarking, meeting Albert (Hampton Fancher), opening Rome Adventure, 1962.>
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Couple Of...
Experienced ex-pat architecture student Don (Troy Donahue)...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip)...
Rome Adventure (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Couple Of Stregas
Experienced ex-pat architecture student Don (Troy Donahue) in Rome is now friendlier with his new American co-lodger Prudence (Suzanne Pleshette), who’s landed a new job, and director Delmer Daves takes the opportunity to resume his travelogue mode, in Rome Adventure, 1962. >

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