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Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) No Water For Him!
Judah (Charlton Heston) is being made an example...
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Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) No... Judah (Charlton Heston)... MORE > $14.96 Regularly $18.98 Buy Now

King Of Kings (1961) -- (Movie Clip) The Kingdom Of Judea
Remarkably effective old-school epic-making, the...
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King Of Kings (1961) -- (Movie... Remarkably effective... MORE > $29.95 Regularly $39.95 Buy Now

Silver Chalice, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) I Bind You To Silence
Very early Christian Joseph (Walter Hampden),...
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Silver Chalice, The (1955) --... Very early Christian... MORE > $12.05 Regularly $19.99 Buy Now

Dinner At Eight (1933) -- (Movie Clip) You Look Marvelous
New York shipping magnate Oliver Jordan (Lionel...
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Dinner At Eight (1933) -- (Movie... New York shipping magnate... MORE > $12.95 Regularly $19.99 Buy Now

Tugboat Annie (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Jawbone Of An Ass
Marie Dressler (title character) deals briefly...
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Tugboat Annie (1933) -- (Movie... Marie Dressler (title... MORE > $10.85 Regularly $17.99 Buy Now

Emma (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Airport
Reliable housekeeper Emma (Marie Dressler) is...
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Emma (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Airport Reliable housekeeper Emma... MORE > $26.95 Regularly $39.99 Buy Now

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Shoes Of The Fisherman, The (1968) -- (Movie Ciip) Prisoner Number 103592R
Impressive Cold War epic qualities in the opening...
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning -- (Movie Clip) Not On Back Row
Working class drinking-man Arthur (Albert Finney)...
Tugboat Annie (1933) — (Movie Clip) The Boy’s Own Mother
Harbor town stalwart Marie Dressler joins...
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Tugboat Annie (1933) — (Movie Clip)... Harbor town stalwart... MORE > $10.85 Regularly $17.99 Buy Now

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Fairy Dust
Walking uptown on 5th Avenue, Rita (Joanne...
Flim-Flam Man, The (1967) — (Movie Clip) Who You Runnin’ From?
In the opening Michael Sarazin rescued George C....
West Side Story (1961) — (Movie Clip) Jet Song
One of the earliest, briefest and best-remembered...
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West Side Story (1961) — (Movie... One of the earliest,... MORE > $6.47 Regularly $9.98 Buy Now

Witness For The Prosecution (1957) -- (Movie Clip) I Never Faint
Recuperating Barrister Sir Wilfrid (Charles...
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Witness For The Prosecution (1957)... Recuperating Barrister... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $19.95 Buy Now

Bells Are Ringing (1960) -- (Movie Clip) I Met A Girl
Answering-service customer Jeff (Dean Martin) is...
West Side Story (1961) -- (Movie Clip) America
The show-stopping number for Rita Morena in her...
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West Side Story (1961) -- (Movie... The show-stopping number... MORE > $6.47 Regularly $9.98 Buy Now

West Side Story (1961) -- (Movie... Russ Tamblyn as Riff,... MORE > $6.47 Regularly $9.98 Buy Now

This Month
On the Town (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Title Song
The whole gang (Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett,...
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On the Town (1949) -- (Movie Clip)... The whole gang (Ann... MORE > $6.75 Regularly $12.98 Buy Now

French Connection, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) You Like Santa Claus?
Outrageous first scene for Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman)...
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French Connection, The (1971) --... Outrageous first scene... MORE > $9.72 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Tender Trap, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) A Lot Of Schmaltz
An interesting exercise in pop music interpretation,...
East Of Eden (1955) — (Movie Clip) Girls Follow You Around
Troubled Cal (James Dean), now committed to his father’s...
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East Of Eden (1955) — (Movie Clip)... Troubled Cal (James... MORE > $31.95 Regularly $59.99 Buy Now

Rio Bravo (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Muddy Boots
Howard Hawks' famous scene in which drying-out Dude (Dean...
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Rio Bravo (1959) -- (Movie Clip)... Howard Hawks' famous... MORE > $7.75 Regularly $12.98 Buy Now

Lolita (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Did I Do That?
College town busybody Charlotte (Shelley Winters) can't...
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Lolita (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Did I... College town busybody... MORE > $14.96 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Gandhi (1982) -- (Movie Clip) I Thought You'd Be Bigger
South Africa circa 1913, priest Charles Freer Andrews (Ian...
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Gandhi (1982) -- (Movie Clip) I... South Africa circa 1913,... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

Odd Couple, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Little Green Ones
Oscar (Walter Matthau) and poker pals (Herb Edelman, John...
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Odd Couple, The (1968) -- (Movie... Oscar (Walter Matthau)... MORE > $4.95 Regularly $8.99 Buy Now

Funny Girl (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Hello, Gorgeous!
Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) enters Ziegfeld's New...
Sabrina (1954) — (Movie Clip) A Small Girl On A Large Estate
Writer-director Billy Wilder executes one of his signature...
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Sabrina (1954) — (Movie Clip) A... Writer-director Billy... MORE > $5.25 Regularly $8.99 Buy Now

Sense And Sensibility (1995) — (Movie Clip) The Air Is Full Of Spices
We meet Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon, who is taken by...
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Sense And Sensibility (1995) —... We meet Alan Rickman as... MORE > $9.72 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

Las Vegas Story, The (1952) — (Movie Clip) I Get Along Without You Very Well
Jane Russell as ex-Las Vegas songbird Linda explores her...
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Las Vegas Story, The (1952) —... Jane Russell as ex-Las... MORE > $13.25 Regularly $21.99 Buy Now

Lifeboat (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Those Nazi Buzzards
From director Alfred Hitchcock's witty opening, on the...
Wait Until Dark (1967) -- (Movie Clip) I Know You're There!
Roat (Alan Arkin) was busy coercing Talman and Carlino...
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Wait Until Dark (1967) -- (Movie... Roat (Alan Arkin) was... MORE > $13.95 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Witness For The Prosecution (1957) -- (Movie Clip) A Very Handsome Motive
Sir Wilfrid (Charles Laughton) grilling accused...
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Witness For The Prosecution (1957)... Sir Wilfrid (Charles... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $19.95 Buy Now

Sting, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) We're Millionaires!
The second scene, Depression-era Joliet, IL,introducing...
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Sting, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) ... The second scene,... MORE > $9.72 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) — (Movie Clip) I Thought It Was Fred Baby
Martin Balsam is O.J., stand-in host and, we soon learn,...
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Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) —... Martin Balsam is O.J.,... MORE > $6.75 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Down Eros Up Mars!
Judah (Charlton Heston) greets boyhood friend Messala...
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Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Down... Judah (Charlton Heston)... MORE > $14.96 Regularly $18.98 Buy Now

Romeo And Juliet (1936) -- (Movie Clip) A Madness Most Discreet
First scene for Leslie Howard in the male lead role,...
Cabaret (1972) -- (Movie Clip) Mein Herr
The M-C (Joel Grey) calls Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) to...
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Cabaret (1972) -- (Movie Clip) Mein... The M-C (Joel Grey) calls... MORE > $6.75 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now


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