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TCM Remembers (2018) — (TCM Original)
With music When The Night Is Over by Lord Huron,...
Alice Adams (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Not At All
Arthur (Fred MacMurray) does his best be polite...
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Alice Adams (1935) -- (Movie Clip)... Arthur (Fred MacMurray)... MORE > $14.36 Regularly $17.99 Buy Now

Swing Time (1936) -- (Movie Clip) A Fine Romance
Dance partners Penny (Ginger Rogers) and Lucky...
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Swing Time (1936) -- (Movie Clip) A... Dance partners Penny... MORE > $14.95 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Vivacious Lady -- (Movie Clip) I'm Not Intoxicated
Professor Morgan (James Stewart) is trying to...
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Vivacious Lady -- (Movie Clip)... Professor Morgan (James... MORE > $17.56 Regularly $21.99 Buy Now

Gunga Din (1939) -- (Movie Clip) We Were Swindled
First appearance by India corps sergeants...
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Gunga Din (1939) -- (Movie Clip) We... First appearance by India... MORE > $15.79 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Woman Of The Year (1942) -- (Movie Clip) He Hit Me First
Sports writer Sam (Spencer Tracy) summoned by the...
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Woman Of The Year (1942) -- (Movie... Sports writer Sam... MORE > $22.46 Regularly $29.95 Buy Now

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Little Women (1994) — (Movie Clip) The Most Elegant Family In Concord
Reading together from magazines, using fantasy...
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Little Women (1994) — (Movie Clip)... Reading together from... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

Son Of Flubber (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Shelby and Desiree
Inventor-professor Ned (Fred MacMurray) and wife...
Son Of Flubber (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Flubberoleum
Upon watching a sales film for a prospective...
Son Of Flubber (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Weather Gun
Professor Brainard (Fred MacMurray) conducts his...
Getaway, The (1972) -- (Movie Clip) He Didn't Make It
In the 3rd and 4th shots, the orange VW was...
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Getaway, The (1972) -- (Movie Clip)... In the 3rd and 4th shots,... MORE > $7.46 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Little Women (1994) — (Movie Clip) We’ve Been Expectorating You!
With Winona Ryder narrating as Jo March, and...
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Little Women (1994) — (Movie Clip)... With Winona Ryder... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

Rififi (1954) — (Movie Clip) Le Rififi
Magali Noël performs, song by Philippe Gerard and...
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Rififi (1954) — (Movie Clip) Le... Magali Noël performs,... MORE > $25.97 Regularly $39.95 Buy Now

Rififi (1954) -- (Movie Clip) No Cash No Cards
Opening scene, veteran crook Tony (Jean Servais)...
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Rififi (1954) -- (Movie Clip) No... Opening scene, veteran... MORE > $25.97 Regularly $39.95 Buy Now

Rififi (1954) -- (Movie Clip) They Let Me Out
Newly paroled Tony (Jean Servais), who took the...
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Rififi (1954) -- (Movie Clip) They... Newly paroled Tony (Jean... MORE > $25.97 Regularly $39.95 Buy Now

Children Of Paradise, The (1945) -- (Movie Clip) An Error Of Justice
Still during the opening scene, Garance (Arletty)...
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Children Of Paradise, The (1945) --... Still during the opening... MORE > $23.95 Regularly $29.95 Buy Now

Little Women (1994) — (Movie Clip) I’m Hopelessly Flawed
Now working as a governess in New York and fresh...
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Little Women (1994) — (Movie Clip)... Now working as a... MORE > $10.95 Regularly $14.99 Buy Now

To Sir With Love (1967) — (Movie Clip) It’s Getting Harder
The Mindbenders (from Manchester) appear at the...
This Month
While The City Sleeps (1956) -- (Movie Clip) New York City, Tonight
Before the credits, John Drew Barrymore, for now just a...
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While The City Sleeps (1956) --... Before the credits, John... MORE > $15.96 Regularly $19.99 Buy Now

Naked City, The (1948) -- (Movie Clip) Just Another Pretty Girl
Lieutenant Muldoon (Barry Fitzgerald) consoles the parents...
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Naked City, The (1948) -- (Movie... Lieutenant Muldoon (Barry... MORE > $25.97 Regularly $39.95 Buy Now

Pardon Us (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Top Bunk
Straight physical comedy in their first feature film, Stan...
42nd Street (1933) -- (Movie Ciip) It's The Tight Shoes
Guy Kibbee is Dillon the financier, swooning over Broadway...
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42nd Street (1933) -- (Movie Ciip)... Guy Kibbee is Dillon the... MORE > $15.79 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Thunder Road (1958) — (Movie Clip) Good Night Pretty Girl
Tennessee backwoods gathering, popular Roxie (Sandra...
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Thunder Road (1958) — (Movie Clip)... Tennessee backwoods... MORE > $19.64 Regularly $24.97 Buy Now

Holiday Inn (1942) -- (Movie Clip) White Christmas
The first movie placement of what is widely seen as the...
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Holiday Inn (1942) -- (Movie Clip)... The first movie placement... MORE > $11.95 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) -- (Movie Clip) English Cowboy
Butler Ruggles (Charles Laughton) assumes his false...
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Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) -- (Movie... Butler Ruggles (Charles... MORE > $20.95 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Speedway (1968) — ( Movie Clip) There Ain’t Nothing Like A Song
The tax and romance problems resolved for race driver...
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Speedway (1968) — ( Movie Clip)... The tax and romance... MORE > $8.95 Regularly $12.98 Buy Now

Act Of Violence (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, These Solemn Rites
Brisk opening, Robert Ryan as WWII vet Joe Parkson, his...
Dames (1934) — (Movie Clip) I Only Have Eyes For You
A portion of the sizable Busby Berkeley number introducing...
Strange Cargo (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Men Without Hope
Deep thoughts, presumably from the novel by Richard Sale,...
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Strange Cargo (1940) -- (Movie... Deep thoughts, presumably... MORE > $12.57 Regularly $17.99 Buy Now

Loved One, The (1965) -- (Movie Clip) Megalopolitan Pictures
"Brit" Dennis (Robert Morse) meets American customs...
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Loved One, The (1965) -- (Movie... "Brit" Dennis... MORE > $18.95 Regularly $21.99 Buy Now

3 Godfathers -- (Movie Clip) Robert William Pedro
Highest John Ford sentiment as Hightower (John Wayne),...
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3 Godfathers -- (Movie Clip) Robert... Highest John Ford... MORE > $9.71 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

High Sierra (1941) -- (Movie Clip) That's Venus
Kind-hearted ex-con Roy Earle (Humphrey Bogart) getting to...
Swing Time (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Pick Yourself Up
After the Dorothy Fields lyric, the first Astaire and...
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Swing Time (1936) -- (Movie Clip)... After the Dorothy Fields... MORE > $14.95 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Bachelor Mother (1939) -- (Movie Clip) There Isn’t Any Mother
Just given-notice Christmas department store clerk Polly...
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Bachelor Mother (1939) -- (Movie... Just given-notice... MORE > $15.96 Regularly $19.99 Buy Now

My Favorite Wife (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Are You the Bride?
Long-lost and thought-dead Ellen (Irene Dunne) attempts to...
Remember The Night (1940) -- (Movie Clip) I Won't Be Forced!
Shoplifter Lee (Barbara Stanwyck) has been delivered to...
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Remember The Night (1940) -- (Movie... Shoplifter Lee (Barbara... MORE > $18.95 Regularly $19.98 Buy Now

Christmas Carol, A (1938) -- (Movie Clip) My Name Is Scrooge
Nephew Fred (Barry MacKay) is bidding farewell to Cratchit...
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Christmas Carol, A (1938) -- (Movie... Nephew Fred (Barry... MORE > $9.95 Regularly $14.98 Buy Now

Susan Slept Here (1954) -- (Movie Clip) You Be The Man
The Christmas morning after various misadventures in...
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Susan Slept Here (1954) -- (Movie... The Christmas morning... MORE > $14.96 Regularly $19.99 Buy Now


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