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Jaws - (Original Trailer):

Video: Jaws - (Original Trailer)

Jaws (1975) -- (Movie Clip) I Can Swim!
The opening but for a brief shark's-eye-view shot with John Williams music, as Chrissie (Susan Backlinie) lures Cassidy (Jonathan Filley) into the moonlit surf, in Steven Spielberg's Jaws, 1975.
Jaws (1975) -- (Movie Clip) Beach Closed Signs
Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) interviewing Cassidy (Jonathan Filley) about the girl who went missing, soon found by Hendricks (Jeffrey Kramer), leading back to the first Martha's Vineyard location shots and the introduction of Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton), in Steven Spielberg's Jaws, 1975.

Jaws - (Original Trailer)


Jaws -- (Movie Clip) Opening Credits
John Williams' Academy Award winning score is introduced in the opening credits to Steven Spielberg's Jaws, 1975, followed by campfire music and a glimpse of Krissy (Susan Backlinie), the first victim.
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