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MGM remade Grand Hotel loosely in 1945 as Week-end at the Waldorf which took place in New York rather than Berlin and starred Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Walter Pidgeon and Van Johnson. However, it failed to capture the magic of the original.

The success of Grand Hotel influenced the structure of numerous Hollywood films, which began to copy the multi-story and multi-character star-studded format. Among the many influenced by Grand Hotel were Shanghai Express (1932), If I Had a Million (1932), Dinner at Eight (1933) as well as the disaster films of the 1970s such as Airport (1970) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972).

In the 1932 comedy Blondie of the Follies film star Marion Davies and Jimmy Durante did a funny spoof of the scenes between Greta Garbo and John Barrymore in Grand Hotel. The director of Blondie was none other than Edmund Goulding, the same person behind Grand Hotel.

Greta Garbo's line from Grand Hotel that she speaks several times, "I want to be alone," became one of the most famous and much imitated lines in Hollywood history. Its iconic status is still present in pop culture today and has forever become linked to Garbo's aloof image.

In the 1960 Best Picture winner The Apartment Jack Lemmon's character sits down one evening excited to watch Grand Hotel on television, but then gives up due to the incessant commercial interruptions.

A hit stage musical version of Grand Hotel opened on Broadway in 1989 with a talented cast that included 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski as Flaemmchen and Michael Jeter as Krengelein. Jeter won a Tony award as Best Featured Actor in a Musical for his performance. Director/Choreographer Tommy Tune also won Tonys for his contributions.

Grand Hotel was spoofed in the 1934 film Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round which had stars Jack Benny and Nancy Carroll imitating John Barrymore and Greta Garbo.

A 1933 Vitaphone two-reeler called Nothing Ever Happens poked good natured fun at the film.

by Andrea Passafiume

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